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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 14, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the September 16, 2019, meeting was approved as written.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden          Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Name(s) highlighted in BOLD were absent.
Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (10/14/2019)
  Fall 2018 Fall 2019 % Change
FTE 2,275.27 2,178.80 -4.24%
Headcount 4,067 3,801 -6.54%
CGC Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items:
Phone Presentation/Discussion (LIGHTFOOT)
David stated most of us rely upon these devices: computer/laptop/surface/iPad, desk phone and smartphone to communicate. He stated there have been discussions about purchasing a new phone system for 18 months or so. David stated the motivation for making this change is that the College’s current telephone system’s support will be ending soon—meaning after support is no longer provided, replacement parts may not be available to be purchased. 
David stated he was in hopes to introduce this during the past summer but the licenses to be used are procured via a system office contract, and the contract wasn’t renewed until the middle of September.
David stated the College has used NEC phones since he began working at CVCC in 2000 and converted to the current NEC phone system in 2011 which has VoIP with the responsibility for phones shifting from Finance and Administration to IT.
David stated the popularity of the smartphone has now merged many different mobile devices into a single device. He stated smartphones are effectively mobile computers, and the new phone system for CVCC seeks to take a play out of the smartphone playbook and plans are to migrate the phone into to the personal computer. He stated the application that will provide telephone functionality will be Teams as he believes Teams provide the voice and video calling functionality of the smartphone to the PC. He stated just like with the smartphone, from within the texting application one can make a voice or video call, and this same functionality is availability within Teams today for faculty and staff. (David demonstrated this by making a call.) David reported there is also a Teams app for smartphones and one can take calls on cell phones also. (The call quality here is limited to the cellular or wifi connection.)
David stated, unlike CVCC’s current phone system, where one must be in their office to receive calls, the ability to receive voice and video calls from faculty and staff is not limited to being on Campus. He stated anyone can receive calls anywhere that they are logged into Teams—whether they are working from home or at a conference.
David reported as the move from NEC to Teams is made, employees will have the ability to make and receive calls to anyone in the US.  (Plans are to limit international calling.)  He stated the plan is to make the move late January/early February. He stated this will result in changing the voicemail and auto-attendant systems also. David stated this system includes advanced call routing features that were cost-prohibitive on the NEC platform.
David stated this is clearly a cultural change for the office environment, but not in how most use the phone outside of the office. He stated although the use of a Bluetooth headset is not required but is the recommendation with other options including; wired headsets (tethers the user) and desk sets e.g. traditional phones which can be very limited to very sophisticated. He reported both cost more with the lower end having very limited functionality and the sophisticated ones mirror the Teams functionality at a price point that approaches the cost of a desktop PC. 
The President’s Cabinet discussed this and requested for focus groups to be convened and allowed to use and test this system before the President’s Cabinet decides to halt or proceed. Groups would include counseling staff, Admissions and Records, Workforce staff, and administrative assistants. 
Divisional Reports:
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported last week, a budget report showing expenditures was distributed to the budget managers.
Lewis reported the renovation architects will hold meetings once more on October 23.
Lewis also reported there have been a couple diseased trees (one was a maple and one was an elm) that had to be cut down. 
Lewis stated Shared Services has approached Liberty University to create a multi-year contract for CVCC’s graduation to avoid any problems at the last minute.
Lewis reported he has received a lease proposal from the county for the Bedford Center. He stated this has been sent to the VCCS Legal for review.

Classified Staff Association
Mary invited David to come to a meeting to discuss the proposed phone system. She stated the Christmas Parade and “Toys for Tots” were two of the upcoming projects.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris distributed a timeline for the SACSCOC onsite committee that will be here on October 21-23. She stated those faculty that will meet with the committee were notified today. Kris stated the committee had read the report submitted by the College and had requested some additional information. She stated the goal is to welcome this committee and provide them with everything they requested during their visit.
John stated Kris and her team deserve an enormous amount of praise for all their hard work.

VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported this has been a great first quarter with $175,000 raised compared to last year of $120,000. He stated the second quarter has had a great start as well.
Chris stated the Foundation is going through leadership transitions with Bif Johnson becoming the new chair if approved. He reported several board members are rotating off which means new members will be added.
Chris stated the Board will be reapplying for the Stroobants’ grant which it received two years ago.

Director of Human Resources
Randall thanked everyone who participated in the New Hire Orientation held on October 11. He reminded (and will send out an email) everyone that the performance evaluations are due next week.

Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth reported the grant’s fiscal year runs from October 1st through September 30th and stated she has been very busy closing out the first year of the grant and getting ready for the second year. She reported she has an approved budget which includes the carryover funds from year one. Elizabeth stated a big thank you to Lewis and his team as they were a big help in making sure everything was correct.
Elizabeth stated she is preparing all the information needed for the annual report due to the Department of Education in December.

VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel reported she is glad Mary is back in the office. She stated an audit group has been created to look at audit findings and processes to make things more transparent and put in writing to serve as a guide.
Muriel also congratulated the Classified and Part-Time Staff for their hard work during the Habitat for Humanity build which made the College look good. She challenged the administration to decide on a project for civic engagement.
Muriel discussed the most recent financial aid audit finding that had been plaguing the College for years. She stated this audit group met and discovered where the confusion was and found ways to correct. Muriel reported the finding has been cleared. John stated this finding has plagued him for eight years, and he is glad it is finally cleared.  
John stated he is glad to say the enrollment and budget situation is better now at a decrease of 4.15% than in the beginning of the semester which was down 6%. He stated Lewis based the College’s budget on a 4% decrease, and for now, the College is operating according to that budget.  John stated the College is still operating at a deficit as Lewis borrowed from non-recurring sources of revenue to balance the budget at that level. He stated the budget caused such concern that the possibility was entertained to invoke some voluntary retirement incentives. John stated it was discovered that the College’s capacity to award faculty with a voluntary retirement incentive is limited to $41,000 and the health insurance benefit distributed over a two-year period is included in the $41,000 making the monetary incentive a very small amount. He stated this would not help the College in terms of reducing expenses for the spring semester.
John stated he thinks because enrollment is edging closer to the 4% benchmark, the College doesn’t  need to resort to any radical measures at this time. He stated several faculty are planning to retire at the end of the spring semester, and there may be other attrition during the year. John stated he does not think there is a need for radical measures to put the college in better financial standings. He stated, at the same time, everyone must be vigilant, deliberate, and strategic when making decisions. John stated he forwarded the newsletters that told of the misfortunes that Wytheville (laid-off 17 full-time employees) and Thomas Nelson Community Colleges (had layoffs and faced financial deficits) had encountered. John stated his approach is to wait and see what will happen in the spring with hopes to retain students from fall semester to spring. He stated if this does not happen, then more radical decisions will have to be made.

Faculty Association
Cynthia had to leave the meeting early.

VP of Information Technology
David had no additional report.

Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah was absent.

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.

Campus Police/Security
Russell was absent.

The meeting adjourned 2:43 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for October 28, 2019.
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