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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

June 26, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the May 1, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Russell Dove
Francie Dye
Dianne Sykes
Jessica Riddick
David Lightfoot
Randall Franklin
Matt Latimer
Lewis Bryant
Kris Ogden
Will Sandidge
 Sarah Jarrett
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of June 26, 2017
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Renaming of Harvard Street (Bradford)
The President’s Cabinet approved unanimously the name changing of Harvard Street to CVCC Campus Drive.   

Divisional Reports:
Vice President for Finance and Administration
Lewis stated Chomps will be the new food vendor (selected by a committee) at CVCC beginning in July and stated several changes included credit/debit friendly vending machines, enhanced food order system, and a salad bar. He stated Chomps wants to reopen the Coffee Shop located in the Library to sell coffee, drinks, and pre-made sandwiches.
Lewis stated Chomps is eVA and SWAM registered and will be glad to provide catering to the College community.
Lewis reported CVCC’s revenues for this year are comparable to last year’s but this year the College is providing raises to all employees this year which amounts to several $100,000. He stated the College finished the year strong as the result of several savings. Lewis stated the new chiller in Amherst and Campbell Hall attributed to a $20,000 electricity savings. He stated this savings was used to pre-pay the off-campus leases to help offset the decrease in state funding of $400,000 for this upcoming year. Lewis stated savings also occurred in the Facilities area by spending $188,000 under Ron Parker’s leadership compared to last year’s $328,000. He stated several upgrades took place this year using the VCCS and VDOT’s monies and not CVCC’s.
Lewis stated he felt optimistic that the College can fulfill some of the compensation adjustments during this upcoming year.
John thanked Lewis and Ron Parker for their efforts.

Vice President of Information Technology
David reported he is working to expend the College’s FY ‘17 funds as soon as possible. He stated majority of the funding will be spent on PC replacements.  David stated plans are to replace some classroom PCs before fall classes begin.
David reported on the several new enterprise systems:
·       The new on-line application for admission is scheduled to go-live 3/18
·       Efforts are underway to extend the SAILS contract to 12/18
·       The Veteran’s Portal is in progress
·       Learning Management System (LMS)—Blackboard Learn. A committee has been investigating the current LMS environment and are recommending to EPIC later this month the use of an RFP to determine future direction. If approved, the RFP will be released this summer. Responses will be due January 2018, and if a new LMS is selected, the projected go-live for the new LMS will be June 2019.
·       The College’s ERP Systems (PeopleSoft) are nearing end of support.  A proposal to upgrade these is also on this month’s EPIC agenda. 
o   Support for AIS ends January 2018.  Hence, the proposed plan is to begin upgrading AIS August 2017 with completion July 2018.
o   The proposal to upgrade SIS is to begin May 2018 and complete April of 2019.
o   There has been much discussion about HRMS.  Some desire to move to a different system. Decisions are impacted by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s HR system.  The Commonwealth has learned that support for CIPPS ends May 2018.  Hence, they are implementing the newest version of PeopleSoft HRMS.  Some agencies will go-live with the new HRMS April 2018 and others October 2018.  The VCCS hasn’t been informed of its go-live date; therefore, the College must plan for April until told otherwise. Due to this system implementation, the proposed plan is to begin the HRMS upgrade April 2019 and complete it July 2020. 
§  The VCCS may decide to leverage the Commonwealth’s system and not retain a separate HRMS, since the Commonwealth will be running the latest version of PeopleSoft’s HRMS.
·       VIP-PASS
·       Blackboard informed the VCCS their mobile app platform is changing. This prompted discussion of the value of the app. The council approved the discontinuance of the Bb Mobile Central effective 6/30/17.  A committee has been established to develop a mobile strategy.  The mobile functionality within the College’s website will continue to work.
·       The VCCS has standardized on a new Security Awareness Training system to replace MOAT which will require training to occur every two or three months instead of yearly.  CVCC will transition to this new system before fall 2017.

Faculty Association
Matt Latimer (for Tom Sparhawk) had no report at this time.

Part-Time Association
Sarah stated, to keep the momentum ongoing, a survey will be conducted this summer and a social event will be planned.
John stated that CVCC will provide 3% increases to all part-time employees same as faculty and classified employees.

