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  Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

April 30, 2018


Minutes Approval:


Minutes of the March 19, 2018, meeting were approved.



John Capps

Mike Bradford

Russell Dove     

Tom Sparhawk

Dianne Sykes

Muriel Mickles

David Lightfoot

Randall Franklin

Mary Canfield


Lewis Bryant

Kris Ogden

Will Sandidge

Sarah Jarrett






Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.

Enrollment Report:

Data As Of Today (4/30/2018)






































CGC Consent Agenda Items:


Proposed Changes to the College Governance Manual


Manual part II. a. (Selection Process for Committee Membership)

1.     Current: To ensure maximum participation in College governance, whenever possible,

a.      Constituency groups should avoid having a single member serve on more than one policy or program committee.

b.     Members may not serve consecutive terms.

c.      No individual may serve as chair of any committee for more than two consecutive years. 

2.     Proposed change;

To ensure maximum participation in College governance, whenever possible,

a.      Constituency groups should avoid having a single member serve on more than one policy or program committee;

b.     Individuals should avoid serving consecutive terms on the same committee;

Committees should avoid electing the same individual as chair for more than two consecutive years.


Manual part V. (Guidelines for Governance Committees -- Recorder duties)

1.     Current: Recorder: Produce minutes for each meeting, and upload a draft copy to Communication Central within two weeks of the meeting.

2.     Proposed change: Recorder: Produce minutes for each meeting, and upload a draft copy to Communication Central within two weeks of the meeting.

a.      If the approved minutes are different than the draft minutes, the approved minutes should be posted within two weeks of the change.

For those committees who have scheduled meetings and no meeting is held, a note indicating that the meeting was not held and the reason should be posted in lieu of minutes


Create “Governance Model Committee”


The CGC would like the President to convene the following committee:


(From the Governance Model Document revised version April 2018)


4. e. Changes to the CVCC Governance Model

Each year the President’s Cabinet will appoint an ad hoc “Governance Model Committee” composed of broadly representative members of the college community who will be tasked with the responsibility of addressing and making changes to the Governance Model as requested by the College Governance Council (CGC). They will:

• Develop changes to the governance model

• Change committee representations as needed

• Develop new committees as needs arise or disband committees no longer needed


Parking Regulations (Safety and Security Committee)


Propose the following reasons to allow Campus Police to tow vehicles from campus. 1- Once a person has been issued and found responsible for three parking tickets, that the Police Dept has the authority to tow their car for the 4th and subsequent offenses if they deem necessary. 2- If a vehicle has received 3 parking tickets and the Police Dept is unable to identify the driver as a member of the CVCC Campus Community the vehicle may be towed for the 4th and subsequent offenses if deemed necessary. The Officer on duty will verify through the Dispatcher how many tickets have been issued to the vehicle for the current fiscal year before the vehicle is towed. Bee Line Towing would be utilized for any vehicles needing towed.

Lewis made a motion with Muriel duly seconding to approve the proposed changes to the College Governance Manual, create “Governance Model Committee,” and parking regulations as requested.

The motion carried unanimously.

Agenda Items:

Compressed Summer Schedule

Randall asked for approval for employees to work the compressed summer scheduled which would begin on May 11 and end on August 9.

Mike Bradford made a motion to allow employees to work the compressed summer schedule with Russell duly seconding.

The motion carried unanimously.

e als


Divisional Reports:

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Mr. Bryant stated he is pleased to say that a new cleaning contractor, the Budd Group, has been hired for the College. He reported this group is from Winston Salem, North Carolina, and serves the southeast (Virginia Tech, Danville Community College, and High Point University) with regional offices.  An informational video was shown featuring the Budd Group.

Vice President of Information Technology

David reported Alison Clark is the new administrative assistant for IT and should begin working on May 10. He also reported the ETF (Equipment Trust Fund) money was approved for FY ‘18 and spending can begin after July 1.

Faculty Association

Tom reported exams are finishing this week. He stated the Faculty Association met last week for the final meeting of this semester. Tom reported one issue of concern was the lack of communication between deans and faculty involving student evaluations. He stated one faculty member was upset because his/her dean complained to them that their student evaluations were very poor, and the faculty member must work hard to improve them or they would not be approved for that particular part of the APDO (Annual Performance and Professional Development Objectives). Tom reported the conversation became very heated on this subject of student evaluations. He stated he discussed the section on Student Evaluations in the Employee Manual, and Muriel stated she will send out an email to the faculty on this subject. John stated the information (student evaluation is one of the three components of the faculty evaluation) in the Employee Manual was a VCCS policy. 

Tom also stated some faculty were upset concerning changing of pre-requisites to match the VCCS list. He stated some see this as directly affecting their courses. Tom stated Kris has agreed to discuss this directly with the faculty.

Tom stated another issue discussed was faculty that have to travel for their classes need to be compensated for mileage. John stated this matter will be reviewed.

Will stated when he was dean of BAH, he took into consideration that faculty could get bad student evaluations during a semester, but when bad evaluations occur semester after semester, there is a problem that must be dealt with. Muriel stated the evaluations are to help and to give faculty the opportunity to improve. Tom stated maybe a peer evaluation (have a faculty member attend some of the classes) would be helpful.

John stated this is an important issue and a controversial one as well. John stated he had reviewed many evaluations in the past, and when you encounter a trend, it is usually accurate.  He stated when the majority of the students give poor evaluations and a majority of the students fail the class, there is an issue. John stated the College is not doing its job when the issue is not addressed.  He stated ultimately everyone is responsible for student success.  

