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    Minutes of the

    President’s Cabinet Meeting

September 18, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 21, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
David Lightfoot
Randall Franklin
Sarah Jarrett
Francie Dye
Lewis Bryant
Kris Ogden
Will Sandidge
Dianne Sykes
Mike Bradford
Russell Dove
Tom Sparhawk
 Muriel Mickles
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (9/18/2017)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Changes to Professional Development Plan (JARRETT)
Sarah Jarrett discussed changes to the Professional Development Plan that were recommended by the Professional Development Committee after their first meeting this year to provide clarity for employees trying to obtain professional development funding and to assist the committee in completing their responsibilities.  The new Professional Development Plan was approved in January 2017 and went into effect on July 1, 2017.  The recommended changes include: 
o   Changing the wording of “First-Come, First-Served” to “Non-Competitive” on pages 14 and 15.  The intent with this section, and the plan itself, was to help as many employees as possible and it was determined by the committee that the best way to do that was to evaluate the applications as a group that are submitted by the stated deadline(s).  Having multiple deadlines throughout the year will ensure that funds are not depleted at the beginning of the year and can offer funds to more employees throughout the year. 
o   Adding a cover sheet for the applications that need to go through the blind review process. The cover sheet can include the necessary signatures and have the information of the applicant that can be removed when going to the blind review. This will streamline the blind review process, since identifying information of the applicantwould not need to be removed from pages in the application.  The new cover sheets have been added to the Professional Development Plan on pages 34, 40, 45, 51, and 55. 
o   The application for “Funds Request for Community College Network Conferences and Activities” has been modified to match the scoring rubric and is now the same as the application for “Off-Campus Nonconference Professional Development Activity”. The affected pages are 45-48. 
o   A new timeline for application deadlines has been developed. This was changed due to the timing of bringing on the new Professional Development Coordinator position and discussion of how far in advance employees know about upcoming events.  Since the timeline may change each year, the Professional Development Committee will review and publish a new timeline for application deadlines each spring. 
Synopsis of Committee Minutes Proposal (SPARHAWK)
Tom stated that Mary Canfield has volunteered to create a short summary of each committees’ minutes once a month to send out through email to the CVCC community.  (This will begin as a trial year.) The President’s Cabinet requested that the summaries be labeled as “draft” as the minutes would not have been approved.

Russell made the motion with Will duly seconding to accept the “Changes to Professional Development Plan” as requested and the “Synopsis of Committee Minutes” with the addition of labeling as draft.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the motion.
Agenda Items:
Notification of the “No Late Add” Policy (SPARHAWK)
Tom discussed a problem with the faculty not being informed of the changes in the “No Late Add” policy. He stated after the beginning of this fall 2017 semester, several students asked him if they could be added to his class but told them he could not add anyone after the first day of class. Tom stated a student presented him with an “add” form from the Counseling Department and that is when he realized the “No Late Add” policy had been changed. Tom stated after speaking with several faculty, he discovered they had not been notified of the changes either. He stated that as important as this policy is, notification of any changes needed to be communicated. John stated he understood the dilemma that faculty faced and wished Muriel was at this meeting to address the issue.
John stated the policy had been altered to allow students to be added if the class had not met and as long as the faculty gave their permission. He stated a formal email would be sent to “everyone” for clarification/changes of this policy prior to the beginning of the 2018 spring semester.
Tom asked if the “No Late Add” policy had improved retention from semester-to-semester. John stated he was unsure of that but it had resulted in fewer withdrawals.  

Divisional Reports: 
Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lewis reported the visitor parking lot would be closed for the remainder of the day due to the repairing of a gas leak. He stated fortunately the leak was outside Amherst Hall and not inside.
Lewis stated the electronic controls for the heating/cooling system on Campus are out-of-date and in need of replacement at an estimated cost of $116,000. He stated he has been trying for some time to find a source for funding this project. Lewis stated the VCCS paid for the Bedford and Merritt Halls and the Culinary Arts Building as part of the recent updating of their cooling system. However, he stated the VCCS would not fund Amherst and Campbell Halls as they are scheduled for renovations but has recently agreed to contribute $32,000, Tech Fee will fund $50,000, and the remainder $33,000 will be taken from Facilities funds.
Lewis reported on Shared Services and stated a committee has been formed (of which he is a member) to see if the credit card payment process can be streamlined. He stated this would help with being able to use the college’s credit cards as in the past and would help to ensure prompt payment. Lewis reported he has asked someone from Shared Services to conduct another training session here at CVCC but has not received confirmation.

Faculty Association
Tom reported the faculty were happy to be back teaching and looking forward to planning the classroom renovations in Amherst and Campbell Halls.
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported the A/V was upgraded in the President’s conference room (the same is being piloted in Amherst Hall’s 2123 and 2407), and Merritt Hall’s 5118 will be next with others to be determined as feedback is obtained from the deans. David stated plans are to have two rooms updated for each division, and one room in each off-site centers (except for the Amherst Center).
David stated the internet connection at the Amherst Center will be upgraded by a factor of 10 in the next couple of weeks. He stated the new connection with Comcast is less expensive than the current internet service provider. David stated the purchase order to upgrade the internet connection has been processed, and IT is in the process of scheduling the upgrade. He stated service to the Appomattox Center is through Shentel and the connection speed will increase by a factor of 4 (10x service is not available), also for less cost than the current internet service provider. 

