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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

December 12, 2016

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the November 7, 2016, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Randall Franklin
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Francie Dye
Will Sandidge       
Kevin Riley
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (12/12/2016)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
1.      Minor Children on College Property Policy Changes
The revisions to the policy for children coming on CVCC’s Campus were discussed. The revisions included allowing children (of students and employees) on Campus as long as they were actively supervised. The President’s Cabinet would like more clarification if a disclaimer was necessary in case the child was hurt while on Campus. The statement “Students who wish to appeal a specific situation, or who fail to comply, may follow the grievance procedures specified in the student handbook.” raised questions as well. The previous two items will be reviewed by HR with the VCCS and discussed further at the next Cabinet meeting.
2.      Updates to the Classified Staff Association Constitution
The Classified Staff Association updated their Constitution with the following:
1.       Defined in greater detail the objectives of the Classified Staff Association.
2.       Updated process for amending the Constitution and calling special meetings when needed
3.       Updated language in the Constitution to adapt to the Governance Committee model.
4.       Added Commonwealth of Virginia definition of a classified staff employee.
5.       Defined percentage of membership needed for a quorum (10%).
6.       Established a process for online voting after meetings when needed.
7.       Added more descriptive duties of Classified Staff Association officers and their terms as officers.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the updates to the Classified Staff Association’s Constitution as written.
Agenda Items:
Update on Strategies/Initiatives for Increasing Enrollment (CAPPS)
John stated this topic was discussed at the beginning of the fall semester with plans to have a follow-up meeting to determine the progress that had been made on those suggestions.
John shared his concerns for the spring 2017’s enrollment numbers. He stated some of the decrease is due to dual enrollment being added at an earlier date last year but that does not account for all of the decrease.  
Muriel stated marketing has continued with the spring semester similar as it had with the fall. She stated advertising included six billboards, radio and TV commercials, texting and emailing students to remind them to enroll, planning to text during the holidays to encourage spring enrollment, texted information for Express Registration which will be held on January 7, advertise in newspaper, send out press releases, and mail post card for fall-enrolled students to encourage registering for spring. Muriel stated those students who have registered but not paid will receive a phone call and text message. John also suggested reaching out to those students who applied for fall semester but did not register for classes. Tom suggested have a Facebook ad. Mike stated he and Ken are exploring this.
Mike stated TV ads are still running and aiming at an audience of 18 to 45 year olds. Mike stated 1,500 ads are on Comcast and Direct TV, 80-some on WSET during shows aimed at college-aged students (18-35 year olds), 80-some radio commercials on WJJS and WYYD, six poster billboards and two digital billboards. He stated Ken Bunch is creating the post card that Michael Farris has requested with Michael being responsible for the mailing addresses of the students who are attending this fall semester. Mike stated if that list should include students who attended last spring, Michael needs to work with Evan for those addresses as well.
Mike stated double press releases are scheduled for the week of the 26th and the week of the 3rd for the Express Registration which will be held on January 7. He also stated a newspaper ad is planned as well as a banner at the bottom of CVCC’s website.
Mike stated as everyone has an opinion on how to market the College, a marketing firm needs to be hired to research which target group to reach and the best way to reach them. He stated several firms are being considered and hopes to hire one early this spring. Mike stated this will provide information for the Public Relations and Marketing Committee to use in creating a marketing plan for the College.
John suggested forming a special task force (cross-section of the college community) to look at the enrollment management issue. He stated the College needs a mechanism to create a deliberate-robust, task-driven enrollment plan for the entire year. He stated the College has become too reactive but needs to develop a strategy that shows specific tasks that are being done during a specific time of enrollment. Muriel stated she will work with Michael Farris to create this special task force with its main goal of creating an (robust and vigorous) enrollment management plan.
David distributed and discussed a possible way to use the College’s current phone system to direct callers to the correct division or department. He stated the main greeting would ask a series of questions and establish one-digit dialing allowing callers to make selections.
