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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

September 16, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the August 5, 2019, meeting was approved as written.
John thanked Mary Zoccola, Classified Staff, and everyone that participated in the Habitat for Humanity’s wall build on Saturday.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden          Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Name(s) in bold font were absent.
Enrollment Report:
                                                                                                  Data as of 9/16/2019
  Fall 2018 Fall 2019 % Change
FTE 2,267.60 2,149.87 -5.19%
Headcount 3,979 3,675 -7.64%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:

Revision of Student Success Committee Membership
A request was made from the CGC to add a classified staff and a part-time staff as members to the Student Success Committee membership.
The request was unanimously approved by the President’s Cabinet. 

Agenda Items:
2019-2020 Budget Adoption (Bryant)
Lewis distributed and discussed the 2019-2020 Budget. He stated the easiest part was figuring out the expenditures and the hardest was figuring out the revenue.
John stated, at Convocation, he reported that a balanced budget (using one-time sources of revenue) had been created but was based on a 4% reduction (resulting in a loss of $400,000) in enrollment. He stated enrollment figures now show a 5.5% reduction (resulting in another $150,000 added to the $400,000). John reported Lewis has succeeded in balancing the budget in spite of that loss; however, he has been forced to rely upon one-time sources of funding to accomplish that goal. John stated the College cannot continue to use these one-time sources of revenue to balance the budget. He stated to help with the loss of revenue two vacant positions will not be filled at this time—administrative assistant to the Arts and Sciences’ Division and a student navigator position. He stated if other positions become vacant, it is a possibility those positions would not be filled either. John stated he also mentioned at Convocation that the College may have to resort to a reduction in labor to survive. John distributed the enrollment comparison numbers and reported CVCC has the fourth highest decrease (regular FTEs numbers in the VCCS (students that provide full tuition, not dual enrollment) are down 138). John stated he is deeply concerned about this.
Randall made a motion with Muriel seconding to approve the budget as presented.
The motion was unanimously approved. 
Strategic Plan (OGDEN)
Kris (copies of the plan were previously emailed to the Cabinet members) stated this begins the fifth year of the six-year Strategic Plan. She reported it has been a practice to revisit the strategies each biennium, and the third biennium began on July 1, 2019. Kris stated her office began last spring to solicit input (from Local Board, through surveys, etc.) to revise and update the strategies to be appropriate for the work the College will be doing in the upcoming two years. She stated the revisions are reflected in this document and ready for approval.
Will made a motion with Muriel seconding to approve the Strategic Plan as presented.
The motion was unanimously approved. 
2020 Full-Time Calendar (FRANKLIN)
The 2020 Full-Time Calendar was emailed prior to this meeting to the Cabinet members.
David made a motion with Muriel seconding to approve the 2020 full-time calendar as presented.
The motion was unanimously approved. 

