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  Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

February 19, 2018

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the December 11, 2017, meeting were approved.
John Capps
Mike Bradford
Russell Dove     
Tom Sparhawk
Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles
David Lightfoot
Randall Franklin
Francie Dye
Michael Farris
Lewis Bryant
Kris Ogden
Will Sandidge
Sarah Jarrett
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (2/19/2018)
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Tom discussed a problem some CVCC part-time employees are experiencing by not receiving a paycheck when the College is closed during the holidays/inclement weather. Tom questioned (a suggestion from the Faculty Association) if their classification could be changed to part-time salary workers. He stated these workers’ pay is budgeted for a certain amount of hours per week and that money is available in the budget. Randall stated there is no classification for part-time salary workers. He stated there is a part-time classified classification; however, those in that classification also receive benefits. Randall stated there would be an additional cost if the part-time employees were converted to part-time classified. He stated, currently, CVCC only has two employees with that classification. He stated the approach CVCC takes is that when there are snow days, the wage employees can make up the lost hours with their supervisors’ approval. Muriel stated the lost hours can be made up if there is a need for their services, approval obtained from their supervisors, and those makeup hours not cause the employee to go over the hours allotted for that year. Tom stated that some supervisors will not allow employees to go over the 29 hours per week. He stated if the 29 hours is an average for the year, can that information be conveyed to the supervisors? Randall reported the 29 hours is an average for the year (April 30-May 1) but stated not all wage employees are budgeted for 29 hours. Tom requested a memo be emailed to the supervisors reiterating the 29-hour is an average over a year and not per week. Randall stated Human Resources will send out a memo with CVCC’s policy.
John stated when the wage employees’ hours went from 30 to 29 per week, the employees’ salaries were increased to make up for that one hour loss.
Tom stated CVCC’s Chancellor’s Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) representative will take this issue to the Chancellor at their next meeting.
John discussed the possibility of having a faculty/staff emergency fund. Randall stated when the College shuts down for two weeks, wage employees are entitled to unemployment benefits through the Virginia Employment Commission.

Michael distributed and discussed the proposed CVCC calendar. Tom also distributed and discussed a list of concerns from the faculty. John requested Tom take the issues listed below to the Faculty Association to get their opinions.
·       Spring 2019-Faculty report January 2 with classes beginning January 7 or January 14
·       Fall break to be entire week of Thanksgiving or remain with two days in October and 3 for Thanksgiving
·       Last day of summer semester
The President’s Cabinet will meet on Thursday, March 1, at 2 p.m. to discuss this in more detail.

Divisional Reports:

Vice President of Finance and Administration
Lewis reported he is looking at existing state contracts for a cleaning group. He stated this afternoon he is meeting with the Budd Group from North Carolina. Lewis reported they have a contract with Virginia Tech, High Point University, and Danville Community College. Lewis stated the College’s current cleaning vendor is not meeting the requirements of their contract. He stated a vendor complaint with pictures of cleaning deficiencies has been sent to Richmond, and when and if this company bids on any future contract, this complaint can be seen in their file.

Vice President of Information Technology
David reported he is in the process of hiring an administrative assistant for IT. He stated there is a new tele-communications provider for the off-site centers which has provided almost enough savings to offset the cost for the hiring of this position. 

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported the HSS and SME deans’ positions have been advertised. He reported the Financial Aid Operations Specialist and the Facilities Management positions are in the final stages of being filled. Randall stated the Grounds Supervisor’s applications have been screened and ready for the committee review, and the HR position has closed with 75 applicants.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported on the Data Club and stated she held a session during spring convocation to help empower cross-functional teams to analyze data and define impactful change. She stated this is closely tied to the work with Navigate and stated the first meeting was led by Will and involved course scheduling. Kris stated there were several recommendations presented, and at the next meeting, this will be revisited and an update given. She stated course pre-requisites will also be reviewed as inconsistencies (in print, SIS, and VCCS course file) have been found. Kris stated this needs to be corrected prior to Navigate as this presents another barrier for students when they enroll in classes. She stated everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. 

Campus Police/Security
Russell reported he has hired a new part-time officer who began working this past Saturday.