Chief of Police/Director of Campus Security  
Russell stated he is still working on the deficits that were disclosed during the active shooter exercise and finalizing the unification plan. He reported he is trying to schedule additional training for his staff and the Emergency Management Team staff.
Russell reported he is trying to conduct a scale-down version of the exercise scenario during the last week in July.
Russell stated the first Police Academy camp (with nine participants) was held during the Workforce Summer Academies. He stated the week was successful with the following activities: homicide investigations, internet safety, bomb techs, etc.
Russell stated the second public safety day will be held on September 29.

Classified Staff Association
Francie stated the Riverviews Artspace event took place in June. She reported CVCC attendance was okay and still provided good networking within the community. Francie reported a paint night is being planned which will be taught by Beth Walkup.
Francie reported a survey will be conducted for planning of the upcoming year.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris stated a federal requirement mandates that gainful employment disclosures be made available on the College’s website and thanked Wil Perez and Kevin Riley for their help in making this possible.
Kris stated the budget requests prioritization process has been completed for this year.
Kris reported she and Kevin attended the VCCS IRIE meeting which involves the movement of the integration of systems. She stated the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) and Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes are being reviewed. She stated these codes map into business sectors with specific jobs. Kris stated this is important as the College wants to inform students of the types of jobs they can get in a field of study. She stated some of the CIP codes were assigned years ago and will no longer map.  
Kris stated a summer bridge program called the Quick Start to CVCC was piloted last year with the Lynchburg City and Beacon of Hope students. She stated this year the program has been expanded to the surrounding county students. Kris stated 80-100 students (just graduated) have been recruited to attend this non-credit class (working with Workforce) that connects them with the College. She stated five sessions are scheduled with the first two beginning today and the remainder in July. Kris stated these students will be tracked to see if they attend CVCC and to measure their retention rate.
Kris stated several community colleges are experiencing problems with their reaffirmation.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported he has added new input on the Building a Better CVCC document which John distributed to the Board during his recent evaluation. Will also reported he is in the process of creating a questionnaire for the 360° Evaluation for Administrators.

Director of Human Resources
Randall discussed the 3% increase which is effective on July1, 2017, and stated DHRM will process the increases for faculty and classified staff employees, and CVCC’s HR staff will manually input the wage employees’.
Randall stated the faculty salary plan was verbally approved last week (according to John, the plan does include the first phase of the equity increases, and hopefully, the funding will be available), and the administrative faculty’s contracts will go out this week.
Randall discussed the supervisor training sessions and stated he would like input from the President’s Cabinet concerning specifics topics. He stated Workman’s Compensation and Standards of Conduct are the first on the list. Will asked if training included providing information on ways for supervisors to improve if needed and how to correct any weaknesses. He stated he felt this is a major issue and should be included in the training.

Vice President for Academic and Student Services
Jessica Riddick (for Muriel) had no report.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike had to leave the meeting prior to giving a report. 

John distributed and discussed the latest credentials/licensures count from the VCCS which shows as of June 19, 2017, CVCC has the lead with 1,936 (1,091 noncredit and 845 credit).
John distributed a Performance Funding Metric document and stated last year was the first year of the performance-based funding (VCCS allowed 12% of the General Funds Appropriation to be performance-based). He stated this year, the percentage increases to 14% and will increase each year by 2% until 20% is reached. John stated this is based on the number of students who passed Developmental English and Math, students who passed Developmental English and Math and then passed college-level English and math, retention from fall-to-spring and fall-to-fall, students who complete 12 credits during their first year of study, and the number of students who complete 24 credits their second year of study. He stated the funding metrics correspond with the four dimensions of CVCC’s Strategic Plan-connection, entry, progression, and completion with the highest percentage directed at the “completion” metrics as that is the overarching goal of Complete 2021(to triple the number of credentials awarded). John stated CVCC placed fifth in the VCCS ranking of credentials awarded but there are several areas needing improvement. He stated under the “entry” metrics CVCC has fallen behind the VCCS average in Developmental English and Math. John stated concentration will be on these areas to find out the problems and what interventions are needed to turn those numbers around. He stated “retention and progression” metrics show CVCC has serious problems with fall-to-fall and fall-to-spring retention. John stated he wants to form an ad hoc committee consisting of Muriel, Will, Michael, Pattie, Kris, and Kevin to uncover the reasons students are not returning to CVCC. He stated he does not believe CVCC students are any different from those at the other community college and for that reason, he stated he is deeply disturbed by these findings which call for a more in-depth examination. John stated he did not want to think of CVCC being below the average on any criteria. He stated he is curious to see what the taskforce unveils. John stated these numbers show that CVCC is not serving this community as it should be.
The meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for July 10, 2017.
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