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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

April 3, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 20, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Kris Ogden
Francie Dye
Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Russell Dove
Cheryl Cunningham
Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant
Ruth Hendrick
Randall Franklin
Will Sandidge      
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Yesterday (4/3/2017)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:

Public Information Officer Policy (DOVE)
Randall requested the approval of the compressed 4 ½-day summer work schedule beginning May 12 through August 10, 2017.
A motion was made by Mike and duly seconded by Muriel to approve the compressed summer work schedule.
The motion carried unanimously.

Divisional Reports:

Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Muriel reported, as the result of the College not having a graduation coordinator, the counseling department is helping to evaluate the transcripts, and Deanne of Student Activities is helping with the actual ceremony. She stated, this year, 465 students say they will be participating in graduation with an additional 20 from Workforce.
Muriel stated a lot of recruitment and retention activities have taken place in the way of open houses for high school seniors, STEM, and CTE. She stated a women’s career panel was held to inform students about their personal career paths, their failures, and successes. Muriel stated another recruitment event was the College’s annual History Day consisting of area middle/high school students who bring in projects pertaining to history. Muriel reported an appreciative advising workshop was held which was primarily geared towards CVCC counselors and area high school counselors.
Muriel reported on the job fair that was held last week and stated many thanks to Sarah for its great success.
Muriel also reported all Early College sites are in the process of getting confirmations from the fall students. She stated the Jefferson Forest Early College project is moving forward and will begin this fall.
(John complimented the job fair and open house stating both events were well-planned and very professional.)

Director of Human Resources
Randall discussed several payroll changes during the fiscal year 2018 and stated the state will be transitioning from CIPPS processing (mainframe system is no longer supported) to Cardinal. Randall stated the part-time or wage employees will no longer be paid every-other-Monday but paid every-other-Friday. He stated the adjunct faculty who are paid monthly will now be paid bi-weekly (every-other-Friday). Randall stated the transition month will be May. He stated wage employees will have one paycheck for one week or one paycheck for three weeks during that month (date to be determined). He stated he will email all employees involved in this change.
Randall reported a new employee orientation was held on Thursday, March 30, with five employees attending.

Vice President of Workforce Solutions
Ruth reported she will be retiring from CVCC with May 11 being her last day.
Ruth invited everyone to attend their annual Business and Adjunct Appreciation Breakfast which will be held on April 27.
Ruth discussed Workforce’s programs and stated additional funding (from FANTIC) had been requested from the VCCS four times now. She stated this money provides funding for low-income students. Ruth stated this has benefited many of CVCC’s students, and stated, for example, the CDL program costs $4,500 but when a student qualifies for FANTIC, they only pay $75. Ruth stated the CNA program costs $4,200 but FANTIC qualified students pay only $58.
Ruth reported a full-time WCG coach will be hired (VCCS funded) to enroll, onboard, and support students until they receive their credentials. She stated CVCC still leads in the number of credentials awarded.

Part-Time Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association will hold a pizza fundraiser on April 19.
Sarah stated a survey will be sent to all part-timers to see if they would prefer a different meeting date and time.
Sarah also reported their last meeting recorded on BlackBoard Collaborate was successful.
Sarah stated elections will be held at their next meeting.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported her office will be finishing this academic year by completing the budget and planning cycles. She stated a meeting will be held to review college budget requests and then to prioritize those requests. Kris stated these priorities will be funded if there are any money is available.
Kris stated all CCSSE surveys must be completed by April 14. She stated this national survey will be used for assessment with the results available by the fall semester. Kris stated Kevin is busy with graduate surveys. She stated associate degree graduates are also surveyed with general education assessments. Kris stated this year a general education assessment (scientific reasoning) will be administered based on the SCHEV VCCS cycle. Kris stated Kevin has identified the sample of students who will be participating.
Kris stated in the future, the general education component will be revised and SCHEV requires this to be assessed. She stated this will involve civic engagement, and at this time, she is not sure how this will be assessed. Kris stated Peter Dorman will be representing CVCC at the first meeting with the VCCS.
Kris discussed the VIP-PASS and stated the VCCS initiated a Student Success Leadership Team that consisted of faculty, administration, and staff. She stated this initiative began with Guided Pathways, and this year is Program Structure which supports students to see a pathway to completion or success. Kris stated this initiative is to develop a technology that will take those processes, help select their pathway, have access to support needed, and notify CVCC to help students stay on track.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell reported for the last two and a half years, the Security Office in conjunction with the ADJ program has sponsored a student(s) to go through the police academy to get their law enforcement certification. He stated the student for this year (as in years past) received a job offer on March 16 prior to completing the program.   
Russell stated he is happy to have completed the March 8 Active Shooter event held here on Campus, and has received the preliminary after-action report which indicated positives and strengths as well as some deficiencies. Russell stated one deficiency was that the victims were not treated quickly enough by the EMS. He stated another deficiency was with the EOC’s lack of communication amongst the team and not timely addressing the social media with accurate information. He stated he will be challenging a couple of findings which include several students in the counseling center who seemed confused. Russell stated he was told that these students were not confused but defied the request to seek shelter. He stated another deficiency he is challenging stated the COOP did not include cell phone numbers but Russell stated unlike the external document provided for the exercise the internal COOP does include cell and many home phone numbers of the IMT members. Russell stated the report was overall positive.

