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  Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

August 27, 2018


Minutes Approval:


Minutes of the April 30, 2018, meeting were approved.



John Capps

David Lightfoot

Randall Franklin

Mary Canfield

Muriel Mickles

Kris Ogden

Will Sandidge

Sarah Jarrett

Lewis Bryant

Russell Dove     

Matt Latimer

Dianne Sykes




 Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.

Enrollment Report:

Data as of 8/27/18














CGC Consent Agenda Items:


Agenda Items:


David discussed adding an Outlook calendar that would show Campus committee meetings, pay dates, and events. In preparing for the academic year, David stated he began to enter dates into his Outlook calendar, e.g. committee meetings and thought others are doing the same thing He stated he felt there has to be a more efficient way. (Previous discussions of a college calendar included what platform to use and who managed it.) 

David demonstrated how the calendar could be added and how it would look but stated this would be up to the individual as whether to use this calendar or not.  He stated this calendar is based upon a very mature feature within CVCC’s Office 365 Exchange environment, and it is not intended to replace any existing calendaring systems e.g. SchoolDude. (The calendar is available via Outlook and Outlook Web Access but not Outlook mobile app.) 

David stated all faculty and staff would have read access to the calendar from within Outlook and OWA. He also stated the calendar’s name can be changed and multiple calendars can be created.

John stated he liked David’s idea and would like to see professional development activities added. He asked that David fine tune this idea and bring to the next meeting the specific proposal defining the content that would be placed on the calendar. John stated he felt the IT department would be the administrators of the calendar postings. He also stated there would be specific individuals (such as Alison Moore and Muriel, etc.) that would be regular contributors for postings.  
Divisional Reports:

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lewis distributed and discussed the proposed Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Budget. He stated this listed all of the College’s operating budgets that he was recommending for this upcoming year. Lewis requested for everyone to conduct a final review during the next two weeks, and let him know of any changes needed. He stated he hopes to have the final budget approved at the next Cabinet meeting.

Vice President of Information Technology

David reported the College purchased HD monitors for the classrooms but discovered some challenges with room designs, etc.; therefore, most have been installed in the AREVA Building as those rooms have higher ceilings. David stated laser projectors are now being purchased because they do not require bulbs which was a major expense ($300-$400) for the previous projectors. He reported 30 have been purchased and hopefully, installed by the end of the semester.

John stated CVCC was acknowledged in the Great Colleges to Work For under the new criteria of Teaching Environment with technology and support being a portion of that category. He thanked David and his department for all their hard work to enhance the teaching environment.

Faculty Association

Matt reported the Faculty Association would like to make a formal request that the Classified Staff Association President receive some form of compensation for their time spent as president (the Faculty Association’s President receives release time). John stated if this is approved, it would only be fair to do the same for the Part-Time Association President.

John stated the faculty compensation for teaching at the off-site centers is still under review.

Part-Time Staff Association

Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff Association will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, September 12. She stated moving the meetings to Wednesdays will hopefully increase participation. Sarah stated she is pleased to see more part-time staff as members serving on the governance committees.

The President’s Cabinet discussed the governance committees stating there should be member introductions during the first meeting of the semester, nominating a chair and recorder for the upcoming semester during the last meeting of the current semester, identify procedures with the chair and recorder, etc. Discussions also included ways to ensure this is being done as required.

Classified Staff Association

Mary reported the Classified Staff Association will meet for the first time on September 5 and stated this year’s meetings will have a focus on wellness and health (maybe combine this with CommonHealth). John requested that Randall work with the Classified Staff Association to develop a formal wellness program. Mary stated 15 people had signed up for the Weight Watchers program and meetings will be held on Campus. She stated other plans for the Association meeting include stress management classes, professional development, speakers from on and off Campus, donating to the food pantry, participation in the Christmas parade, and Salvation Army stocking stuffers.

Campus Police/Security

Russell reported on one program he initiated was for CVCC to become a Certified Crime Prevention Campus. He stated the College has 11 core objectives (TAT, 24-hour coverage, a DCJS certified prevention specialist on staff assigned to crime prevention duties) that must be met. He stated Officer Cawthon is in training now for CVCC. He stated four more objectives can be chosen and for CVCC that could include RAD, public safety day, etc. He stated there are 65 colleges in Virginia but only five that are certified. Russell stated he would like for CVCC to be number six in the state and number two in the VCCS (Germanna CC is the first).  

Russell reported the CVCC Police Department has been challenged to a lip sync contest by the VWCC police. He stated the challenge has been accepted.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Kris reported Natalie Prue from the Appomattox Center has joined the Institutional Effectiveness Department. She also reported her team is busy with the annual assessment process particularly with the Navigate launch with training on September 6. Kris stated EAB was first a research firm and many here participated in a recent web conference to discuss early attrition and to review CVCC’s processes. Kris stated EAB’s research included using “secret shoppers” to make employees aware of how they interact with students and what things deter students from enrolling in classes. She stated once a year, EAB will send one of their experts to come to CVCC and provide professional development (scheduled on October 23). Kris stated this event should be open to everyone but staff will be encouraged to attend.

