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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

May 13, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 29, 2019, meeting were approved as written.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Matt Latimer Dianne Sykes
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Mary Canfield  
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden    Sarah Jarrett    
Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.
Enrollment Report:
                                                                          Data As Of Today (4/29/2019)
Spring 2018 2019 Percent
FTE 2,060.60 1,964.60 -4.66%
Headcount 3,835 3,586 -6.49%
Summer 2018 2019 Percent
FTE 447.60 433.33 -3.19%
Headcount 1,252 1,198 -4.31%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
CVCC Events/Programs Involving Minors on Campus (DOVE)
Russell stated there had been an incident on Campus involving a minor and from that he realized CVCC needed a policy on events/programs involving minors while at CVCC. He stated the policy is to provide guidance and establish procedures governing minors involved in College sponsored programs or attending sponsored activities or events. Russell stated this policy has been vetted and approved by the legal team at the VCCS. (The President’s Cabinet had previously reviewed the policy.) John stated since this was a matter of urgency, it was brought here for the Cabinet to approve bypassing the CGC process.
David made a motion with Muriel duly seconding, to approve the policy as written.  
The President’s Cabinet approved the policy unanimously.
CVCC Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (DOVE)
Russell stated this policy applies to all employees of CVCC to ensure compliance with Virginia law requiring reporting of child abuse and neglect. He reported this policy had been vetted and approved by the VCCS legal.
John requested this policy be discussed at convocations and for HR to discuss at new employee orientations. Randall suggested sending out an “everyone” email concerning the requirements of this policy. (John stated the emails should be periodic.) David stated this could be added to the security awareness training which is required annually. John requested for Muriel, Randall, David, and Russell to meet and decide on a formal recommendation to make sure everyone is trained on protocol and cognizance of this policy.
Muriel made a motion with David duly seconding, to approve the policy as written. 
The President’s Cabinet approved the policy unanimously.

Russell discussed the Incident Report Form B-Students/Vendors/Visitors (including minors) and stated this form completed by faculty/staff is to assist the College in its efforts toward the elimination of conditions and procedures that contribute to injuries, and/or to document medical incidents on Campus. He stated this form does not take the place of reporting accidents/incidents to the Campus Police.
Discussions included to which department would the completed form be sent. John asked when Muriel, Randall, David, and Russell (John asked Lewis to join this group.) meet to discuss the previous policy, to also come to a decision on this as well.

Updated Equipment Inventory Policy (BRYANT-Lewis)
Lewis discussed an updated equipment inventory policy. (The President’s Cabinet had previously reviewed the policy.) He stated this form needed to be updated as CVCC no longer has a Purchasing Office, and Shared Services is now purchasing items that need to be inventoried. Lewis stated this is important for auditing purposes. 
Fixed Asset Inventory System Equipment Movement Form (BRYANT-Lewis)
Lewis distributed a revised Fixed Asset Inventory System Equipment Movement Form. (The President’s Cabinet had previously reviewed the policy.)
Fixed Asset Inventory System Equipment Surplus Request Form (BRYANT-Lewis)
Lewis distributed a revised Fixed Asset Inventory System Surplus Request Form. (The President’s Cabinet had previously reviewed the policy.)
Lewis discussed the inventory of equipment and surplus property that is required every two years.
Russell made a motion with Muriel duly seconding, to approve the policy and forms as written. 
The President’s Cabinet approved the policy unanimously.

