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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

April 1, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the February 18, 2019, meeting were approved as written.

Attendees: Name(s) in bold were absent.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Matt Latimer Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Mary Canfield  
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden          Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett  

Enrollment Report: Data As Of Today (4/1/2019)
Spring 2018 2019 Percent
FTE 2,059.27 1,964.93 -4.58%
Headcount 3,826 3,588 -6.22%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Update Committee Member List (PR/MARKETING)
A request was made and approved from the CGC to update the PR/Marketing committee member listing to include Dean of Enrollment Management.

The motion carried unanimously.

Agenda Items:
Computer Wallpaper (LIGHTFOOT)
David reported in a consultation with the VCCS, the recommendation is to use group policy to set the wallpaper for all CVCC PCs to a standard image with the wording “CVCC cannot guarantee the security of any online transaction.”  He stated if this recommendation is approved, a decision needs to be made on an implementation date and the communication method. 

The President’s Cabinet approved this recommendation unanimously.
David stated email and the Daily Bulletin are the College’s default communication methods, and these seem appropriate for this. He stated he doesn’t consider this to be urgent risk but more a due diligence; therefore, implementing this after the spring term and before the summer term begins seems best. He stated he would send the communication out prior to the last week of classes explaining what is being done and when it is being done. 
Divisional Reports:

VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported he received an estimate of how much CVCC would receive in funding next year and stated the General Fund share looks relatively flat compared to the previous year.
Lewis stated he has received the bids for the food service and will be reviewing them later on today.
John discussed the Performance-Based Funding Model and stated the preliminary data is being analyzed. He stated it appears as if CVCC has slipped from fifth place to eighth place in the VCCS. John stated two primary areas that the College fell short are in the success of the developmental math and English students and steep declines in retention especially in full-time students from fall-to-spring and fall-to-fall. He stated this needs further investigation and beyond investigation—action. John stated this was extremely disappointing to him even though it was suspected when enrollment declined this spring. John stated the College experienced a decrease of only 1 percent for the fall semester and hopes were a possible increase for the spring semester.
Lewis reported the architects are busy reviewing the Campus and a representative was here today looking at drawings/maps of the buildings. He stated the March 6 survey (sent to deans, VPs, and department heads) results will be reviewed for preliminary information. 

Faculty Association
Matt reported there were concerns with the College going to a two-dean system with one dean in charge of so many areas/programs and how it would be organized. Muriel stated the structure was not in place but she would be meeting with the deans this week to discuss this. She stated it was understood the deans would require additional support.
Matt stated he plans to create a guidebook for the upcoming officers of the Faculty Association with information they would need when filling those positions.
John reported he had shared the plan with Matt that was submitted to the VCCS for converting to a two-dean system.
John stated he is more concerned than he has ever been about the College’s financial situation and declining enrollment especially since so much has been invested in trying to bolster the enrollment and that return has yet to be seen. Kris stated the College must remain hopeful with all the new initiatives in place and wait until the end of the fall semester to see where the numbers fall.

Classified Staff Association
Mary reported $150 for Habitat for Humanity was raised at the Valentines Luncheon. She also reported on Saturday, September 14, CVCC Students, Faculty & Staff will work with GLHFH to build walls right on the CVCC campus for a Habitat home.
Mary reported a fundraiser will be held on Friday, April 26, at the Loose Shoe Brewing Company, in the Ambriar Plaza, Amherst.
Mary stated there was some concern that there needs to be more input from the Classified Staff when their EWP changes with new responsibilities.
Mary also stated no classes can be entered into PeopleSoft until the calendar is approved and this year it was later than usual. Muriel stated hopefully this will not happen in the future.

VP of Information Technology
David reported many of the software licenses and services procured system-wide are allocated back to the colleges via an enterprise cost recovery model. He stated the details have been provided of some price increases and warned of additional price increases. David stated these expenditure increases will reduce the funds that have been budgeted for other required items such as PCs, classroom technology, physical security, etc. 

Campus Police/Security
Russell reported once the Blackboard upgrade is completed, it will allow the officer working solo on weekends to conduct a College lockdown via the cell phone APP while patrolling the campus.
John reported the audit reviewers of Shared Services were impressed with the information Chief Dove presented. He stated he had renewed hope after their meeting.

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported SCHEV’s General Educational Assessment Report was submitted on April 1. She stated this report was created with the faculty’s input.
Kris also reported the SACSCOC fifth-year report will take place with a team’s onsite visit on October 21-23, 2019. She stated there will be a visit to review the dual enrollment programs at Jefferson Forest and EC Glass high schools.  
She stated the Annual Budget process has begun for this year.
Kris discussed Ad Astra and reported the committee has identified the grid which has made it more difficult on the divisions but will make it easier for students to get the courses they need

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff Association with ODU’s Kimberly Williams have planned a pizza/trivia to be held on April 9 in the Student Center. Sarah also reported there is a spring fundraiser planned for April 24 and the money will go towards the book and emergency funds.

Director of Human Resources
Randall reported a department head group meeting will be scheduled to discuss succession planning for this year.  

Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel reported the redesign of the divisions continues to be discussed.  
Muriel reported that a learning commons is being discussed to provide support services for students which will be located in one place (library).  She stated Greg Sullivan is CVCC’s newly hired director of the G3 Grant and Elizabeth Narehood will be the Title III director. Muriel also reported that interviews for a community connections coordinator (funded by Title III Grant) are being scheduled and an offer has been made for the math lab coordinator’s position.
Muriel reported the College’s schedule was late this year but a committee is already working on next year’s. She stated several faculty have been added to the committee membership which include David McGee, Jim Tuite, and Lorenz Chan. (need representation from other divisions)
Muriel stated graduation is coming soon and will be held on May 15.  

John reported Mayor Treney Tweedy has agreed to be the speaker for this year’s graduation.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.

VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris was absent.

The meeting adjourned 2:52 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 29, 2019.
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