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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
May 11, 2020

Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the May 4, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
John Capps Chris Bryant Jeff Sydenstricker Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Shannon Hines
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden        Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Name(s) marked out were absent.
Enrollment Report: 05/11/20

CGC Consent Agenda Items: None
Agenda Items: None
Task Force Recommendation Discussion
Cynthia Deutsch reported on the Task Force recommendations. She stated that a decision tree was created for course delivery to help with the process. Survey tools have been created for course delivery and dual enrollment.

Cynthia asked how the college will move forward; will the cabinet continue to work together or will subgroups focus on specific tasks.

John commented that some subgroups are already at work. Muriel has been meeting with individuals in her area. He stated that Muriel and Patti decided that the tutoring center will not be able to meet face to face.  In general, updates within the cabinet will continue but subgroups with Michael, Patti, Jason and Cindy will meet also.

John stated that Lewis Bryant and John Rocha will be handling the facilities and have been trying to locate personal protective equipment needed in the event the campus reopens. They have also been analyzing the different spaces to determine how they should be setup.

Lewis commented that 4,000 surgical masks were received this week, the cost was around $4,000 to $5,000. He stated that disinfectant materials were ordered along with five sheets of Plexiglas for transactional windows. VDEM can provide some of the equipment/supplies also. 

Jeff commented that VDEM is putting out PPE to different localities. He said that since the college isn’t currently directly supporting COVID operations, the college would be low on the list. He stated that around the end of July or first of August, plans for higher education will be made available for PPE requests. 

Sarah commented that Vector Space is making masks/shields and giving them away but will accept payment for the costs to make the mask. She will email the information to Lewis for review.

Cynthia stated that one of the recommendations is to focus on the CARES Act funding and how that can be used to support training for faculty during the summer to get ready for the fall semester. Another recommendation is to include in the schedule whether a class is going to be synchronous or asynchronous. She will be working with Ed and Jim to pull tools together for training for online courses, pushing more towards asynchronous classes.

John questioned what degree of flexibility should the college allow individual instructors.
Muriel commented that a college wide approach should be used. She stated that all instructors need to be able to use canvas and need to at least be up to the minimum on expectations for online courses.

Kris commented on the feedback received on what the college did well. Once the decision was made to go remote, the week of training was so important and made for a smoother transition. Kris stated that a later start date for fall classes would be beneficial for all. 

John asked Muriel what would happen if the fall schedule was changed for a later start date.
Muriel stated that it could be done fairly easily, it would just need to be communicated well to faculty, staff, and students. The semester end date would need to be looked at as well. 

Sarah suggested that some of the tutors, if trained, could provide support to instructors with classes. 

Cynthia commented that the first phase of the Task Force recommendation has been sent out and it’s now up to the college to make decisions and plans. The presentation will also be addressed at the ACOP meeting on Tuesday. The second phase will begin this Friday, which is a three- to five-year plan in response to the pandemic but looking at how to move the system into a stronger place. She stated they will be working with a consulting group.

Lewis commented that a workgroup is meeting on Friday to look at each classroom, how it can be set up for a social distancing environment, in case classes resume in-person this fall.

Discussions were held regarding plans about the fall semester whether to be online or face to face. A timely decision needs to be made to allow faculty, staff, and students time to prepare. 
Divisional Reports:
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel Mickles reported that beginning May 30, per Ed McGee, Zoom will require a password when logging into a meeting. The password can be setup when creating the meeting.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will Sandidge was absent.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis commented that Marc Zoccola is evaluating new Title IX programs to replace what is currently being used. 

Lewis said that the SACS annual accreditation invoice was in and payment will be made shortly.

Lewis commented if Professional Development training can be funded with the CARES Act, it would help the budget and faculty with online education training.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth Narehood reported that she met with the educational specialist last week. She stated that the college received a “designation of making substantial progress”, which is a positive sign for the college in receiving a non-competing continuation award.  She said that no additional follow-up is needed for last year’s report. 
VP of Information Technology
David Lightfoot stated that VPN technology had challenges, William has created a new one. If updates are needed, staff/faculty will need to come to campus to receive the update.
Director of Human Resources
Randall Franklin stated that a policy was sent out through email last week regarding payments for professional duties beyond regular requirements. This policy is supported by VCCS and can be used to address off-contract training issues.

John asked Muriel to work with Allison and Ed on a professional development training plan to address online learning needs.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris Ogden stated she will have results of the Staff Transition to Telework Survey ready to send out next week. She stated that what’s been received so far, is that faculty would like additional training if remote working is to continue. Faculty was appreciative for the extra week during the transition period.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for May 18, 2020.
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