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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

February 18, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the January 17, 2019, meeting were approved as written.

Attendees: Name(s) in bold were absent.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Matt Latimer Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Mary Canfield  
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden          Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett  
Enrollment Report: Data As Of Today (2/18/2019)
Spring 2018 2019 Percent
FTE 2,072.93 1,978.67 -4.55%
Headcount 3,808 3,580 -5.99%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
General Education Learning Outcomes (Evaluation and Assessment Committee)
Kris shared the link below to the video Jim Tuite used to present to the governance committee meeting.
Matt made a motion with David seconding to accept the General Education Learning Outcomes as requested.

The motion carried unanimously.

Agenda Items:
CVCC Violence Prevention and Threat Management Policy (DOVE)
 Russell stated the Code of Virginia 23.1-805 requires higher education institutions to have policies and procedures for the prevention of violence on campus, including assessment and intervention strategies for individuals whose behavior may pose a threat to the safety of the campus community. He stated CVCC’s Threat Assessment Team (attended training, reviewed other policies, and answer/question session with the VCCS attorney) created this policy for CVCC.
Russell stated CVCC is already in compliance with the majority of the policy. He stated one item that still needs some work is located on page three. (On page 3 it states “The Threat Assessment Team shall establish relationships or utilize existing relationships with local and state law enforcement agencies as well as mental health agencies to expedite assessment and intervention with individuals whose behavior may present a threat to safety.”) Russell stated the Team is working toward establishing a relationship and commitment with Horizon Behavioral Health. John stated the College’s Title III grant has been revised to hire a community connections coordinator to help students with various issues including mental health issues. Russell stated a commitment with Horizon Behavioral Health would come with a cost but was unsure of the amount. Lewis stated even though Horizon Behavioral Health is a non-profit, he is unsure if procurement would play a part in this. John also mentioned the Patrick Henry Family Services and stated they provide help without charging for their services. He stated it might be beneficial to check with them.
Russell stated the necessary MOUs were in place with several local and state agencies for law enforcement support.
Chris made a motion with David seconding to accept the CVCC Violence Prevention and Threat Management Policy as written.

The motion carried unanimously.

Phone Book Listings (LIGHTFOOT)
 David stated the cost of phone book listings for CVCC was $266.84 per month. He stated he questions the value of this expense in 2019 and asked the question if anyone uses a phone book anymore. He stated he believed the listings could be eliminated without any impact but a more conservative reduction strategy (should the Cabinet approve to reduce the phone book listings) could be to list the main campus number in the Lynchburg phone book and the off-site center main numbers in their respective “local” phone book. (A single listing is $4.69/month.)  The four listings described above would be less than $20/month. Russell stated he would like to include the Campus Police (434-832-7700).
Russell made a motion with Randall seconding to reduce the number of phone book listings to five as discussed.

The motion carried unanimously.

Protecting Against Cyber-Attacks (LIGHTFOOT)
David reported recently several VCCS institutions have suffered security breaches. He stated Russell notified the College of the direct deposit change attack that occurred at Germanna Community College involving a phishing scam.
David reported IT is planning to purchase additional services from Microsoft to assist in combating email cyber-attacks. He asked if additional authentication requirements to enhance employees’ email security posture also be implemented. He stated the current email authentication is the employees’ email address and a password. David stated the College’s email addresses are easily found as they are listed on CVCC’s public website. He questioned, even though passwords must meet a certain “strength level,” is a username and password enough to secure access to employees’ email? He reported multi-factor authentication is becoming the standard. He stated although it is called multi-factor, the default is two-factor authentication, and as with all security, this will require additional authentication steps when accessing email, should the Cabinet approve this.
David stated it was his recommendation to make it available to the College community and “advertise” it in the Daily Bulletin.  He stated those that desire to use it can contact the IT Helpdesk.  David stated the College may also want to require it for some positions. He stated although he doesn’t have a list of positions for which this should be required, he believes requiring two-factor for strategic positions to be a best practice. 
David stated while two-factor authentication won’t address the emails that appear to come from Dr. Capps as those are from another domain. He stated but if Dr. Capps’ position is designated as one that requires two-factor authentication, when an email is received from, there will be a higher level of confidence that he is the sender of the email.
David will reach out to departments (HR, Financial Aid, Accounting, President’s Office, IT, and Security) asking supervisors to identify their employees that should be required to have the two-factor authentication.

