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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

January 17, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the December 12, 2016, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Francie Dye
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Cheryl Cunningham
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Randall Franklin
Will Sandidge       
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (1/17/2017)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Presentations from Upcoming Board Meetings (CAPPS)
John requested Cabinet members email him suggestions for the upcoming Local Board meeting presentations.
Renaming Harvard Street (BRADFORD)
The Cabinet had received prior to today’s meeting the following information from Mike Bradford:
Harvard Street is on land completely owned by the VCCS. There is not even a right of way allocated to the city or to the state as is normal with roads. No entity has a Harvard Street address. I spoke with both Kent White with the City of Lynchburg, and with Rick Youngblood of VDOT, and both said they have no jurisdiction at all in what we name the street. However, in order to get the big green signs at the Wards Road intersection changed, we need to work with, and pay, either the city or VDOT. Rick gave me an estimated cost range for VDOT doing the change of $2,500 to $4,500. The only difference in choosing the city versus VDOT is that the city uses all caps and VDOT uses upper and lower case letters. Between the college and the foundation, we should be able to come up with those funds.
Renaming initiative steps:
~ Announce Renaming Project to all directors, employees and students                
~ Survey all employees and students to learn of their attachment to the name Harvard St.,
their approval/disapproval of the renaming project, and their ideas for a new name.
~ Form a renaming committee to sift through the surveys and to choose 6 to 10 names to
be forwarded to the President's Cabinet.                                                      
~ The President's Cabinet would take these 6 to 10 potential names, and forward three on to
CVCC President John Capps for his final selection of the new name.                     
~ The name chosen will be sent to the VCCS for final approval as they are the property owner.
Kris offered for her office to create the survey.
A motion was made by Cheryl and duly seconded by Muriel to approve the process that Mike had proposed.
The motion carried unanimously.
Follett Discover Shop (LIGHTFOOT)
David distributed copies of a link in the VCCS Student Information System (SIS) from Lord Fairfax Community College to demonstrate the Follett Discover Shop. David stated Follett Discover is a set of tools that enables access for instructors and students to all course materials. He stated students can purchase and manage their course materials through the SIS once they have enrolled in the class. David stated he would like to “go live” with this in the summer for the upcoming fall semester. He stated this will replace material information being placed on the website and will result in labor savings. Lewis stated he would like to schedule a meeting with the deans, IT, and the bookstore manager as there was a new manager and he felt some of the communication needed reconstructing. Cheryl stated the process for ordering course material had been chaotic the past two years and this semester. She stated her books did not arrive until the Friday before classes were scheduled to begin on Monday. Sarah stated she felt that the information should continue to be listed in the class schedule link. She stated some students select a certain section of the class based on the cost of the books/materials needed.
The Cabinet unanimously approved for a work group to be convened to discuss this in more detail.

Divisional Reports:

Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported on enrollment and stated the CVCC is above the VCCS’ average. She stated a college-wide calendar will be created and critical individuals will be asked to work on this initiative.
Muriel reported on another initiative for fall semester. She stated Student Services is extremely busy during registration, and she would like for individuals (those not as busy) to serve and help students with questions, directions, etc. Muriel thanked the individuals that helped during this spring semester: Sarah Jarrett, Kris Ogden, Chris Collins, and Patti Saffioti.
John stated due to the snow, the Start Smart initiative was abandoned this semester. He stated this helped increase enrollment. He stated some of the dual enrolled students had not been added yet which should also increase the numbers. John reported the bad news is about 100 FTEs are in danger of being dropped for non-payment. Muriel stated everything possible is being done to get those students in to pay for their classes by January 24. 

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lewis reported on the $200,000 in accounts from fall 2016 of students that haven’t paid and stated that amount has been reduced to $140,000. He thanked Accounting and Financial Aid for their help in collecting these funds. He stated the students had “do not drop” on their accounts which allowed them to attend class without paying. Will stated the “do not drop” on the student’s account should not be allowed to remain all semester but have a deadline for it to be removed.  

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported he will be emailing an updated “Building a Better CVCC” action plan tomorrow.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported Institutional Effectiveness’ focus is related to the content for the web redesign and fall enrollment. She stated a lot of people are involved in redefining the programs to the new template and making all information consistent on the web. She stated she has reached out to deans, divisions, and faculty on this initiative (IT has given tremendous support). Kris reported Workforce will be mapping credentials in a similar format. She stated once completed, users can search CVCC’s website and find a program of which they can perceive themselves pursuing. Kris stated the lines of credit and non-credit will become invisible to the student.

