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     Minutes of the

         President’s Cabinet Meeting

March 19, 2018


Minutes Approval:


Minutes of the March 1, 2018, meeting were approved.



John Capps

Mike Bradford

Russell Dove     

Tom Sparhawk

Dianne Sykes

Muriel Mickles

David Lightfoot

Randall Franklin

Francie Dye

Kevin Riley

Lewis Bryant

Kris Ogden

Will Sandidge

Sarah Jarrett






Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.

Enrollment Report:

Data As Of Today (3/19/2018)


























CGC Consent Agenda Items:


Social Media Policy (PR/Marketing Committee)

Ken Bunch presented the proposed Social Media Policy (approved by the College Governance Committee with the addition of “notifying police department” of a situation using social media that is threatening and/or antagonistic) to the President’s Cabinet. He reported the proposed policy was created by the PR/Marketing Committee and stated it is similar to the other community colleges.

Love Request (Student Success Committee)

Tom discussed a request from the Student Success Committee for permission to create a Lovework sign/sculpture design, location, and a budget (possibly a grant) for CVCC. Tom stated a design (large enough for a photo shoot) would have to be approved first and that would determine the cost. Tom stated downtown Lynchburg and several area colleges (Lynchburg and Randolph) have already done this. He stated the committee believes this would help students become more successful and have more of a connection with CVCC.

Muriel made a motion with Lewis duly seconding to approve the Social Media Policy as written and to proceed with the design, location, and cost for creating a Lovework for CVCC.

The motion carried unanimously.


Agenda Items:


Items Placed on the Sculpture of Johnny Merritt (SPARHAWK)

Tom stated items (example: hats, rabbit ears, etc.) have been place on the sculpture of Dr. Johnny Merritt which is located in Merritt Hall. He stated there is some contention on whether it is respectful or disrespectful. Tom stated he spoke with retiree, Martha Goodman, who taught during Dr. Merritt’s time here at CVCC, and she said he would love it. (Muriel also agreed and stated Dr. Merritt was very engaged with the students.) Tom stated along with the love sign and to make the College less institutional, he would like for a continuance of items to be placed on the sculpture. Tom stated someone has been removing the items but has been told by CVCC Police to not do so in the future. Tom requested for persons be allowed to place non-destructive items on Dr. Merritt’s sculpture to celebrate his time at CVCC and to show the College is a welcoming place for students and everyone.

As there was no further discussion, the President’s Cabinet approved the request to allow non-destructive items on Dr. Merritt’s sculpture.

The motion carried unanimously.

Divisional Reports:

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lewis reported a new three-year lease has been signed for the Amherst Center. He stated Ron Parker has accepted the position of the Facility Work/Manager, Paul Campbell has accepted the position of Grounds Supervisor and will begin next Monday, and Kathryn Graham has been hired to update the College’s equipment inventory records. Lewis stated he feels it will take a year to locate all 2,000 items in inventory. John stated he thought all of this had been done shortly after he arrived at CVCC. David stated he also has someone working on the inventory of IT equipment.

Lewis stated lighting is being changed to LED and has been completed halfway up Campus Drive. He stated each conversion take 1 ½ hours.

Lewis stated work continues through Shared Services for a new cleaning company and hope is to have a resolution sometime this week. He also reported after hearing concerns from the Faculty Association, he has been working with Chomps on correcting some of the problems discussed, one was changing coffee brands to Orange County Roasters, and another was signing a contract with a national food supplier, PFGC, (Performance Food Group Company). Lewis stated Chomps received a good health department inspection on March 13. He stated recent visits have been made to other colleges, and it seems they struggle with their food operations as well. Lewis stated one struggle is having a coffee shop as well as a café. John questioned if there were any statistics of CVCC’s coffee shop usage. Lewis stated usage was very small. John stated maybe that space could be put to better use. Lewis asked that the College give it one more try with the different coffee and consistent staffing, and if there is no improvement, then to consider other options such as a new location. Several mentioned it is uncomfortable to drink coffee and socialize in a library setting.

Vice President of Information Technology

David reported he is in the process of hiring an administrative assistant for IT. (He stated there is a new tele-communications provider for the off-site centers which has provided almost enough savings to offset the cost for the hiring of this position.) 

He stated IT is busy supporting all CVCC’s new initiatives such as EAB Navigate and Ad Astra. He reported 50 new PCs should be arriving soon and deans and employees will be contacted to schedule installation.


Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Mike reported on the $500,000 NSF Advanced Technical Education Grant and stated was submitted but CVCC did not receive this grant. He stated this would have been used to support the Mechatronics program for equipment and salaries. Mike stated Jack Freeman will be reviewing the comments on this grant proposal. Mike stated now a request for $240,000 will be to the Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission for mechatronics’ equipment. He stated CVCC should receive half of that amount as long as CVCC can match the other half.

Mike discussed there has been no news on the Tobacco scholarship money (for fiscal year 2019- fall 2018 and spring 2019). He stated there is a meeting scheduled on May 22 and hopefully, he will know something after the meeting. Mike stated there is some money available to students for summer 2018 scholarships.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Kris reported the College is in the collection phase of the “Great Colleges to Work For” Survey. She asked that Kevin and Tom talk to and email their constituency groups to ask those that received the reminder email to please complete the survey as it closes on April 6. Kris stated the results will be available in July.

