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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
May 4, 2020

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the April 27, 2020 meeting were approved as written.

John Capps Chris Bryant Jeff Sydenstricker Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Shannon Hines
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden        Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Name(s) marked out were absent.
Enrollment Report: 05/04/20

CGC Consent Agenda Items: The Evaluation and Assessment Committee is requesting a revision to the Governance Model for CVCC Spring 2020 (updated to reflect CVCC institutional changes)
Kris Ogden stated that the recommendation reflects changes that need to be made to the governance model; reorganization of the divisions, name changes, and different committee structure changes that have occurred over the last year. The recommendation was approved at the last College Governance Committee meeting. David Lightfoot made a motion to approve the recommendation, with Cynthia Deutsch seconding to accept the motion. The motion carried unanimously. 
Agenda Items: Discussion of a “Compressed” summer schedule. 
Randall Franklin stated that cabinet approval is needed for the standard four 9-hour days Monday through Thursday and four hours on Friday to begin Friday, 5/15 and end on Thursday, 8/13. The motion carried unanimously. 
Divisional Reports:
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel Mickles was absent.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will Sandidge reported that he has been reviewing the summer and fall schedule. Will recommends increasing the enrollment numbers on the summer schedule because there are classes that are full and capped out. He stated that low enrollment classes need to be reviewed next week to see if classes can be consolidated. Will is to communicate this information to Muriel.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis Bryant reported that he continues to work on the budget. There are several vacant positions that can be applied to the budget. He stated that summer enrollment is up 10% since the last cabinet meeting.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris Bryant reported on additional website changes that included a new tile for fall enrollment. The website will change again next week for graduation. The site will include videos from John and Muriel, and also a graduation program book.
Chris said that the Scholarship Committee meeting was held earlier today and the other three committees will meet later this week. The Foundation Committee Board will meet on May 19th.
Chris stated that he is working with Patti Saffioti’s group to create new commercials for the Perkin’s grant. 
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth Narehood reported that the Title III Steering Committee meeting was held last Wednesday. She stated the committee was able to look more in-depth at student cohort data, which is the target of the Title III project. The indicators see gains in some areas of student success, credits, GPA, and retention efforts.
VP of Information Technology
David Lightfoot reported that there is a large demand for laptops and mobile devices since the pandemic occurred. In the future, questions were raised if mobile devices should replace traditional desktops and would ETF funds or CARES Act funding help with this cost. More information is needed.
Director of Human Resources
Randall Franklin stated that benefits open enrollment will continue through May 15th.
Randall reported that DHRM updated the mandatory training list which employees can complete while teleworking.
Campus Police/Security
Jeff Sydenstricker reported that there are a few people still on campus and there have been no issues.
Jeff stated that he is updating the paperwork required for the VCCS Campus Emergency Management Plan and other policies that need updating. 
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris Ogden reported that her team is gathering information from the surveys sent out and there will be plenty of evidence from the feedback to support the need for laptops for employees and students. She stated that the faculty had questions about what will happen with the fall semester, professional development opportunities, and ways to strengthen remote education environments. 
John commented that 123 computers will be donated from the Liberty University School of Medicine that can be loaned to students this fall.
Faculty Association
Cynthia Deutsch reported that the faculty association meeting was held last week. John and Muriel were in attendance and addressed questions and concerns.
Cynthia stated the Task Force had a report out last Friday, 5/1 from each subcommittee. Cynthia put together executive summaries for course delivery and dual enrollment. Groups will be meeting again on Wednesday to wrap things up and also on how to decrease overlap between the groups. The Task Force is still looking at the three-phase approach in conjunction with state and federal recommendations.  Specific recommendations will be made that address student service issues, course delivery issues, and safety recommendations. The next meeting will be on Friday, 5/8.
John asked if the grading scale was going to be back to normal for summer. Cynthia responded that the Task Force recommended grades return to a traditional grading scale for the summer semester.
Classified Staff Association
Mary Zoccola reported that the next classified staff association meeting will be held on Wednesday, 5/6. Most employees are questioning the safety upon returning to campus and will more meetings be held through Zoom even after coming back on campus. John and Muriel are scheduled to answer questions and hear comments during the meeting.
John asked Lewis to check on plexiglass screens and masks to make sure resources are available before returning.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah Jarrett reported that a drop-in/coffee meeting with the part-time staff is scheduled this week. She stated that Zoom meetings have been beneficial for employees who normally can’t attend in-person meetings.
Sarah stated that she now has a canvas site to post and share ideas with the staff.
John Capps reported that the systems office approved the plan of the first installment of the CARES Act Funding. CVCC will be helping 922 students; 89 students (less than half-time) will receive $350 and the remaining students (half-time or more) will receive about $1050. The next step is to figure out what information needs to be sent to Washington to distribute the funding. Lewis’s group will be handling the distribution of funds. The next focus is to determine how to use the second allotment of the CARES Act funding. 
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:07 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for May 11, 2020.
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