Computer Wallpaper (LIGHTFOOT)
David reported College computers are required per VCCS security standard to have a wallpaper image with the disclaimer “This PC is available for public use. CVCC cannot guarantee the security of any online transactions.” for CVCC’s student-use PCs. He stated although the College’s faculty/staff PCs are public-use, it is a best practice to include this disclaimer on faculty/staff PCs.  He stated the reason for disclaiming the security is not because it’s public use, but because the PCs are not managed to be in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. He stated the College continues to use credit card machines on dedicated phone lines because the requirements to take credit cards via a PC are very stringent.
David reported to ensure this picture and disclaimer remains, he recommends enforcing a CVCC computer wallpaper. If CVCC wallpaper is standardized, and a faculty/staff member changes his/her wallpaper, it will reset in a few minutes. David stated since this is a means to comply with a VCCS standard, he wasn’t sure if a policy is needed or not.
David will seek clarification with the VCCS concerning wallpaper and verifying computer guidelines.
John questioned when logging onto a College computer, is there a screen concerning appropriate and inappropriate uses of the computer, and the employee must indicate their willingness to follow those guidelines. David will also discuss this with the VCCS.

Divisional Reports:
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported this is the time of year to begin the closeout of the College’s financial year. He distributed and discussed a Spring 2019 Enrollment Decline Impact Annualized Revenue Impact report. Lewis stated it uses the VCCS Distribution Model to calculate annual General Funds received per FTE. (General Funds are received based upon the final annualized FTE. Formula then calculates the total annualized general funds received for each FTE and the resulting annualized revenue loss, assuming that the FTE is lost for an entire academic year.) Lewis stated CVCC has a decrease of 93 FTEs for spring 2019 which results in a loss of $801,261.07
Lewis stated, each year in the spring, the budget process begins for the upcoming year. John distributed the spring 2019 enrollments compared to spring 2018 and stated CVCC has a decrease of 4.5% FTEs. He also stated CVCC has an 8.94% decrease in regular FTEs. John stated this is the first year that CVCC’s decline is greater than the VCCS average of -3.17%. He stated the College cannot continue to do business as usual, as until now, CVCC’s enrollment has not affected employment. He stated CVCC has been one of the few colleges that has not had layoffs but if this trend continues, there will be a serious look at employment in order to balance the budget.
Kris stated that fall 2018 students have shown an increase in also enrolling in spring but enrollment has decreased with students having a low GPA and those with 45 or more credits. She stated several initiatives of the College include a strategic plan, onboarding, Early Alert, and the hiring of Navigators, and hopefully, these initiatives should make a difference.
Lewis stated March 15 is the preliminary cutoff for making purchases. He also discussed local fund budgets and stated with declining bookstore purchases, these budgets will decrease about 30%.
Lewis reported, late April, Shared Services Center (SSC) will provide a supervisors’ training (webinar) related to travel.
Lewis stated the College can purchase the Fitness Center’s equipment that has been rented for a number of years at the cost of $6,300 (over $100,000 worth of equipment). Lewis stated he is working with SSC to purchase this equipment.

Faculty Association
Matt reported he had several questions from the faculty. He stated at the beginning of the semester, it was mentioned that the College may transition to a two-dean system. John stated a final decision has not been made yet, but seriously looking at focusing on transfer curricula and the other would be CTE and Workforce. John stated the VCCS would have to approve this.
Matt reported the second question concerned the hiring committee practices having different versions on the HR webpage as compared to the Employee Manual. Randall stated he will review both and any adjustments needed with be discussed at a future Cabinet meeting for approval. John reported the official version is in the Employee Manual.
Matt questioned if the handbook is in the process of being updated and will the faculty be notified of the changes. Kris stated some confusion has been from the College transitioning from Communication Central to Communique but nothing has changed. John stated all changes come through the College Governance process.
Matt also stated the Writing Center is now College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) certified. He stated this will benefit the College and the tutors as they will have worked in a CRLA writing center.

VP of Information Technology
David reported the Employee Manual can be linked to other web pages so differences would not occur.