Classified Staff Association
Francie thanked Kris for speaking on engagement at the Classified’s last meeting.
Francie stated the pizza fundraiser netted $300.15 from the 31 pizzas sold and including several donations. She stated this will be donated to the student emergency fund.
Francie stated Dr. Capps will be speaking at the upcoming April meeting. She stated also at this meeting new officers will be elected.  
Francie stated the Classified Staff are working with Deanne to help restock food pantry for students.
Francie stated two networking events are planned with the Riverviews Artspace in June and a summer paint night with Beth Walkup.

Faculty Association
Cheryl reported the faculty are doing well.
Cheryl stated she is in the process of faculty committee assignments for the upcoming year.
Cheryl stated at the next meeting new officers would be elected. She stated there would be a new president as she is leaving CVCC on May 5 for employment elsewhere.

Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the IT evening tech has resigned, and hopefully, an emergency hire can be made.
David reported William Osborne presented his innovative Storage Area Network Design at the Association of College Computing Services of Virginia’s (ACCS) Annual Meeting on March 16. He stated this design provides reduced costs and better performance using functionality within Microsoft Server and commodity hardware. David stated that Dell recently validated William’s design by announcing it is selling a product using the same design.
David discussed the purchasing of EMSI which will integrate with the College’s website to help students with information about local employment.
David stated the VCCS has some challenges recently that has resulted in internet connectivity issues here at CVCC.  
David reported upgrading the Bedford Center to a higher internet speed connection. He stated if the configuration information is received from the VCCS, the upgrade will take place on Friday.
John stated kudos to the new web site and to all that made it a great success.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike stated applications for fall 2017 scholarships opened on March 1, and his office has received approximately 100 applications. He stated the process for evaluating and approving those applications will begin soon with notifications sent to the students in May and continuing through June and July. He stated the scholarship money is usually depleted by the end of July with nothing left for the summer semester.
Mike reported on marketing and stated for the summer, advertisement will include four poster billboards, two digital billboards, and radio commercials.
Mike discussed the process for renaming Harvard Street. He stated a survey has been developed for suggestions that should be emailed on Wednesday to “everyone” on Campus, all students, and to alumni whose emails are on file. He stated, ultimately, the President’s Cabinet will make the final decision with approval by the Local Board during the April 2017 meeting.
Mike stated the Title III grant submission is due on April 17. He stated with the help of a consultant he feels the College has a better chance of receiving this grant compared to last year.
Mike discussed the fundraising and stated the College has applied to Centra for $25,000 (to continue their American Heart Association training scholarships), Greater Lynchburg Community Trust for $10,000 (to support the Great Expectations’ coach), and the Tobacco Commission for $183,000 (CVCC must match half-BWXT has already given $25,000) for Machine Tool’s milling centers.
The Cabinet members discussed the recent marketing information received from consultants hired by CVCC.

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lewis reported the local fund budget will be submitted to the Local Board for approval during their April meeting. He stated last year, the College began paying for all gym equipment and student success center with local funds instead of state funds. Lewis stated the student activity fee for 15 credits equals to $105 per semester, and if it was increased by $.50 per credit, the result would be an extra $40,000 in local funds. He stated this would help with any repairs needed.
Lewis stated a traffic study was conducted for two weeks, and he looks forward to reviewing the report.
Lewis stated the shared services has delayed bringing on other colleges for two weeks but the Chrome River Travel will be available in the next week. 

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.

John reported it looks as if CVCC will be facing a challenging budget year with the 4.1% budget cut which results in CVCC losing $400,000. He stated the College will have a difficult time in navigating through this loss. John stated at this time, how this will accomplished is not known but may result in some changes.
John stated commencement, with Dr. Belle Wheelen as speaker, will be a good ending to the College’s 50th Anniversary.
John stated the Outstanding Faculty Award will be presented at the Spring Luncheon this year. In the past, it was presented at graduation, and moving it to the luncheon will shorten the length of graduation.
John thanked all member of the Cabinet for their support.
The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 17, 2017.
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