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Minutes of the 

President’s Cabinet Meeting 

April 6, 2020 

 Minutes Approval: 

Minutes of the February 27, 2020 meeting were approved as written.  


John Capps 

Chris Bryant 

Jeff Sydenstricker 

Will Sandidge 

Sarah Jarrett 

Muriel Mickles 

David Lightfoot 

Randall Franklin 

Cynthia Deutsch 

Shannon Hines 

Lewis Bryant 

Kris Ogden 

Elizabeth Narehood 

Mary Zoccola 


Name(s) with strikethrough were absent. 

Enrollment Report: 



CGC Consent Agenda Items: None 

Agenda Items: None 

Divisional Reports:  

VP for Student and Academic Affairs 

Muriel Mickles reported that Patti Saffioti’s group has been reaching out to students (about 100 last week) that have yet to engage with faculty, to find out their needs at this time. Faculty has also been reaching out to students.  

Muriel stated that the team is working with the Dual Enrollment faculty and superintendents to move forward with classes that are being taught in the high schools.  

Muriel said that Philmika Reid has also been working with students who are having issues with computers or finding hot spots. Students have been given hot spot locations and how to get computers if needed 

Muriel reported that her team is working on a Q&A for students. This will include the new grading scale, financial aid, etc. Ed McGee will assist with making the information available through Canvas.  

Cynthia Deutch suggested having a teaching assistant help issue grades to assist faculty members who aren’t comfortable using Canvas. Cynthia will work with Ed McGee on creating Canvas shells.  

John Capps requested that staff keep contact records of what students need and what staff are doing during this time.   

Director of Strategic Initiatives 

Will Sandidge was absent.   

Classified Staff Association 

Mary Zoccola stated that most of the classified staff are working from 8-5. The counseling department is having regular meetings and the phone queue sends calls directly to a counselor or navigator. Distance Ed has been working closely with shared services.  A&R are engaged answering student questions. The divisions are still working on payroll so adjuncts can be paid. Amy and Ava are currently working on the summer schedule. A lot of calls are being received from students. Some are afraid of getting stopped at night while going to hot spots and are asking for permission letters in case they are pulled over. Students seem to be concerned about grades and financial aid.  

Mary stated that the next CSA meeting will be held through Teams on Wednesday. This is the last meeting of the semester.   

VP of Facilities and Finance 

Lewis Bryant stated that the FEMA report was submitted and CVCC is eligible for funding. FEMA will reimburse 75% of costs associated with COVID-19, with 25% coming from CVCC. This should be paid in FY 2021.  

Lewis stated that The Bud Group did a complete disinfectant of the college with a spray on application. It will be done again later this week. The nightly cleaning still continues. Campus police are notified when faculty or staff use the facilities so the areas can be disinfected after use.    

Lewis reported that he is working on getting the local funds budget ready for the next local board meeting. At this time, the state budget has not been received.   

Lewis said that during the readiness plan, staff tried to move funds through electronic transfers. He also stated that staff sent out dual enrollment bills before employees started working from home. Campbell County paid their bill in full at $205,000. Payments from the high schools are coming in.  

Lewis stated that the HVAC labs look nice and now down to a blank slate.   

VP of Information Technology 

David Lightfoot stated the VPN technology has been challenging because of the limited number of licenses and the cost to purchase more. William Osborne created a new way to use but it has made it more challenging to configure.  

David suggested that in the future, plans should be made for students to bring their own devices.  This would require students to have a computer and not be reliant on CVCC student-use computers. 

David said the new phone system is working well; most of the staff and faculty have switched over. 

Director of Human Resources 

Randall Franklin reported that the state has issued a hiring freeze. The IT position was filled just before the announcement.   

John announced that the Chief of Police position has been put on hold and will not be filled at this time due to budget cuts. Jeff Sydenstricker will continue to serve as Interim Chief of Police. 

Randall stated that many employees are using the Virginia Learning System to complete annual training while teleworking. 

Randall said he will be sending out information on the Coronavirus Response Act and how it impacts the college. 

Campus Police/Security 

Jeff Sydenstricker reported that 10-20 people are still on campus each day. Access control cards seems to be working well.  

Jeff stated that he has been working on donations for the city’s first responders. Through guidance from VDEM, it looks as if that can happen in the next day or so.  

Jeff stated that employees need to document things being done during this to help ensure funding from FEMA.   

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness 

Kris Ogden stated that monthly GenEd program meetings have been held this semester mainly because of G3, but now has involved into discussions of current issues, for example, the revised grading scale.  

Kris said that an email was sent to faculty regarding ongoing assessment processes stating that standards are being relaxed due to current circumstances. 

VP of Institutional Advancement  

Chris Bryant reported the website team has been busy, as a lot of people are sending information to be posted. There are updates being made daily with a total of 46 made last week.    

Chris stated the Foundation has received many emergency fund requests and are being reviewed.  

Chris said that grant proposals have been completed and submitted within the past two weeks.  

Chris also stated that fundraising has become harder. Centra will not be able to provide any assistance this year due to circumstances.  

John asked if alumni could donate to emergency funds. Chris stated that emails are being sent out daily soliciting funds.  

John requested that Chris keep a record of changes made to the website. 

Part-Time Staff Association 

Sarah Jarrett reported that a Zoom meeting was held on March 25th with 12 employees attending. Sarah said that they will have informal meetings to check in with employees. All activities have been cancelled but will work on ways to keep employees connected. 

Director of the Title III Grant 

Elizabeth Narehood read the results from the Navigate report ran Monday morning. She stated that beginning March 23rd, 335 appointments have been made: 36 received tutoring in the Writing Center, 38 in the Student Success Center, 43 in the MALL; 60 reached out to Community Connections; and 158 engaged in virtual advising. In addition, Patti and her team contacted over 100 students on whom faculty raised alerts. 

Elizabeth stated that the annual report was submitted on March 5th. Notification of the continuation award will be given this summer; an exact date was not given.  

Elizabeth reported that operation plans for remote work has been requested.  

Elizabeth also stated that the first virtual reconciliation drawdown was held last week, all business processes with the grant will continue as normal.   

Faculty Association 

Cynthia Deutsch expressed concerns about students being overloaded with work and discussions were made on how faculty might be able to decrease student workload and address the stress students are experiencing. Associate Vice Presidents to address this with faculty.  

Cynthia stated that the last meeting of the semester will be held through Zoom. Elections are to be held and emails have been sent out to the association. 


John Capps reported that the Governor sent out an email regarding budget cuts. With the possibility of federal stimulus funding to mitigate budget cuts, the college does have an advantage. John stated that the college may be asked to develop different budget scenarios with decreases of 3, 5, and 7%. The college needs to eliminate discretionary spending for the remainder of the fiscal year. More information should be given during the next ACOP call.  

John stated that the President’s Cabinet will now meet every Monday through Zoom. 

With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 13, 2020.  

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