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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
May 18, 2020


Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the May 11, 2020 meeting were approved as written.
John Capps Chris Bryant Jeff Sydenstricker Will Sandidge Sarah Jarrett
Muriel Mickles David Lightfoot Randall Franklin Cynthia Deutsch Shannon Hines
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden        Elizabeth Narehood Mary Zoccola  

Name(s) marked out were absent.
Enrollment Report: 05/18/20
 Enrollment Numbers
CGC Consent Agenda Items: None
Agenda Items: None
Divisional Reports:
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel Mickles reported that interviews for the Associate Vice President position is moving forward, interviews are scheduled to begin the last week of May.

Muriel stated that the CARES Act money went out to students on May 15. She also stated that calls are being made to students who haven’t paid for the summer tuition. Enrollment backout will not be made until the refund drop date.

John added that enrollment is better than last week, but not doing as well as most colleges. There are 68 FTE’s that haven’t paid, this could drop summer enrollment significantly.  Students are being contacted about enrolling and paying for those classes.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will Sandidge didn’t have anything to report.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis Bryant stated that the direction from the VCCS in VP Peer Group meetings and ACOP calls indicates that the college should prepare for a 10% cut in state funds. The budget information given by the state is a base budget, which doesn’t change from what’s been given already. Most colleges are preparing for a 10% cut, which would be about a $1 million cut. Every 1% that is down in enrollment, for the entire year, is a $100k loss. Currently, there is a significant amount of unpaid student accounts, which could bring summer down 15-25%. Some vacant positions will be left open to cover the loss in funds.
John asked what progress is being made in using the second allotment of the CARES Act funding. Lewis commented that additional guidance from the VCCS is needed before using the funds. John stated that some colleges are planning to use these funds to offset lease expenses for off-site centers.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth Narehood reported the committee approved purchases for writing pads for the learning commons as well as CRLA handbooks, all have been ordered and on the way.

Elizabeth stated that the Steering Committee is scheduled to meet next week, with Trident Technical College participating. Trident is using a Title III project similar to the college and will share ideas with the committee.
VP of Institutional Advancement
John asked Chris to report on the CARES Act funding, the student emergency aid and institutional use of the funding. Chris stated that Michael’s group is sending out an email directly to the students who received the funding encouraging them to use those funds to take advantage of summer and fall classes.

Chris stated he plans to communicate on the website to ensure the community knows what’s been done with the funding.

Chris stated that a non-traditional marketing tool (provided through the Perkin’s Grant) is being prepped and will be ready to go in June through WSET, YouTube, and social media.

Chris said there is a Board meeting scheduled this week. The Educational Committee met today has endorsed and approved three grant proposals. It will go in front of the Tobacco Commission later today for final approval.
VP of Information Technology
David Lightfoot reported that there are several systems that monitor potential information security threats.  One of these systems monitors the Office 365 accounts and the ability to determine if a faculty or staff members account has been accessed from an unusual country. The most recent case on 5/15, was a faculty members account being accessed from China. 

David stated that the best mitigation for this is Multi-Factor Authentication.  Many of the users have MFA enabled on the Office 365 account because of their position and/or for VPN.  The IT goal, and the VCCS standard, is to implement MFA for all faculty and staff but understand this cannot be implemented immediately. 

David commented that not everyone can move immediately, accounts that have been compromised must be secured first and moved to MFA immediately. 

David encouraged everyone to embrace MFA.  William has created a method where users will have 14 days to implement MFA on their Office 365 account.  After the 14th day, the user will be required to setup MFA.  Although this can be implemented on an individual basis, it is targeted to departments.  He said to contact William Osborne or himself to implement this and help bolster the information security posture.
Director of Human Resources
Randall Franklin reported that open enrollment ended last Friday. He stated that the overall process went well and only a few paper forms will need to be inputted manually. Most employees were able to get into employee direct.

Randall stated that the Legal Counsel sent out an addendum to the faculty contracts.  The addendum states that employment is subject to change based on pandemic conditions. Classes could start out face-to-face but could revert to remote learning and vice versa.

Randall stated they are still waiting to hear about the faculty salary plan for this year.

Randall said he is still working on the faculty workload adjustments and will be reaching out for input on this.

John added the VCCS is relaxing the policy that limits the number of full-time hours that the faculty can teach.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris Ogden reported that results from the faculty surveys were sent out earlier today. She stated that collected results from high school dual enrollment were filtered out.

Muriel added that the results sent out were clear and easy to read.
Campus Police/Security
Jeff Sydenstricker stated that he’s been working with Lewis on logging into the FEMA grant public assistance portal to see what the college would qualify for.

Jeff said that he’s working with Jason Ferguson regarding a student who’s trying to get into the Police Academy. It has been a struggle to complete the tasks needed since doctor offices and police offices are closed.

Jeff also stated that new signs may be needed since students are still trying to come into the buildings. Muriel stated that she will get with Chris, Lewis, and Michael to update the signage for entrances into the buildings. 
Faculty Association
Cynthia Deutsch reported that the faculty has sent in a few concerns regarding plans for the fall semester. Cynthia stated she will begin working with Alison, Jim, and Ed to put together ideas and plans for online training and preparation for fall courses. Part of the discussion will be about stipends and what portion of the CARES Act can be used. Cynthia asked for feedback on what types of stipends can be offered and how it will work.

Cynthia said that the Task Force has transitioned to the second phase, the first meeting was held last Friday. The focus is moving towards workshops, planning modes, and working with a consulting group. The plans will eventually be narrowed down to specific questions and ideas for longer term recommendations for the VCCS and colleges.

John added that the policy for summer pay has been altered, which pays faculty the maximum amount allowable.
Classified Staff Association
Mary Zoccola reported that elections were delayed back in April. She said that an announcement will be sent out this afternoon with the four names of those interested in becoming officers. Elections will be held soon.   

Mary stated the overall feeling of the CSA, is everyone is comfortable with teleworking.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah Jarrett reported that an informal check in meeting is scheduled for Wednesday. A canvas site is being setup to share resources.

John asked what the content would be for the canvas site. Sarah stated it would be a place to add links, webinars, and an informal place to share ideas that would be helpful for others to see. Recordings of the Zoom meetings will be shared on this site also.
John reported that the ACOP call last Tuesday mainly discussed what to do about the fall semester. The official announcement wouldn’t be made until June 1 or possibly after June 10 based on the Governor’s decision.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for May 26, 2020.
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