Faculty Association
Tom reported at the last Faculty Association meeting, the faculty were concerned with available parking especially when traveling from main Campus to off-site centers and back to the main Campus. Tom questioned if these faculty could be compensated for their mileage. (Muriel stated no one at this time is being compensated for mileage between the Campus and off-site centers.) Randall stated he and Lewis will review this topic in the CAPP manual.
Russell stated his officers are checking to see if the parking permits match the license plates to insure legitimate parking. Russell stated there is sufficient parking spaces for everyone but perhaps not in the desired parking lots.

Classified Staff Association
Francie reported the Classified Staff is planning its next fundraiser that will be held on March 21 and will be selling Vito’s pizza. She stated 50% of the profits will go to the Foundation’s Annual Fund.

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated they met on February 1 with six attendees and two guests from Workforce. She stated, hopefully, a fundraiser will be held sometime this spring.
(Both Francie and Sarah discussed the lack in attendance of their meetings.)

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will stated his new project involves working to have CVCC’s dual enrollment (or concurrent) classes taught in high schools by high school teachers accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP). He stated earning this accreditation is important because some four-year colleges view dual enrollment courses in high schools as not having the same rigor as the same course taught in colleges. He stated only 140 four-year colleges and community colleges in the United States are accredited by NACEP. Will stated he along with Kris and Gary Randolph attended the 2018 Winter Accreditation Institute Workshop to learn more about the accreditation standards. He stated work will begin internally with the school divisions on what needs to be done. He stated there are six standards that need to be met: partnership, assessment, curriculum, student, faculty, and program evaluation.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mike discussed the Employee Campaign and stated last year set a record for giving and this year’s giving has increased by 3% (close to $25,000). He stated a celebration lunch will be held on February 27.
Mike discussed the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission and stated each year, there are two opportunities for requesting funds-one for scholarships and one for equipment (March).  He stated John requested/received $50,000 from BWXT which will be used to match 50% of last March’s fund request of $194,000. Mike stated five (four are lathes) machines have been ordered and hopefully installed by the summer semester but definitely by the fall semester. He stated this should help the students to complete their projects in the machine tool lab.
Mike stated usually in July, the College could apply for scholarship money (for fiscal year 2019-fall 2018 and spring 2019) from the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission but this past year, it was postponed to October, then to January and in January, it was tabled. Mike stated CVCC opens the scholarship application process on March 1. He stated the College may not know if there is any tobacco scholarship money or not by that date. Mike reported last year, the amount went from $450,000 to $350,000, and it was anticipated, this year would be decreased again and focused tighter. He stated a consensus is that this is not a priority anymore in view of their overall reduction plan. Mike reported on the last seven years-fiscal year 2011, the Tobacco Commission’s allocation was $142 million, three years later in 2014 it was $67 million, three more years later in 2017 it was $30 million, and this year it is $26 million. Mike stated if the College does not receive any tobacco money, it will result in a huge impact on CVCC and its students. He stated in fiscal year 2017, scholarships from tobacco money were awarded to 211 students. Mike stated the scholarship money is available now until it is all awarded, but in the future, a more defined plan timeframe will be in place. He stated he will keep everyone informed once he has receives the information.
Mike reported, this year, the tobacco money for equipment will be used for the mechatronics program. He stated a grant from the NSF has been submitted, and if awarded, it can be used for CVCC’s matching portion of the tobacco money.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Muriel reported an EAB Navigate onsite visit took place last week. She also reported a Counselors Showcase will take place on February 23, and a CTE Open House took place last week.
Muriel reported Open Educational Resources (OER) classes are continuing with General Studies Science and General Education Certificate almost completely OER classes. She stated about six-to-eight courses are left to be OER and plans are to have them completed by December as this is when the grant comes to an end.  

John reported he has been away from his office recently as he had attended several meetings at the VCCS. He stated the Enrollment Taskforce (that he is chair) has developed ten recommendations designed to strengthen enrollment and improve retention in Virginia’s community colleges will be distributed this week at the ACOP meeting. He stated the Taskforce group will meet for the last time on February 27. John reported the recommendations will also be presented at the State Board meeting the following week.
The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for March 1, 2018.
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