John stated he had heard some complaints from students during the beginning of this semester’s classes. He stated he wondered if CVCC should have “secret shoppers” or maybe a “point of sale” evaluation made assessable to students so they could talk to someone about their experience immediately after dealing with the College’s offices. John stated he felt this may help identify where some of the problem areas are and also identify where the stellar areas are. He stated he has heard complaints but feels there are additional students that suffer in silence about their experiences. David stated there is a survey module available where a student (or someone) would create a ticket and when that ticket was closed, a survey would be sent to the student. Will stated he liked the idea of secret shoppers as he felt students may not take the time to complete a survey. Kris stated that Navigate has a process that provides the framework for “secret shoppers” but someone would have to be hired to serve as the leader. John asked Kris and Muriel to explore this in more detail. Kris also stated one common complaint in the student assessment surveys is that they get conflicting information. Kris stated Navigate will show each person that interacts/talks with the student and what was said.

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Will reported work continues on the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) initiatives’ and stated Gary Randolph gave a great presentation to the faculty liaisons on the second day of Convocation. He stated, on September 7, the high school teachers that teach dual enrollment courses are invited to CVCC to hear a guest speaker from NACEP, and in the afternoon, there will be breakout sessions where the faculty liaisons from each discipline will discuss learning outcomes, syllabi, etc. Will stated this is to ensure that the dual enrolled class is the same as the one taught at the College. He reported Muriel, Donna Grant-Paige, and Michael Farris will attend the 2018 NACEP National Conference in Texas that will be held on November 4-6.    

Will reported on Ad Astra and stated, on September 23, a two-hour webinar will be held to review the spring 2019 schedule.

Will reported on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) grant and stated Jack Freeman met with him on July 10 to let him know that CVCC had received a NRC grant ($150,000) in June 2017, and the money had to be spent by June 29, 2019. Will stated he discovered only $12,000 had been awarded as scholarships. He stated an Open House (August 8) was immediately planned to support five programs (computers-electronics technology, engineering, machine shop, megatronics, and welding) and about 350 people attended. He stated a committee met after the Open House and 27 scholarships were awarded (minorities and females were given priority as required by the grant). Will thanked Cindy Wallin and Lynn Dillard for all their help in notifying industries about the Open House. Will reported during this time, he was made aware of the Stroobants grant which would award nine scholarships but stated only one had been awarded.  

Will stated to prevent last-minute awarding of the grants, a check list with criteria will be created for future grant scholarships.

Director of Human Resources

Randall reported on staffing and stated since April, there have been 30 plus job postings. He stated 10 of those postings were full-time faculty. There are several positions posted that haven’t closed yet and five pending background checks. 

Randall discussed a new benefit for those employees having a baby, adopting a child, or gaining guardianship of a child. He stated, through DHRM, classified full-time employees who are eligible for FMLA can take up to eight weeks of parental leave to bond with the child. Randall stated at this time, faculty are not eligible for this benefit but VCCS is working on a policy to include them.

Randall discussed a professional development seminar for new deans which will be held on October 23-25 in Richmond.  John stated he would be a speaker at this event.

Randall stated Phase III of the compensation plan has been implemented and the analysis of the part-time staff salaries next. He stated he will be meeting soon with John and Lewis on how to proceed.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Muriel reported there will be a mid-semester convocation as the one held in the spring semester was a success.

Muriel reported the first week of classes went well and thanked everyone for wearing the “Ask Me” buttons and their name badges to answer questions and direct students.

Muriel stated the food pantry is now available for those students in need and a resource book has been placed in all offices to help students and also to help faculty and staff. She stated a Campus-wide food drive will be held to fill the pantry.

Muriel reported on the two Saturday express registrations and stated both were successful yielding 14 FTEs in the first one and over 40 FTEs in the second.  

Muriel reported on the first week of classes with students walking from the library to Amherst Hall slipping/falling because of the floor being wet from the rain. She stated thanks to Chief Dove who placed rugs in front of the doors.

John asked Muriel to print additional resource guides to be placed in the Student Center and all over the Campus.


John reported the Vice President of Institutional Advancement search has begun, and the internal College committee will be led by Will, and a second committee interview will be conducted by the current vice presidents, Randall, and three CVCC Foundation members. The questions for the interviews have been approved by HR. He stated the candidates will be screened to determine which candidates will be interviewed.

John questioned Randall concerning the adjunct faculty not being paid until the end of September but began work on August 13 or 14. Randall stated adjunct faculty cannot be paid until after the add-drop census date because the class could be canceled.

The meeting adjourned 3:00 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2018.

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