Kris discussed departmental planning and budget prioritization and stated information on submitting requests for available funds was sent on Friday. She stated once received, the requests will be compiled and prioritized by the end of April.

Campus Police/Security

Russell reported the lockdown that was held during spring break had good participation from staff, students, and faculty that were on Campus. He stated the College’s systems operated mostly except two minor issues, one he is addressing with IT and the other with facilities.  

Russell stated an active shooter exercise during fall convocation will be held in order to include faculty. He reported this will not be as comprehensive as the one in March 2017.

Classified Staff Association

Kevin reported (in Francie’s absent) that the Classified Staff is holding online voting for the open positions of president, vice president, and also for the Classified Emeritus.

Part-Time Staff Association

Sarah reported on the Part-Time Staff Association and stated they met last week at which time Michael Farris gave a talk on graduation. Sarah stated the meetings continue to have low attendance. 

Sarah stated a pizza fundraiser will be held on April 4 with all proceeds going to the student emergency fund and the book fund.

Faculty Association

Tom reported the Faculty Association is beginning its elections proceedings with nominations in March and elections in April. He stated all positions are open with the exception of president as the vice president automatically moves up to president. He stated the president will be Matt Latimer. Tom stated Gary Randolph has retired from CFAC, and there are two faculty members that have expressed interest in being CVCC’s representative. He stated the changes in the 2019 spring calendar are still being discussed.

Tom stated 14 nominations have been received for the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Will discussed Ad Astra, a VCCS scheduling initiative, and stated a list of all classrooms and laboratories and their capacity was submitted last Friday. He thanked Teri Brothers for creating this list. He stated Ad Astra has a scoping document which asked questions on the College’s business practices and the Student Information System. He thanked Jessica Riddick for her help on this. Will stated he hopes this will help the College (CVCC is in the first wave) to be more efficient and productive.

Will reported on National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and stated this accreditation is for dual enrollment courses taught in high schools by high school teachers. He stated he along with Kris and Gary Randolph gave an update on this initiative during Muriel’s staff meeting. Will stated he and Dr. Capps will be meeting with area school superintendents soon to discuss the process of this accreditation.

Director of Human Resources

Randall reported the next New Hire Orientation will be held on April 12.

Randall discussed the Affordable Care Act and stated wage employees that are also working as an adjunct cannot work 29 hours in a wage position as teaching credits count as hours. He reported an adjunct who teaches a three-credit class cannot work as a wage employee for more than 20 hours per week. Randall stated he will be sending out a memo with this information.

Randall stated originally the rule stated if a wage employee worked more than 29 hours in a given week in a month, benefits would have to be offered. He stated later that was revised to an average of 29 hours during a given year.

Randall stated if a wage employee increases the number of credits they teach as an adjunct, that employee needs to work with HR to determine how many hours they can work as a wage employee per week. He stated quite a few wage employees also adjunct teach.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Muriel reported the College has hired a registrar (Karen Alexander from Wytheville Community College) who will begin working April 10. She also reported a new employee has been hired for the Financial Aid office.

Muriel stated the Graduation Committee is meeting weekly, and she stated Michael Farris is asking for help during the actual ceremony from the College community.

Muriel reported the catalog for the upcoming year is completed and has gone to the printers. She stated this will not be a large printing as in the past because most will view the catalog on the web.

Muriel reported an Open House will be held on March 29 for high school students and their parents. She also reported the last Central Coffee will be held in the Student Center on April 5.


John asked Randall to discuss the legality of the spring calendar. Randall stated the calendar is okay as the faculty contract ends on May 15 at midnight and graduation will be held on that day.

John stated he was attending a SACSCOC Board of Trustees Executive Council meeting last week. He stated if there was a major theme that dominated the discussion, the subject was dual enrollment. John stated some states had concerns about quality and equality of dual enrolled courses. He reported the one action item for the Board was that instructors of record must be the individual that teaches college courses in high schools. John stated this underscores the NACEP initiative that Will is working on and should be a positive on CVCC’s dual enrolled classes.

John reported Senator Mark Warner who is a strong proponent of the Pell Grant for high school students (CVCC is one of 42 participants nationwide) will be visiting CVCC on March 29 to visit with the Early College and STEM students. He stated some of the students in those classes are the recipients of the Pell Grant. John stated Senator Warner is using this as an opportunity to learn more about the program from a student’s prospective and to publicize the program so that it is no longer an experiment but a standard practice. John stated the area schools’ superintendents have been invited to attend.

John stated CVCC is trying to leverage additional funding from the Lynchburg City Schools to create a second cohort of early college students. He reported over 70 students applied to attend Early College this past fall and stated the selection process was difficult as there were so many qualified candidates.  

John stated he has been away from his office recently as he had attended several meetings at the VCCS. He stated the Enrollment Taskforce (that he is chair) has developed ten recommendations designed to strengthen enrollment and improve retention in Virginia’s community colleges. John stated these recommendations will also be presented at the State Board meeting for final approval.

The meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 30, 2018.​

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