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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 30, 2017

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the October 2, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Russell Dove     
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Randall Franklin
Francie Dye
Lewis Bryant
Kris Ogden
Will Sandidge
Sarah Jarrett
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (10/30/2017)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:

Education Advisory Board (EAB) Navigate Conference Call (CAPPS)
The President’s Cabinet held a conference call with Kristen Miller, Senior Manager, EAB Account Management, who introduced the Cabinet members to the resources offered by Navigate, an onboarding software that will be implemented at CVCC beginning fall 2018. Kristen shared how to maximize CVCC’s membership, how individuals can create an account, how to review resources, how to schedule speakers to come on Campus or webinars that are available. Kristen stated she will be CVCC’s main point of contact.

2018 Holiday Calendar (FRANKLIN)
At the October 2, Cabinet meeting, Randall had stated the Commonwealth of Virginia had given its employees 15.5 holidays for the upcoming 2018 year. He stated CVCC’s holiday schedule does not align with the academic calendar. Randall stated the holiday in question is January 2, 2018, but the academic calendar shows that as the faculty’s first day back for the spring semester. After much discussion, the Cabinet approved to keep January 2 as a holiday.

Information Access Review (LIGHTFOOT)
David reported the VCCS Audit Team has identified Information Access as an area of deficiency across the VCCS, and they are asking each college to evaluate their processes and make changes as necessary. He stated one of the areas of concern is Access Review. He reported the College is required, as a minimum, to annually review user access to its information systems. David stated CVCC’s current procedure requires the supervisor to annually review the access granted to the employees within his/her department via the default access procedure and the Advanced Information Access Form. He stated upon review, the supervisor can either confirm the level of access or request changes to the level of access—the supervisor then signs/dates the employee’s folder demonstrating the review was performed and the level of access is correct.
David stated reflecting upon the process he noticed a disconnect and a shortcoming. 

The DisconnectThe Disconnect
The supervisor’s signature is not required for employees to be granted default access, but the supervisor’s signature is required during the review process. In an attempt to remove the disconnect and streamline the process, the review process will be split into two phases. 

Phase One
The supervisor will review the listing of his/her employees on the departmental directory page of CVCC’s website and notify the IT helpdesk of any discrepancies. This review will include all department employees and will be the only review required for employees with default access.  Since the effort to complete this review is limited, this review will be completed biannually in the months of June and December. This review will not only meet the security requirement, but will also keep the College’s departmental directory current. 
Documentation of the review process will be achieved via the IT Work Request System.  Supervisors will be receive an email requesting completion of the audit review.  Upon completion the Supervisor, or his/her designee, will log into the Work Request System and mark the task “complete”.  This automated tracking method is much more efficient that each supervisor sending me an email upon completion of the review and me maintaining a system to track the completions. 

Phase Two
Phase Two of the review process will be limited to users with Advanced Access granted via the Advanced Information Access Form. This process will probably change in the coming months, but at this point, the process will be same as before. The Supervisor will have to review the employees’ access folder as in the past.
The Shortcoming
CVCC’s current information access process does not include all the systems a user has been granted access.  There are many systems where access is managed at the department.  Reading for the System Office Audit Team email, “Data owners should maintain responsibility for approving all requests for access to the data they own, while access should be granted by IT personnel”. 
David stated moving to this will require planning to minimize operational disruptions, and mentions it today as information, because this must be addressed in the coming months as well.
Divisional Reports:

Vice President of Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel reported the Pell Grant for dual enrolled students will continue for its third and final year beginning fall 2018. She asked if anyone has problems to please see Michael Farris or Lisa Chilton.
The meeting adjourned at 2:41 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for November 13, 2017.
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