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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
April 13, 2020
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 6, 2020 meeting were approved as written.

John Capps Chris Bryant Jeff Sydenstricker Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Shannon Hines
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden       Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  
Enrollment Report:

CGC Consent Agenda Items: None
Agenda Items: None
Divisional Reports:
John Capps led a discussion on CARES funding and what to do with the portion not allotted for emergency student aid. At this time, there has been no guidance from the system office as to what to do with the funding. There is a 30-day time limit after beginning the application. More information should come from the next ACOP meeting.
John stated that the VCCS will be marketing an online summer classes campaign. Chris Bryant added that the campaign will be called “College Anywhere” and will be rolled out in late April. Chris said that two initiatives, “Smart Path” and “Finish What You Started”, are currently running through Google Analytics, hard copy and mail.
John reported that Cynthia Deutsch will serve on the Chancellor’s Task Force to Redesign Virginia’s Community Colleges. Cynthia stated the first meeting will be held on Friday, 4/17.
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel Mickles reported that the Q&A and process for the new grading system will be launched this week. First, it will be sent to faculty, counselors and staff and then sent to superintendents for their review.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will Sandidge was absent.  
Classified Staff Association
Mary Zoccola reported that there were 25 participants in the last Classified Staff meeting. Employees are keeping logs of student contacts and were excited to engage with one another. Mary reported that the CSA will not be electing new officers at this time.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis Bryant is working on the budget and spend for the last few months of the year. This fiscal year looks good since the college received $900,000 in federal money.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris Bryant reported that the CVCC homepage will be updated this week. The main focus will be on remote learning, student services, summer and fall enrollment.
Chris stated there will be a tab for a virtual open house. Sessions will be available on a daily and weekly basis for prospective and current students.
Chris said the website will be updated again in two weeks to focus on 2020 graduates.
Chris also stated the Foundation will hold a committee meeting through Zoom at the end of April and a board meeting through Zoom in May.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah Jarrett held an informal meeting last week with the Part-Time Staff Association. Sarah asked if a Town Hall could be held to help people feel more connected. John responded that constituent group meetings could be held to help employees feel more engaged.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth Narehood reported on the weekly analysis of contacts in Student Services. She stated that from last week to this week, numbers have been maintained in advising and community connections.
  • Tutoring services saw increases between 17-58%.
  • Total number of appointments increased by 18%.
  • Unduplicated students served increased by another 10%.
  • 58 early alerts were issued since classes moved online.
  • From the cases report, 54% of 63 cases have been closed. 55% of those cases were created by faculty.
Muriel added that Patti’s team has made over 170 phone calls in the last two weeks to students who have not been engaged.
John asked Elizabeth if it’s possible to identify which students were using student success services, mainly the tutoring services, at the beginning of the semester versus students who are now using the services. Elizabeth stated that everything is tracked at the individual student level and those students can be identified.
John stated that some colleges are reaching out to all students since classes were moved online. Muriel will get with Patti to begin reaching out to all students. Chris was asked to help create a script so that information passed on to students would be consistent.
Due to a power outage, the below divisions were unable to report.
VP Information Technology
Director of Human Resources
Campus Police/Security
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Faculty Association
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for April 20, 2020.
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