John stated a day-by-day annual calendar should be created which relates to what the College is doing on the web, how it is reaching out to students,  
John stated he and Lewis have been discussing the budget, and at this time, the amount of decrease in enrollment is not known. He stated dual enrollment students have not been added to enrollment, and at this time last year they had, which accounts for a portion of the large percentage decrease.  John stated going forward, dual enrollment needs to be added on the same date for all semesters. Muriel stated she would get the projected number of dual enrollment students for the spring. John stated he figures the College is still showing a decrease of 6.3% even with the dual enrollment numbers added (based on last year’s dual enrollment numbers). John stated he did not know where the remaining deficits lie—night students, day students, certain programs, etc. He stated if this is known, it would help in more strategic marketing,    and adjustments can be made to courses being offered.
John stated a decrease in enrollment means less funding from tuition. He also discussed the possibility of a 7.5% reduction ($541,000) in next year’s budget (governor will release his budget on Friday), and stated he is very concerned.
CVCC Celebration of Veteran’s Day (SANDIDGE)
Will stated he felt CVCC should have an annual celebration of its veterans sometime during the week of Veteran’s Day. The President’s Cabinet approved his request and asked that Muriel discuss this with Tina Murphy and also Deanne McDaniel.
Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported on a new initiative for an Early College program (funded by a grant received by Bedford County to pilot this program to begin in fall 2017) to be housed at the Jefferson Forest High School which will strongly focus on STEM subjects. She stated a meeting will be held this afternoon to discuss this with Dr. Schuch.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported HR is in the process of finalizing the hiring of the workforce credentials and grant accountant positions. He stated the position for the administrative specialist for IT has been advertised, and the student services administrative specialist will soon be posted.
John stated the budget was prepared with a 4-5% decrease in tuition but if there is a decrease of 6.5%, the planned equity salary increases may be moderated to ensure a balanced budget for next year. John stated if the enrollment doesn’t improve, the plans for the equity increases will have to be changed. He stated he cannot allow equity increases only for faculty and not classified/part time staff. John stated years back the state provided 60% of the college’s funding but not it is only 40%; therefore, enrollment plays a large role in the budget.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported he is in the process of completing the Building a Better CVCC action plan. He stated when he receives all the updates, he will email the document to “everyone” on Campus.
Classified Staff Association
Kevin reported on the Classified Staff Association and thanked Randall and Loretta for speaking at the November meeting. He stated there were about 26 staff present.
Faculty Association
Tom reported this is the final exam week, and the faculty are looking forward to some time off.
Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported the final version of the contract for the new radios is almost completed. He reported on the Safety Committee and stated two suggestions were received from other committees: reduce speed limit around Campus from 25 to 15 mph (not approved as 25 mph is the residential speed limit and there is no way to inforce the speed limits) and to add directional arrows in Lot 7 (this was approved and arrows have been added).
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported she hoped the initiatives for fall 2017 are truly supporting the College’s Strategic Plan. She stated all departments have worked on the development of the structured programs. Kris stated the faculty have worked very hard on writing their programs descriptions to support this initiative. She stated this integration of systems affects the students who will be able to see the pathways and their progression.  
Part-Time Association
Sarah reported a food drive was completed on December 5 and stated cash donations were received as well. She stated she will work with Deanne to see how the donations can be used.  
Sarah asked there be an official encouragement for part-timers to attend the meetings.
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Lewis reported next roll out of shared services is ‘procure to pay.’ He stated CVCC (as one of the four pilot colleges) is supposed to ‘go live’ on March 27 and April 12 for travel. He stated training is scheduled during February. Lewis stated some of the new business rules have been outlined in a PowerPoint presentation which he plans to email to the cabinet members. Lewis stated one change is that no personal reimbursements (other than travel) will be allowed from state or local funds.
Lewis reported there is about $200,000 in accounts from fall 2016 of students that haven’t paid. (He stated students have a positive indicator which allows them to attend class.) Lewis stated there has always been a portion of students who do not pay. He cited one example of nonpayment is when a student thinks they have financial aid but do not have enough to cover their classes or loses their eligibility. (Lewis stated students have a positive indicator which allows them to attend class.) He reported the Business Office is reviewing the list to see how many students can be billed in hopes of recouping some of this money.
The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. due to the meeting scheduled with Jefferson Forest representatives. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on January 17, 2017.
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