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Committee Name: President's Cabinet
John Capps, Muriel Mickles, Lewis Bryant, Chris Bryant, David Lightfoot, Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Randall Franklin, Jeff Syndenstricker, Cynthia Deutsch, Jim Tuite, Sarah Jarrett, Raylene Cope
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 13, 2020 meetings were approved. 

CGC Consent Agenda Items:  Professional Development Policy Change, CARES Act Funding for Professional Development
Agenda Items: 
Special Session Discussion - Enrollment
Dr. Capps stated that that the enrollment numbers for fall remain very disappointing. Michael Farris has reported that more students have applied for admissions and completed FASFA than this time last year, but they are still sitting on the sidelines.  Dr. Capps stated that Chris and Raylene were on Living in the Heart of Virginia today and gave a truly compelling pitch for enrolling at CVCC.  He asked if a link from their segment could be sent it in a text to students, especially those who have not enrolled.
Chris Bryant stated that in about a week they will have access to that segment and that Jill and Ken will upload it to YouTube and put links on the CVCC website. Chris added that there will be three more segments on Living in the Heart of Virginia.  All three will be filmed next week, probably on the 29th.
Chris Bryant stated that CVCC’s key points of information will be uploaded to YouTube, shared on the website, links will be created that go directly to the information, share at least one on social media platforms, not just Facebook.  Then send direct emails to students and then to everyone.  This will be our process for any key messaging points for the future.  Those stakeholder groups will get CVCC’s messages in a proactive way.
Chris stated that in today’s segment he and Raylene came from the support staff background. The next segment will be two students talking directly to their peers about overcoming obstacles and jumping in and choosing the right choice right now. The third segment will be two professors speaking directly to students about the flexibility of our instruction delivery modes, and what that's going to look and feel like. The fourth and final segment will be Lynn Dillard or folks from the industry and then maybe Nat Marshall, or somebody directly from one of our community partners.
Dr. Capps stated that we are indeed covering the waterfront and trying to communicate those segments in a variety of different ways to as many people as we possibly can.
Dr. Capps reported that depending upon whose enrollment numbers you are looking at CVCC or VCCS, we are down 28%-34%.  Most discouraging is that among regular students, according to the VCCS, we are down by 41% that is almost two fifths of our regular student FTE’s.  We are not trending in the right direction and we are not competitive with what the other colleges are doing.
Dr. Capps stated that Dr. Kris Ogden is investigating some of the areas in which CVCC might be falling short. Whether it is in general education courses or CTE classes or a particular demographics.  Dr. Capps asked if anybody had any insights  to share with the committee today.
Elizabeth Narehood stated that our region is relatively stable as far as our unemployment numbers due to the large number of manufacturing jobs that are in our area.   Compared to other areas like Tidewater and the beach where there's a lot of food service and tourists type of jobs; our area has not seen the unemployment numbers change as drastically.
Elizabeth stated that in the Title III team meeting this morning the feedback student services is hearing from students is that parents are waiting until the school divisions have a schedule in place.  They need to know whether their children will be at home, or in school or a mixture of both.   A lot of uncertainty.
Dr. Capps stated that what is concerning is the enigmatic nature of why CVCC is the outlier.  We are trailing every other college in the system.
Dr. Mickles stated that we did start enrollment a month later in the spring.  Also, a big reason is that our school divisions have not announced a definite reopening plan.  This absolutely impacts the ability of our dual enrollment students to enroll in CVCC classes. Once those schedules are in place there will be a noticeable increase in enrollment. We certainly expect all of them to return to CVCC.
Dr. Capps stated that the uncertainties are understandable, but our classes are online and that should play to our advantage even if parents had their children at home in the fall.  Our situation is significantly worse than that of our sister institutions.
Will Sandidge stated that the schedule is on the website and Michael Farris is putting information on Facebook and texting students.  Student might have held back until they knew whether CVCC’s classes would be in person or online.  Now that our schedule accurately reflects remote learning, enrollment should continue to increase.
Lewis Bryant thanked Chris Bryant for all that he is doing to get CVCC’s message out to the community. Chris sent postcards to 30,000 households, at Muriel’s recommendation.  Lewis stated that the business office could help by sending statements to students and asking them to come in and pay their tuition.  It might create some interest in the community.  Lewis stated that the data the Chancellor sent out last week that our enrollment has been historically one of the most stable in the VCCS.
Lewis stated that CVCC is in this phenomenon right now because our region is one of the best in terms of unemployment in the state.
Dr. Mickles stated that CVCC is doing a lot of marketing and that one of  our ads were on the side of  a GLT bus.  Dr. Mickles added that we need to be persistent and do everything to reach out to our students.
Dr. Capp stated that the historical data that Lewis was talking about is included in the packet of information that he forwarded to everyone from the last state board meeting. That information makes the phenomenon, even more problematic they indicate that CVCC has fared better than average in terms of enrollment fluctuations better than that  our sister colleges. The fact that we're so out of line right now with all of those colleges, it's, it's even more confusing and disconcerting.
Dr. Mickles stated discussions with the school divisions are very active.  They have been informed that CVCC will be virtual, virtual real-time, and hybrid.  Many CTE and science classes will be hybrid.  The CTE program is very important to Campbell County and coordinating the student’s schedules are being discussed.  Both Jason and Cindy have been working hard with the school divisions to coordinate schedules for dual enrollment students. Dr. Mickles stated that the virtual environment is not good for all of the students. So, we may lose a few.