Classified Staff Association
Mary reported $150 for Habitat for Humanity was raised at a recent luncheon. She also stated at the Professional Development Taskforce meeting, it was decided to bring more speakers on Campus but with Shared Services, it is becoming difficult to pay the speakers. Mary stated one October speaker has not receive payment from Shared Services. Lewis asked Mary to send him the details and he would look into this.

Campus Police/Security
Russell reported he has been looking somewhere for an off-campus Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in case the College had to be evacuated. He stated he was happy to report a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) had been signed with the Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene (located on Wards Ferry Road). Russell stated the EOC and the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) will be updated soon to reflect this.
Russell stated he participated (along with 300+ people) in an active shooter exercise on Friday in Roanoke at William Fleming High School. He stated he was an evaluator for the morning exercise.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported the Annual Budget Process (if any funds are available) has begun and deadline for submitting requests is February 28.
Kris reported the fall 2019 class schedule is being built using Ad Astra. She stated she feels this will be a change that will have a positive effect on enrollment. Kris stated two areas that are being discussed are hybrid courses and on-grid scheduling (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes are one hour long. Tuesday and Thursday classes are 75 minutes long.) Kris stated hybrid courses are usually off-grid and are not consistent in their offerings.

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Trivia/Coffee event was well-attended and a lot of fun for faculty, staff, and students. She stated working with ODU and a pizza fund raising is planned for the future. Sarah also reported there were several new members attending the last meeting.   

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported a new hire orientation will take place on February 22 with 20 plus participating. He stated two chemistry and one biology positions have been posted.

VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported he has met with 20 out of the 22 Foundation Board members to get their input on what the Foundation is doing right/wrong and how to improve.
Chris stated in fund raising a letter of appeal is mailed out because it is shown to be effective, and he plans to mail one in March and one in June. He reported Fred Armstrong will engage in this initiative, and his signature will be on the letters.
Christ discussed the Employee Campaign and thanked everyone for participating. He reported the total is $2,000 less compared to last year’s but stated the Campaign is still open. He reported an appreciation lunch is planned for March 28 for all donors. He stated the College is 13 donors short of reaching 100 donors.  
Chris stated the Foundation would like to hold a fund-raising event sometime this spring.
Chris discussed contacting alumni and stated the NCOA (National Change of Address) database will be used to verify and correct the addresses of the 30,000 CVCC alumni.  He stated 5,000-6,000 can be communicated with now.
Chris stated he would like to learn more about CVCC’s financial aid process and what role the Foundation plays.
Chris reported the Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Scholarship has awarded CVCC $300,000 for scholarships and for next year $315,000. He stated the allocation of these funds has room for improvements.

John reported the VCCS had two main budget requests before the General Assembly which were an additional $4 million (on top of the $9.5 million from the governor) for the Fast Forward programs (Workforce Credentials Grant). He stated both the House and the Senate have approved this request making it a total $13.5 million.
John stated the other major budget request was $5.5 million to provide for additional career pathways advisors/counselors. He reported this proposal was not approved by the House. He stated the Senator approved an additional $2.3 million and a decision will be addressed by the conferees.
 John stated the House has asked for $46 million and told public institutions of higher this would be provided as funding if they agree not to raise tuition next year. He reported $8.1 million will be the VCCS’ portion. He stated this will fund all the mandatory expenses (except one)of the VCCS and will fund salary increases for the following: classified staff 2.75% for those who have worked three years plus a 2.25% merit-based increase and full-time faculty a 3% increase. John stated the VCCS asked for another $3.9 million to fund a 3% salary increase for the adjunct faculty. (This would mean no tuition increase in the next fiscal year for the VCCS.) John reported the Senate did not fund anything like this and the House and Senate conferees will be tasked to decide. John stated two of the College’s legislators Senator Steve Newman and Delegate Scott Garrett are conferees. John stated the Chancellor called to ask him to contact each of them and campaign for the passing of each of the budget amendments. John stated he had already reached out to both by email.
John stated this still leaves out increases for wage employees (the state does not fund increases for wage employees) but the College will find a way.
John stated if this is approved the salary increases would be effective June 10, 2019.

Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel was absent.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.

The meeting adjourned 2:52 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 1, 2019.
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