Divisional Reports:
Faculty Association
Cynthia reported there have been more than one incidence concerning the Follett Bookstore listing materials for students as being recommended but were not actually recommended by the instructor. She stated the faculty have asked her to bring this to the Cabinet meeting for greater attention and to ensure that any recommended materials are coming directly from the instructors. Lewis stated he will speak with the manager of the bookstore on this matter.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis had no additional report.
VP of Information Technology
David reported the College had previously used Symantec as its antivirus software but has switched to a Microsoft software. He stated Barracuda which is the College’s email spam filtering will change to a Microsoft product as well. He stated the colleges have one year to transition.
David reported the Student Information System (SIS) will require upgrading.
David also reported the VCCS is trying to get a replacement for the “mycvcc” login.
David reported IT has been in the process of purchasing computers since June (with ETF money) and hopes they will arrive soon. He said he mentions this as the College has no spare PCs.    
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Association met during the second week of classes. She stated they want to continue their theme of community building. She stated the Association would like to have a community coffee and maybe a “Name that Tune” game.
Sarah reported there will be speakers scheduled during their upcoming meetings. John commended Sarah for her work with the Association.
Classified Staff Association
Mary reported she was grateful to complete the Habitat for Humanity project.
Campus Police/Security
Russell reported the College’s updating of the ID access control system is almost complete.
Russell reported the Emergency Response Training that was held a couple of Saturdays ago went well. He stated the buildings involved in this training were the Appomattox and Culinary buildings. (He reported the next training will take place in Facilities.)
Russell stated Howard Powell who is part-time officer will be replacing Ed Cawthon’s as a full-time officer beginning October 23. He stated the part-time position should be filled soon.    
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris reported the fifth-year report for SACSCOC and a separate report to the on-site committee were mailed on Friday. Kris stated the information of the second report will be reviewed by the onsite committee that will be here on October 21-23. The outcome of the fifth-year report will be learned at the SACSCOC December Board meeting.
John stated Kris and her team deserve an enormous amount of praise for all her hard work.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris stated a November 7 event at the Academy is being planned to recognize the past Foundation Board Chairs, current chair, and to recruit possible Board members. Chris stated Joshua Puzey (CVCC alum who is currently a biology assistant professor at the College of William and Mary) has agreed to attend this event and will be in town for the following day, Friday, November 8, and is willing to meet with several groups (Part-Time and Classified Staff Associations and others) on Campus. Chris stated Professor Puzey has a pet project that he would like to discuss with several groups. Chris stated he would like to have several coffees and a lunch scheduled. He stated he will be emailing the College for help in getting small groups to meet.
Chris reported he has several ideas to engage the Foundation Board members: four Board members that are CVCC alumni will be an unofficial advisory group to the Alumni Association, and several Board members will be engaged in enhancing the food pantry at CVCC (raised $1,000 last week for the food pantry). 
John stated Chris has done a marvelous job energizing the College’s Foundation and moving it in other directions than in the past.  
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will reported CVCC has submitted a request to become certified as a Training and Education Alliance institution through the Virginia Department of Veterans’ Services. He stated the College partnered with BWXT and Centra Health who provided letters of support. Will stated John also wrote a letter to the governor of Virginia. Will stated this certification will show that veterans represent a growing pipeline of talent to Virginia employers. He thanked Tina Murphy and Chris Bryant who provided support for this. (Will reported there are only four other institutions in the VCCS with this certification.)
Will discussed Ad Astra and stated a meeting will be held on October 8 with guest speaker, Christine Stewart. He stated Ms. Stewart will review the College’s fall 2019 schedule and focus on spring 2020.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth reported the grant has the same fiscal year as the federal fiscal year-October 1-September 30 which means she is busy with year-end closeouts. She stated she has been working closely with Lewis’ team on the budget to ensure an accurate carryover request is made. Elizabeth reported all of the funds were not spent in year one primarily due to delays in getting people onboarded into these new positions. She stated the funds not used will be requested to be moved into the year two budget.    
Elizabeth stated she is working with an external evaluator which is Public Policy Associates on data transfer. She stated they will analyze some of the institutional data and service delivery data which is a requirement for receiving federal funds. She stated Public Policy Associates will be tracking this over the next five years. Elizabeth stated the College has a lot of questions as to what happens to students and how to improve services and retention. She stated this will provide a good view of how these initiatives are impacting students. Elizabeth reported the Public Policy Associates will be onsite this Thursday, and the Title III Steering Committee and the individuals who are working with the evaluation team will be joining them to discuss this project.
Elizabeth reported a math survey related to the MALL has been distributed to all math classes. She stated for the 16-week classes, the students will receive an awareness survey on week 6 and another survey will follow later asking about the satisfaction of the MALL for students that have received services. She stated math is being focused on as it is a critical subject for students to succeed. Elizabeth stated a positive number of students are making appointments or receiving services at the MALL.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported paychecks on October 16 and November 1 will have no insurance premium withheld.
Randall stated the tentative date for the next New Hire Orientation is October 11. 
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel reported a dual enrollment for high school instructors’ symposium  was held last Friday with about 50 attending.
Muriel also reported the Open House for the Learning Commons was a big success.
John stated that the Cabinet received an invitation to the Chancellor’s Annual Retreat and encouraged everyone to participate.
John stated he had received an invitation to be a motivational speaker at Shared Services. 
The meeting adjourned 2:24 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for September 30, 2019.
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