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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

December 16, 2019

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the November 11, 2019, meeting was approved as written.
John Capps Chris Bryant Russell Dove Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Dianne Sykes
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden           Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Enrollment Report:
Data As Of Today (12/16/2019)
  Fall 2018 Fall 2019 % Change
FTE 2,261.00 2,159.53 -4.49%
Headcount 4,046 3,812 -5.78%
  Spring 2019 Spring 2020 % Change
FTE 1,497.40 1,571.13 +4.92%
Headcount 2,264 2,374 +4.86%
CGC Consent Agenda Items: None
Agenda Items: None
Discussion on Enrollment
John began by discussing enrollment numbers and offered a word of caution: please do not get excited about the enrollment numbers in today’s Daily Bulletin, which indicates the College is +6.1% ahead of the FTES enrollment on this date last year. He stated those statistics represent a false positive—the result of the decision not to cancel the enrollments of students who have not yet paid their fees. This year the decision was made to pursue an alternate strategy: to honor the registrations of those students, hoping they will follow through on their intentions and pay their tuition before January. (The first back-out will be January 3, 2020.)
John reported if the enrollment cancellation had been run last weekend, the comparative FTES enrollment today would have been -7.5%, a decrease of 201 FTES. He stated what was more troubling, the FTES enrollment among regular students—non-dual enrollment students who pay full tuition—would have been approximately -14%. He stated clearly, there is still a significant amount of work to do to bolster CVCC’s enrollment. Along with our continuous recruitment efforts, the energy will now concentrated on alerting current students to additional sources of assistance and on encouraging them to pay their fees timely. John stated there are about 185 students who have applied for Financial Aid but, as of now, not received it.
John asked the Cabinet for their thoughts or suggestions.
Muriel stated students are being encouraged to pay and continue to enroll. John stated even though the College will be closed about two weeks for the holidays, the students can still carry out transactions online.
Sarah questioned if students received a bill in the mail for the tuition owed. She stated she had called students to remind them to pay and several were unsure of the amount owed. Muriel stated all of this information is located in their student center. Lewis stated electronic notification is a timelier method of notification. David stated that students are texted with a prompt to sign in to their account.  
John stated if the enrollment did not improve, the contingency plan (personnel actions) will be put into action. He stated he hopes the governor’s announcement on the G3 initiative will be a significant benefit to enrollment.
Cynthia stated to schedule classes in the evenings or hybrid classes would help to accommodate the adult population. John stated the schedule needs some work but thinks the College should become more aggressive on new program development, both on the credit and non-credit sides.
Chris stated the College will be open on two Saturdays, January 4 and January 11, and plans are to market this with banners and wrappers. He stated last year the College experienced significant traffic on the two Saturdays that were open for express registration. Chris stated if any of the students enrolled that haven’t paid and are not eligible for financial aid, he would like to see if they could be eligible for a scholarship. 
Chris reported post cards are going out to 17,000 households and should be in the mailboxes either on the 24th or 26th. John asked if there was any way the students living in the tobacco counties could be targeted and possibly could qualify for a tobacco scholarship that they are not aware of. Chris stated he has the list of students’ names that have not paid and will review to see in which county they live.
John discussed the governor’s decision on G-3 (Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back) initiative and stated it is a $145 million ask which will apply to full-and part-time students enrolled in three high demand areas (health care, information technology and computer science, and skilled trades and advanced manufacturing) and two high value areas (early childhood education and public safety-these two do not apply to CVCC). John stated if this is approved, hopefully it will bring an influx of students to CVCC.
Divisional Reports:
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel reported Convocation will begin on January 6 and continue through January 10, with a lot of good sessions scheduled. (There will be a mandatory session on student success and how to motivate students that all faculty must attend.) She stated the Convocation agenda was emailed to everyone today.
Muriel stated Express Registration will be held on January 4 and 11 and will be marketed throughout the community.
Muriel recommended that everyone read the newsletter that will be sent out from her office later this week.
Muriel stated the tuition due date will be posted on the CVCC website.
Classified Staff Association
Mary reported she has reached out to Habitat for Humanity to see if CVCC could continue to work on the house that the wall was built here on Campus. She stated land for the house has not be secured at this time.
Mary reported the Christmas parade was a success with 10 radiology students participating stating the CVCC float received much attention from the crowd. Mary stated Chris Bryant was there urging everyone to register for classes.
Mary reported the “Toys for Tots” was a success and many more toys were received during the recent holiday luncheon.
Mary stated the CSA will be scheduling training sessions sometime this spring on Microsoft Teams.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported with Ron Parker retiring, John Rocha has agreed to be the interim Facilities Manager.