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Kris reported the annual departmental planning and budget prioritization information will be sent to the committee at the end of this week. She reported Kevin is busy with graduate assessments, and they both are busy with the Navigate project.

Campus Police/Security

Russell reported his department plans to participate in a lot of training (approximately 300 hours) this summer. He stated most of this training will be delivered locally especially at Liberty University and some at the Police Academy. Russell stated most is to enhance their skills, and some of the training (active shooter, using a vehicle as a weapon) will be brought back to the Campus community.

Russell stated some skills’ training is scheduled in Merritt Hall with the Lynchburg Police and weapons training with LU. He stated during Convocation, training will include the faculty on an active shooter.

Director of Human Resources

Randall reported HR had switched background check companies from USA to Castle Branch. He stated VCCS has a contract with Castle Branch and seems to be more efficient.

Randall gave an update on job searches and stated the following:

·       Interviewing next week for HR analyst position (replaces Loretta Marshall)

·       Interviewing two deans’ positions after graduation

·       Posting two facilities’ positions (one part- and one full-time position)

Part-Time Staff Association

Sarah reported on the Part-Time Staff Association’s pizza fundraiser that was held on April 5 with all proceeds ($345) going to the student emergency fund and the book fund. Mike stated the funds were greatly appreciated.

Sarah reported the Association will meet in May or June to hold elections.

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Will reported on National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) and stated he and Dr. Capps met with Bedford and Campbell County superintendents and the Governor’s School. He stated plans are to meet with Amherst and Lynchburg City Schools. He stated he will be meeting with Bedford County high school principals.  

Will discussed Ad Astra, a VCCS scheduling initiative, and stated a WebEx is schedule for May 8 and an onsite visit is scheduled for May 18.

Vice President of Institutional Advancement

Mike stated, previously, Jack Freeman through his company JVF Services has been providing grant writing to CVCC on an as-needed basis. He stated this position will be advertised and hopefully on an as-needed basis.

Mike stated at the last meeting there had been no news on the annual Tobacco scholarship money (for fiscal year 2019- fall 2018 and spring 2019). He reported he has been informed, CVCC will receive $300,000 in scholarship money and hopefully, will receive $120,000 for half of a mechatronics’ equipment purchase.

Mike discussed marketing and stated advertising on Comcast, Direct and Dish TV, Facebook, Google, and Pandora radio has begun for summer classes. He stated Ken Bunch created campaign ads that encapsulated CVCC’s Mission on Facebook and received 1,500 likes and shares. Mike stated while this is an increase from past years, the number is still low compared to the neighbor colleges of 3,000 to 3,500.

Classified Staff Association

John welcomed Mary Canfield as the interim president of the Classified Staff Associaiton. She reported the Classified Staff held a pizza sale and donated $175 to the student emergency fund and the book fund. Mary reported a ‘cookie day’ was held for the students, and a professional development workshop called “Creating Life Margin” was held during the last meeting.

Mary reported the new vice president is Cathy Sanders, Connie Deacon remains the secretary, and Tammy Johnson will be the treasurer.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Muriel reported deans and faculty admins are working on faculty contracts and full-time faculty contracts. She stated this was a job that Linda Daye formerly did.

Muriel stated graduation will be held on May 10 with 1,346 eligible to participate but expects only 350-400 will actually walk. She reported the student speaker this year is Nickki Tesdesco who has completed the Road to Success in Virginia program (RSVP) and was recently hired for a $40,000 per year job.  


John reported after the JLARC report was released, dual enrollment classes have become an important topic. He stated at the ACOP meeting last week, the presidents adopted new dual enrollment standards which conformed to NACEP’s requirements. John reported the presidents decided not to make NACEP accreditation compulsory at this time but stated CVCC will continue to seek accreditation along with NOVA, Thomas Nelson, and Reynolds’ community colleges.

John reported, as there have been complaints about the various fees charged, the VCCS is going to adopt uniform pricing strategies on dual enrollment courses taught in the high schools. He stated he expects the State Board to adopt a fee of $50 per credit hour phased in over three years which would result in $67,000 additional revenue for CVCC. John stated the individual colleges can decide which additional fees (example: student activity fee) to charge, and at a future meeting, CVCC needs to decide which fees to charge. He also reported the State Board will vote on a tuition increase from 1% to 3% at their May meeting. He stated that extra moeny will be used to fund system-wide initiatives, for increases in health insurances the college’s portion of salary increases pending approval by the General Assembly.

John reported last year the College placed second out of the 23 colleges in the performance-based funding, but this year, preliminary data shows CVCC is in fifth place, and if that remains, the funding loss will result in $42,000. He reported it looks like CVCC did better on all criteria except the most important one, credentials and awards. 

John stated Beacon of Hope (organization that helps provide college opportunities for those in the Lynchburg City Schools that would not be able to attend college otherwise) will provide student scholarships to come to CVCC. He stated plans are to try and relocate their offices here on Campus. John stated he and Lewis are looking at several possible locations.

John stated he wanted to talk about money, the proverbial issue. He stated it is always a struggle to balance the budget with the limited resources and unlimited needs. John discussed the three items on his wish list:

·       Implement Phase 3 of the compensation analysis

·       Moving the associate instructors’ positions (not individuals) to instructors’ positions

·       Need more full-or part-time advisors (Navigate should give a new perspective)

John asked if anyone else have anything to add to the list. David and Lewis suggested to add filling several vacant positions, and Tom suggested reversing the order.

The meeting adjourned 3:00 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for May 14, 2018.

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