Classified Staff Association
Francie reported on the Classified Staff Association and stated a mixture of employees and students participated in the Lynchburg Christmas parade. She stated another project included filling 138 stockings for needy children. Francie reported $210 monetary donations were also collected for this Salvation Army project.
Francie stated one networking and one fundraising event (for foundation and student emergency fund) is being planned along with a lunch and learn employee wellness event.  
John stated the plan for the Classified Staff (and Part-Time Staff) inequity increases will be submitted to the VCCS sometime this semester.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported he is working with Ken Bunch for a PIO manual for emergency incidents and hopes to have a final draft to bring to the next Cabinet meeting.
Russell stated he is working on the March 8 active shooter event that will take place here at CVCC. He stated the tabletop exercise is planned for either January 27 or February 2 at 8:30 a.m.
Lewis stated he is waiting on a hard copy of the contract for the new radios. Russell stated he is in hopes to begin using the radios by February 1.

Faculty Association
Cheryl reported some faculty participated in the Christmas parade, and some were involved in the Professional Developmental Task Force. She stated the faculty were very engaged with the spring convocation sessions. Cheryl stated Joe Penrod is looking into community project opportunities for the College to participate. Francie stated the Classified Staff is also interested in pursuing this as well.

Part-Time Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association will meet on Thursday. Sarah stated she will present Irene Wheeler’s convocation session on professional development at this meeting. (Muriel reported all presentations will be available soon online for anyone to view.)
Sarah thanked the College for providing the part-timers with a bonus.

Vice President of Information Technology
David requested that everyone please check out the new design in Room 2407 and give feedback. He stated if feedback is positive, this will be used as a model for updating classrooms if and when funding becomes available.
David stated much of his time (and Wil Perez’) is being spent on the web redesign. He stated they are trying to make it all consistent by rewriting in the first-person.

David stated the Bedford Center’s internet connection has been saturated for some time. He reported this should be upgraded by the middle of February. David discussed issues with Collaborate’s             connection as it only runs on a Chrome browser. He stated Chrome is unstable causing Collaborate to lose connection. He stated the students at the Bedford Center are experiencing both challenges. David stated he is working with Ed McGee and Pat Gatti on these issues.  

John stated several years ago, CVCC was struggling to remain afloat, to survive. But now CVCC is now trying new enhancements to make it a better college such as creating a new web site, a better professional development plan, etc. John stated this is a reflection on everyone’s hard work.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions
Ruth reported Layia Perry has been hired as the Workforce Credentials Grant (WCG) coach. Layia will be working with those students to make sure they complete their programs, meet the VCCS expectations, receive credentials, and obtain employment.
Ruth reported the first six months’ report from the VCCS showed CVCC is above a 95% completion rate. She stated the change from having paying students attend classes to students who receive financial aid and who were much less academically inclined had caused some concern. She stated the 95% achievement was the result of her staff working very hard to support these students and to help them succeed. Ruth stated one benefit to the College will be bringing 60 students to the Campus and hoping they will continue to further their education with degree programs.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported on scholarships and stated about $50,000 remained from fall semester with $45,000 of that money awarded to 29 students for spring. He discussed the Tobacco scholarships and stated this upcoming year, the College will be awarded $350,000 which is $100,000 less than last year, and $50,000 must be used for non-credit classes.
Mike reported Jack Freeman is working with Kris on a $45,000 SCHEV Affordable Pathways Grant that is due in February. He also reported Kris and Patti are working with Jack on submitting in March another Title III grant. Mike stated they are waiting to hear on several grant proposals such as an NSF Advanced Technological Education grant and Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Trade School Community College Scholarships ($150,000) grant. He stated the Gene Haas Foundation has awarded a grant for $15,000 to the Machine Technology Program.
Mike reported on marketing and stated the update of the website is top priority as the date to “go live” for the web site is February 24. Mike stated he and Ken are talking to various companies about a marketing plan to help with advertising.

Director of Human Resources
Randall was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 2:01 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting will be held on February 6, 2017.
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