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch stated that she is glancing at some data and there are no significant drops in most classes. The dual enrollment classes are low.  Another factor are all the students this summer completing their spring classwork who received incompletes. Those students may not be eligible to enroll in the next series of classes until they pass their spring and summer classes. 
Muriel added that it might be that the cohort enrollments like the Beacon of Hope. Many of those students have not enrolled yet.
Raylene Cope stated the many Beacon of Hope students are not registered. My calendar is booked through August 24th with student appointments and hope that means enrollment will increase. 
Raylene stated that she lives in Amherst County and that her children will be going back to school, four days a week, with Fridays at home. Amherst school division are continually sending out surveys.  Raylene stated that people are anxious, stunned and standing still until all the pieces come together. This is hurting our enrollment.
Dr Capps stated that Raylene is correct people are in a kind of hysterical paralysis right now.  Many thought the pandemic would be behind us by fall and life would be normal again. It is all about the uncertainty that lingers around the beginning of the school year.  CVCC has done more than ever before to build enrollment and we are not seeing a return on our investment.
Randall Franklin stated that in other regions of the state school systems have already announced reopening plans, most of our school systems have not.  I agree with Muriel, once the school divisions reveal their reopening plan for the fall, our enrollment will increase.  This is a huge part of why our enrollment is down.
Dr. Capps responded that he hoped Randall is right and that once those plans become more solid enrollment will increase.
Dr. Capps stated that enrollment is the primary responsibility, but next is to align our budget.  He asked Muriel to make sure that the AVP’s maintain close vigilance over the class schedule to ensure that the schedule is not inflated with sections and personnel expenses that are not manageable.  Expenses during the summer kept pace with our revenue because of the outstanding management of the schedule and that is obviously more important in the fall.
Dr. Mickles responded absolutely!  We will keep a close eye on the schedule.
Will Sandidge reported that a computer lab is opened and Pam Reynolds will manage the lab. This will help students who have outstanding incompletes from the spring and who do not have access to computers at home.  The students will be contacted and will make an appointment to use the computer lab.
Will stated that they met with Pat Gatti to discuss the Bedford County Early College reopening plan.  Pat will provide us the necessary data by Wednesday.  Also, we are close to having the STEM Academy ready for fall.  We are working on the CTE program with Campbell County and hope it will be a model for the other school divisions.
Dr. Kris Ogden stated that the Fall 2020 Reopening Plan should be certified by SCHEV shortly.  Notification that our plan had been recommended for certification to SCHEVE was received.  Kris added that we will proceed with our plan with the understanding that small changes made be necessary for certification.
Dr. Capps stated that this week might be a good time to send out an update about the plan for members of the college community.  It might be time to provide some more substantive information about the plan.
Will Sandidge asked if Cynthia would send him an email with some of the questions she is receiving from the faculty.
Cynthia responded that she should have a list of questions and concerns from the faculty this Wednesday.   Some concerns already received were for the skills-based classes and the day to day operations of those types of classes.  What happens if a faculty member is exposed to the virus by a student?  Does that mean that the faculty member would be in quarantine for at least 14 days?  The class would pause for at least 14 days, but what are the parameters for allowing students back on campus.  Do we ensure that they all present a negative test?  Another concern is for the other classes being taught by that  same faculty member that is now in quarantine.  Do those students lose class time for 14 days too, and do they need to be tested before returning to class?
Cynthia added that there is some fear and some concern as the reality of having groups of students on campus is getting closer.
Dr. Capps stated that the first order of business is to encourage faculty to read the plan.  The Fall 2020 Reopening Plan may need to be communicated more broadly now that it is approved by the VCCS.  A link to the plan, ,along with some more specific information about the plan itself, addressing these specific questions that Cynthia is fielding from the faculty should be sent to everyone.
Sarah Jarrett reported that she wanted to give an update about the professional development policy. Sarah stated that she and  Alison Moore have been working with Lewis and Muriel
about the necessity to change the policy for this year because the budget has been eliminated. The document we created states that there is no funding for tuition reimbursement or memberships, but that there might be funding for items related to delivery of online courses or online student services if they fit the criteria of the CARES Act. We created a FAQ to address concerns like training required for certification or credential in order to teach your classes. Who pays for that and what is the procedure for requesting funds?
Sarah stated that they will bring the PD policy change to the next   College Governance Committee for a vote.  If it is accepted, it will be brought to this committee for approval. 
Lewis stated that the departments still have some budget options for required training, but we are trying to think of creative ways to use the CARES Act funding.
Dr. Capps reported that last week Chris Bryant, Jason Ferguson and he met with the Planning District Commission to petition for matching funds for GO Virginia grant for the CTE Academy.  This request had been approved by their Executive Committee.  Last Thursday we made a presentation to the entire Commission and they voted in favor of making the appropriations.  We will receive $134,000 in matching funds from the Planning District Commission to fund the two positions that are necessary to the success of the CTE Academy  This furthers our progress on the GO Virginia grant and making the CTE Academy a reality.
Raylene Cope stated that Philmika Reid, VP of CSA, would like to take the items in our Food Panty and create prepackaged boxes of goodies for our students when school begins.  CSA would have a specific day that students would drop by or be met at their car and receive a box of goodies.   If not used these items will expire. 
Dr. Capps stated that it is a good way to give back to the community. Dr. Capps stated that many of us are working harder than before in this remote environment and he thanked everyone for keeping CVCC moving forward.
Dr. Capps stated that there will not be a meeting next week.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:03 p.m.  The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for August 3, 2020.   
Mary Zoccola
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