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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

February 20, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 6, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Francie Dye
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Cheryl Cunningham
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Randall Franklin
Will Sandidge      
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data as Of Monday (2/20/2017)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Public Information Officer Policy (DOVE)
Russell requested the President’s Cabinet to review the Public Information Officer (PIO) draft policy prior to this meeting. The Cabinet discussed the policy with one suggestion approved, which was to change “relatives” to “next of kin.” 
A motion was made by Cheryl and duly seconded by Ruth to approve the policy with the noted change made.
The motion carried unanimously.
Divisional Reports:
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported the new employee orientation held on Friday, February 10, went well and thanked everyone that presented and helped with the event. He stated he had received positive feedback from the new employees that attended. Randall reported the next orientation would probably be scheduled in late March.
Randall reported the Department of Labor has filed an appeal on a decision by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) but stated there is a bill before this Congress to incrementally increase the salary threshold.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will had nothing new to report.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions
Ruth had nothing new to report.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported on the structured pathways and stated this is really coming together. She stated this would be evident when students begin to enroll for fall. Kris reported faculty have taken programs, identified when the credentials stack, and mapped them according to credentials. She stated this means that students now will be placed in the highest-level credential (associate degree level) for their area of study. Kris stated this will result in a great improvement in how the College operates internally and will also benefit the student.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell stated he continues to work on the March 8 active shooter event that will take place here at CVCC. He stated he felt good about how prepared everyone is. Russell stated most after action reports show that one problem when a crisis occurs is lack of communication between responding agencies. He stated CVCC having new radios for their officers will help with this. Russell stated another problem is preventing and providing family assistance but the unification plan will help with this.
Russell stated several “Civilian Response to an Active Shooter Event” information sessions are planned to inform faculty and staff on how to respond appropriately in any setting.  
Russell reported he sent letters home to STEM students and the transitions students informing them about the March 8 active shooter event. He stated he met with Facilities this morning to discuss this event as they are usually working in different areas throughout the Campus.

Faculty Association
Cheryl reported Chris Parker will represent the Faculty Association in the renaming of Harvard Street. (Mike will send out the email to “everyone” concerning the renaming of the street.)
Cheryl stated she had received many emails concerning the traffic on Harvard heading towards Wards Road and Wards Ferry Road. John stated he is meeting with the city manager at which time he will discuss this concern.

Classified Staff Association
Francie had nothing new to report.

Part-Time Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association met last week and said farewell to Audrey Hudgins, vice chair, as she found a full-time position.
Sarah stated a pizza fundraiser is planned for April 19.
Sarah also reported this last meeting was recorded on BlackBoard Collaborate for those to view that could not attend.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike reported he had received three nominations from the Faculty, Classified and Part-Time Associations for the renaming Harvard Street Committee. He stated this committee should be meeting very soon to develop a survey for suggestions.
Mike discussed the new website and stated plans are to have a soft-release internally during the weekend of March 10-12 and on March 13, the College can begin using it. He stated during this time, edits such as broken links, misspellings, etc. could be corrected.
Mike stated applications for fall 2017 and spring 2018 scholarships will open on March 1. 

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lewis thanked everyone for attending the shared services training on February17. He stated there were still some concerns with local funds following the same guidelines as state funds but he had contacted the VCCS for clarification.
Lewis stated, later this week, VCCS Facilities Management will be at CVCC to hold a pre-construction meeting for the Bedford and Campbell Halls HVAC project. Lewis reported he hopes to also discuss the Amherst and Campbell Halls’ renovations while they are here.
Lewis stated the shared services training session was recorded and viewing information will be sent out soon.

Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported a meeting to discuss the pell grant for dual enrollment will be scheduled soon.
Muriel stated she and Kris will be involved in a conference call concerning the Phase 2 portion of the text message project. She stated this project is grant-funded and geared towards students who have 45 or more credits by sending occasional text messages to help move them forward to completion.
Muriel reported the deadline for applying for graduation has been extended until March 11. She reported over 300+ has been received so far.
Muriel stated the Jefferson Forest Early College project is moving forward and will begin this fall.
John questioned what is the College doing to encourage more students to graduate. Muriel stated students who have 45 or more credits are receiving text messages/emails to remind them they are close to graduation and also ads are placed on TV monitors to remind students to apply for graduation. John stated the College needs to be just as aggressive in encouraging students to graduate as it has been in encouraging students to enroll. Will suggested personally going into the classrooms and talking to students helps. He reported with the Quality and Machine Tool programs, Lynn Dillard helped 16 of his students to apply for graduation by encouraging them to use the paper application and not the online one. John suggested sending counselors into second-year classes to encourage graduation. Muriel stated she will look into this. Cheryl suggested that faculty of second-year classes encourage their students as well.

Vice President of Information Technology
David was absent.

John reported he will be attending ACOP on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. He stated he hopes to get some insight on the budget.  
John discussed an article he recently read: A Very Methodical Destruction” which is about the demise of Virginia Intermont College because of bankruptcy. He stated it reminded him of how close this could have been about CVCC. John stated the article discussed how to find places for students, disposing of the physical buildings, and even finding homes for 80 horses. John read the following that was written by a trustee who oversaw the closing. “When an organization begins to have challenges, it is very important to understand what’s causing those challenges. Usually it’s not just one answer. Is it the market? Is it the way we operate? The best organizations can wake up, and the world is upside down for them. It’s too easy to try to keep doing what you did before and try do more of it, put more investment into it when in fact, it would be more helpful to think outside the box and figure out what do we need to look like in a couple of years.” John stated evidently Virginia Intermont evidently did not do this, but feels that CVCC is not continuing to do what it has always done hoping for different results. He stated CVCC is scanning into the future, trying to invision what the market will be like, and trying to adapt to meet the needs of that market. John stated he was happy to say CVCC did not follow the same fate as Virginia Intermont.
The meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 3, 2017.
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