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated she was pleased to say there were nine attending their first meeting with a couple of new attendees. She reported Michael Mavinga from the tutoring center gave a presentation titled “What Color is Your Parachute?” Sarah stated she hopes for the members to be able to share something professional or personal at the end of each meeting.
Sarah stated plans for the upcoming year is to resend the survey and hopefully to offer ideas of ways to make a difference at CVCC.

Campus Police/Security
Russell began by saying his office had been busy this month with lots of complaints and incidents occurring.
Russell also reported his office is working on the Chemical Hygiene plan with approximately 175 containers having been located. He stated some chemicals were identified and others were unknown. Russell stated those chemicals that need to be removed from the Campus are in the process of being removed. He stated the chemicals that need to be here will be properly labeled and are being entered in the online Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) by the chemical’s name and location. Russell stated this is about 90% complete. Russell stated the College was first audited in 2006 and when the auditors returned ten years later in 2016, no progress in the necessary changes had been made. He stated the College has been alerted that it will be audited on this again.
Russell stated the officers had/are attending suicide prevention, Title IX, recognizing explosives, and active shooter response in open areas training.
Russell reported a Public Safety Day is planned for September 29.  
Lewis stated Facilities is devoting Friday afternoons on equipment inventory and reported it has about 1,500 items that needed to be identified and located (not including computers). He stated his first goal is to complete items that are in the AREVA Building.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported Muriel is chair and she is co-chair of the EAB Navigate (also referred to as VIP-pass) implementation. She stated CVCC is in the second wave of this implementation and will be in place by the fall of next year. Kris stated this is a system-wide initiative that will force change in the way the College now operates. She stated there will be four teams that are in the process of being organized. She stated the College must improve its processes to make this work and achieve this College’s goals. Kris stated barriers that are placed on students need to be defined and corrected; therefore, a brainstorming session will be held this Thursday for improvement suggestions for making a better experience for the students. 

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike asked for Cabinet’s input as to whether a college catalog needs to be printed for the upcoming year (2018-2020). He stated the consensus of the committees he has been in, a printed catalog is unnecessary as two-thirds of the existing one is on the web. However, he stated that leaves 61 catalog pages that have not been placed on the web. Mike stated those pages are being circulated around to see if they are important and needed to be placed on the web. He stated printing would continue on the View Book that counseling hands out to schools/events. Tom asked if other colleges have decided not to print their catalogs. Mike stated he would question Ken Bunch on this. Kris stated she felt parents/students like to have a print of their program and as of now, the information on the web is not printer friendly. David stated Wil Perez is working on correcting this. Mike stated a decision needs to be made whether to print the catalog or not around February 2018 when students can enroll in the fall semester. (John suggested getting input on this from a diversity of students and the parents of students.)
Mike reported on scholarships (awarded almost $600,000 in scholarships for 216 students) and stated the closing date was September 5. He stated this amount was less than last year because there was a decrease in Tobacco scholarships from $450,000 to $350,000 ($50,000 was for non-credit). He stated the guidelines should be received soon for fiscal year 2019. Mike stated the Tobacco Commission’s budget for the entire year (fiscal year 2018 beginning July 1) is $24 million but in 2011, it was $143 million. Mike reported the equipment grants for CVCC have declined (CVCC is now responsible to match 50%) and wouldn’t be surprised if the scholarship amount for this year decreases even more.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported an energy technology meeting was held last week with representatives from Dominion Power, CTE directors from Bedford and Campbell Counties and Lynchburg City, and CVCC representatives. He stated the purpose of the meeting was to invigorate the energy programs here at the College. Will stated one decision was to continue offering the energy industrial fundamentals course in the high schools as dual enrollment but to also look at what other courses the high schools are offering such as electricity that will feed into the energy technology program. Will stated a full-time faculty has been added in SME, and he believes this will be beneficial to the growth of this program.
Will reported CVCC is working to help the students from Miller-Motte Technical College. John reported 18 Miller-Motte students have expressed an interest in CVCC.
Will stated he is reviewing the scheduling of classes making sure that students are offered all the classes (sequence and alignment within and across divisions) they need for each semester, looking at classroom capacities, and hopefully can make some constructive suggestions.

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported an update has been received from DHRM regarding Classified Staff Annual Performance Reviews. He asked that everyone complete the evaluations and return to Human Resources by Tuesday, October 24, 2017. 
Randall stated he met with the deputy of the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) concerning adjunct faculty applying for unemployment between semesters and during the summer. He stated at this meeting he was told adjunct faculty are not eligible for unemployment during these times as there is no real expectation of employment from one semester to the next. Randall stated he will address this on a case-by-case basis and also at the adjunct orientations.

John distributed a copy of the 21 recommendations made by the Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC) in their 2016 report on the Operations and Performance of the Virginia Community College System. John stated he basically agreed with all of the recommendations and while CVCC is doing a good job, there is always room for improvement. Several of the recommendations were discussed such as dual enrollment programs that are not monitored, need better alignment between programs and employers, etc. John asked that the cabinet review all of the recommendations and be prepared to discuss at the next meeting.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Muriel was absent.

Classified Staff Association
Francie was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 2:44 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for October 2, 2017.
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