Summer Work Schedule (FRANKLIN)
Randall proposed the summer work schedule to begin on May 17 and end on August 15.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the summer work schedule as proposed.
Divisional Reports:
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported the SFCS architects for the Amherst/Campbell Halls’ renovation project will be meeting with various groups to determine the needs of the faculty, staff, and administration on May 2 and May 3.
Faculty Association
Matt reported tomorrow the Faculty Association will hold their last meeting of this semester. He stated one concern of the faculty was the mapping project of the Transfer Virginia program.
VP of Information Technology
David discussed the two-factor authentication and reported IT has configured HR, most in IT, and Security. He stated Financial Aid and Accounting are next in line and should be completed this week. 
David reported standardizing the image and wording of CVCC computer wallpaper will wait until the fall. He stated the VCCS BlackBoard Collaborate license will expire at the end of this fiscal year with a discussion about procuring Zoom as a system-wide replacement. David stated Ed McGee is leading this and representing the College at the VCCS. He stated since Collaborate will no longer be the supporting technology, the name needs to change. David stated he talked with Ed this morning, and Ed is proposing the new name be "Live on Line." David stated he thought this was a good idea because it is independent of the supporting technology. David stated the backup plan, should the system purchase not happen in time, is to purchase a room license for $3,209 with a cost of $90/year.
David also reported the Blackboard Transact is scheduled to be replaced on May 14 resulting in everyone having to get new access cards. He stated this will save the College a significant amount of money over time.  
David reported on Wednesday, the College’s phone connectivity will be changed resulting in a cost savings to offset other software systems’ that are rising.
 Classified Staff Association
Mary reported fundraising continues for the September 14 building of the walls at CVCC for a Habitat home. She stated 14 baskets were created from College and local donations raising $2,141 for this project. Mary stated there are leftover donations/giveaways that will be given to students after they work their shift on the walls.
Campus Police/Security
Russell reported Security is working on a graduation parking plan as there is a lot of construction taking place at LU. He reported he and his staff will be attending a LU weapons training during the week following graduation.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported her office is busy completing the narratives for the SACSCOC fifth-year report. She stated evidence must be shown to support the narratives.
She stated the Annual Budget process is ongoing with a prioritization meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff Association with ODU’s Kimberly Williams pizza/trivia event was held on April 9 in the Student Center. She stated the event was successful with 19 rounds of trivia held. 
Sarah reported the spring fundraiser on April 24 was also successful raising $267 that will go towards the book and emergency funds.
Sarah stated their last meeting will be held around May 22 for this semester.
Sarah reported the April 16 Career Fair was well-attended with 44 employers and approximately 230 students/guests. 
Director of Human Resources
Randall stated open enrollment for the health plan begins on May 1 and continues through May 15. He reported Employee Direct is available for employees to use in making their own changes. Randall stated the good news is there is no premium increase this year, and there will be a premium holiday this year. He explained that for the month of October, there will be no premium deducted from the paychecks.
Randall stated HR has received direction on how to implement the salary increases for June 10 pay period: 2.75% for all classified, 3% for faculty, and 2.25% merit increases for all classified employees who have been employed for at least three years.
John reported colleges do have the latitude to give increases to their wage employees but the amount is capped at 2%. He stated CVCC has initiated the last phase of its compensation plan and those wage employees that received increases should see them on their May 10 paycheck. Randall stated those receiving increases will get a letter from HR.
 VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported the next two months will be a busy time as the final quarter is completed. He stated the College will be very close to reaching its fundraising goal as this year is only a fraction ($25,000) behind last year’s amount.
Chris asked the Cabinet to forward to him any names that would make good additions to CVCC’s Foundation Board. He stated there are 22 members on the Foundation Board as of now and would like to increase to 27 members.
Chris reported a bonfire will be held on May 13 here at CVCC’s soccer field for all students, grads, and alumni.
Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel stated graduation was her favorite time of year and that she was looking forward to this year’s speaker, Mayor Treney Tweedy.
Muriel reported discussed a Learning Commons is being discussed to provide support services for students which will be located in one place (library). 
John discussed the first progress report for the Title III grant will be submitted soon. He stated Elizabeth Narehood is director of the Title III grant, and Greg Sullivan is leading CVCC’s effort on the CTE Academy.
John reported the two students that spoke at the April 24 Board meeting will also speak at the upcoming Town and Gown meeting that is being held here at CVCC on May 1.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.
The meeting adjourned 2:33 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for June 24, 2019.
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