Lewis stated, during a Convocation breakout session, he will be showing slides from the architects on CVCC’s renovations. He reported, at this time, the architects are preparing drawings to be submitted to the VCCS.
VP of Information Technology
David reported David Farris is leaving CVCC and a going-away party will be held in his honor on Wednesday.
David stated he spoke with Shared Security officers concerning storing sensitive data on flash drives. He stated the College is supposed to have an operational procedure on this. David stated he will be following up with the President’s Cabinet in the near future.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported on the Conflict of Interest filing and stated an email will be sent from The Virginia Conflict of Interest and Ethics Advisory Council around January 2, 2020 to those needing to complete the form. He asked that if anyone receives this email, to please complete questionnaire by February 3, 2020. (Dianne will send him the list of the Board members emails.) John stated there is a $250 fine (does not apply to board members) for not filing on time.
Campus Police/Security
Russell reported all is quiet in his area.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris discussed student course evaluations and stated she was happy to report for the first time since she has been here, all of the College’s courses including dual enrollment courses taken in the high school are completing their evaluations online. She thanked everyone for their support and patience in making this happen as it will demonstrate once more how the high school faculty are really a part of CVCC.
Kris reported on the SACSCOC Annual meeting that she recently attended and stated the College received no information about the fifth-year report. She stated CVCC should receive a letter sometime in January.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris stated there were two items he wanted to share and the first was 100% of President’s Cabinet are donors to the Foundation, and he really appreciates everyone’s support. He stated the College had a really good half of the fiscal year and a really good solid calendar year. Chris stated the College will end the year on a very positive note. 
Chris stated big goals have been set with wanting to raise $1 million during the annual campaign. He stated part of making this happen is getting the right team in place. He stated the theme of the employee campaign is “Discover New Pathways.” Chris stated Mary Zoccola, Debra Short, Tim Wilhelm, and Tom Sparhawk have been recruited to help get the word out about the campaign, to get more people engaged, and to encourage donations. Chris stated there is a large group of employees here but only about 100 donors.  
Chris stated the second item is about the transition of leadership. He reported the Foundation Board has about 22 members, and he would like to grow that number. He stated Bif Johnson is the new president as of January 1, 2020, and will be tasked with recruiting new members.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported they had a holiday potluck last week and played the “Dirty Santa” gift game. She stated several activities are being planned for the spring which include “Name that Tune” and a pizza fund raiser later in March. (John stated he thought the “Name that Tune” was the best activity the Student Center has seen.)
Sarah reported John will meet with the Part-Time Staff Association at their February meeting.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth discussed the Title III grant annual report and stated the Department of Education has a new reporting software which will be released January 6, and the report must be submitted by March 6. She stated she has met with Lewis and will be meeting with Muriel and Kris for data needed for the report. Elizabeth stated this report contains not only information on the objectives but also a lot of institutional information.
Elizabeth reported she had been working with Muriel and Alison on getting a Convocation speaker which will focus on how to motivate students to increase performance. She stated the speaker has a background on bridges out of poverty and under-resourced students and CVCC’s students face some of these same challenges.
Elizabeth stated she is working with Cindy Wallin on a Convocation session for math faculty. She stated a college-wide MALL survey was conducted recently and the faculty have requested to see the results. Elizabeth stated at this session, they can see the results and get an update from Chris Carpenter.
Faculty Association
Cynthia reported she has been communicating with faculty on advising students and has received a lot of enthusiasm from them.
Cynthia stated there have been ongoing discussions and training about the Early Alert progress reports.  She reported Kimberly French and Kevin Riley both gave a good presentation on some of the changes that have been made on how to streamline the process and also listened to suggestions from the faculty.  
Cynthia stated she had a follow-up with the faculty about summer pay as was discussed at the last Town Hall meeting. John stated he along with Lewis and Muriel need to talk more about this as there were two ways to modify the formula if necessary—reducing the number of hours of credits which faculty can teach at the fullest possible rate or changing the equation that dictates the rate.
Cynthia stated she is sure the faculty would want to help with future Habitat for Humanity projects.
John stated, following up on a suggestion made during a recent Title III meeting, faculty and staff pages will be created and added to the College’s website.
John acknowledged Cynthia on receiving the State Council of Higher Ed’s Outstanding Faculty Award for 2020. He stated this award recognizes faculty at Virginia’s institutions of higher learning who exemplify the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, and service.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will was absent.
The meeting adjourned 2:22 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for January 13, 2020.
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