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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

January 17, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the December 17, 2018, meeting were approved as written.

Attendees: Name(s) in Bold were absent.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Matt Latimer Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Mary Canfield  
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden          Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett  

Enrollment Report: Data as of Today (1/17/2019)
Spring 2018 2019 Percent
FTE 1,999.73 1,976.93 -1.14%
Headcount 3,380 3,344 -1.07%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:

Six-Year Capital Plan Instructions, 2020-26 (LEWIS BRYANT)
Lewis reported the VCCS has begun the process of updating their Capital Outlay Plans and each college should report their needs of new construction or major renovations by the end of this month. Lewis stated he spent time this morning with Bill Price, Facilities Management Services, of the VCCS about possible submission ideas from CVCC. He stated the largest item from CVCC that is on their on-going list is the Amherst/Campbell Hall renovations. Lewis stated he was told the likelihood of receiving funding ($22 million project) at this time is remote but CVCC could submit this to the Capital Outlay Plan. Lewis reported, on a typical year, the VCCS forwards about 20 projects to the General Assembly for funding.
Lewis stated several possible projects for CVCC included: storage across Campus, siding on trailers, health/science building, and a regional CTE academy. John stated he was inclined to support submitting a CTE building since the governor’s initiated his G-3 plan. Lewis stated he will meet with Muriel and deans to determine the needs (square footage, etc.) for this building. John stated maybe have one floor for health and one floor for CTE. John stated to definitely submit a storage building and another for CTE/health sciences building.
Sarah suggested to upgrade student activities such as adding pool tables. John stated state funds could not be used to fund this but could increase student activity fees which is sometimes controversial.
Lewis stated the next time CVCC can submit projects to the Capital Outlay plan would be 2022.   
Divisional Reports:

Faculty Association
Matt reported the Faculty Association meeting was well attended. He stated asynchronous communication office hours were discussed and decided the wording needed to be revised. 
Matt stated the faculty voted to approve the form for local prerequisites but to table the policy until February.
Matt stated the faculty voted to require Title IX information be included in all course syllabi. Chris stated there was a policy for syllabi content and asked if this would be a revision to that policy. Matt stated he would bring this to the Governance Council for approval.
John stated there is still not a satisfactory answer for travel reimbursements to faculty that teach in off-campus centers even having searched several avenues.

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported several part-time staff/officers have become full-time or have left the College which has affected attendance. She stated a trivia game serving coffee and donuts is in the planning stage for January 30.

Classified Staff Association
Mary reported Chris Bryant attended the last meeting and gave ideas on getting donations for the upcoming Habitat for Humanity’s wall building on Campus. She stated Francie is on the committee for professional development and has scheduled several brown bag sessions and a six-week study on leadership. She stated these events are open to everyone on Campus.
Mary stated a two-mile walk/run fundraiser for the Boys-Girls Club will take place on February 10.

VP of Information Technology
David reported a contact page had been added to the bottom of the front page of CVCC’s website and can be found at the following link:

VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported on several new hires in his area which include:
  • Jennifer Onuffer- part-time to full-time in Accounting
  • Mary Woerner-taking Sharon Capretta’s place in Accounting
  • John Rocha- Facilities Supervisor
Campus Police/Security
Russell reported he has been chosen to be a member of the VCCS Safety and Security Advisory Committee.

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported a new hire orientation will take place on February 22. He also reported on the new DHRM policy for Civility in the Workplace (effective January 1, 2019) which replaces the Workplace Harassment and Violence policy. Randall stated everyone will be required to take the training through the Virginia Learning Center (VLC). He reported he will send out an email with all of this information next week.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris thanked everyone for welcoming him to CVCC.

The meeting adjourned 2:21 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for February 4, 2019.


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