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Committee Name: President's Cabinet
John Capps, Muriel Mickles, Lewis Bryant, David Lightfoot, Chris Bryant, Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Randall Franklin, Jeff Sydenstricker, Cynthia Deutsch, Elizabeth Narehood,  Raylene Cope, Sarah Jarrett, Mary Zoccola
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the June 15, 2020 meetings were approved. 

Dr. Capps welcomed Raylene Cope, the new Classified Staff Association President, to her first President’s Cabinet meeting.  Dr. Capps congratulated Raylene for being recognized by her constituents as a leader.
Dr. Capps reported that our enrollment for summer is looking slightly better, about a 3% increase.
Dr. Capps asked Muriel when the remote learning changes to the fall schedule would be completed. 
VP for Student and Academic Affairs
Muriel Mickles responded that the divisions are moving quickly to switch classes to remote learning.  The divisions must contact each instructor for their mode of delivery preference asynchronous, synchronous, hybrid, or collaborate.  Jason and Ava will be done by the end of this week.  Arts & Sciences will be done by July 1st.
Muriel reported that Ed McGee created a module-based Canvas training course that will give faculty the ability to generate a great online class.  The Faculty will be able to start Canvas training by the end of the week and will need to complete the course before the fall semester begins.  All faculty are required to post their class syllabus in Canvas beginning with the fall semester. 
Dr. Capps responded that we may offer a stipend incentive for those faculty that participate in training.  Lewis Bryant added that the stipend is a good use of the CARES Act funding. 
Dr. Capps encouraged Muriel to complete the fall schedule prior to July 1st.  Dr. Capps stated that fall enrollment is down by 50% and that we must work quickly to get this schedule out to the public.  Dr. Capps shared that another VCCS college branded themselves the #1 choice for online classes.  This is the type of marketing CVCC needs to embrace too. 
Dr. Capps asked Muriel if she has heard from the K-12 school divisions.  Muriel responded that she has several meetings coming up.  Dr. Rinella, Director of Secondary Education for Campbell County, will meet this week, June 25.  Tony Francis, Director of Secondary Education for Bedford, has reached out and we are working on a date for the near future.  Muriel added that the K-12 school divisions are trying to create a way to open that will comply with health and safety requirements.  Also, they must address parental concerns.  Dr. Capps added that the K-12 school divisions must also consider the logistics of transportation.
Muriel stated that transportation for our many dual enrollment programs is an important issue to be discussed with each school division.  There will be some classes that will require returning to campus  for skills and science labs.
Dr. Capps reported that many of the STEM classes require hands on skills and labs.  Dr. Capps added that he is firm that the STEM didactics will be online, and skills/labs will be on campus, as needed.
Dr. Capps stated that our Dual Enrollment is down 76%.  We do expect a rebound once the school divisions announce their plans for reopening. 
Raylene Cope reported that Amherst held a Town Hall meeting to show parents what social distancing would look like in the fall.  Raylene stated that Amherst is rural and does not have reliable internet access, but Dr. Arnold is working very hard to secure it for all of Amherst.  Raylene added that the CVCC Amherst Center was very close to Amherst High School.  Raylene asked if it is possible for the Early College or other CVCC students to have access to the computer labs at the Amherst Center.  Dr. Capps responded that the off-site centers may be able to offer computer access for those students that need reliable computer access.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Will Sandidge reported that the Communications committee met today.  We produced the reopening plan for the 2nd 5-weeks of summer, and it is working well.  Today we began working on the reopening plan for the fall semester.
Will stated that Jason Ferguson created a graphic for each area of the college in three different stages, completely locked down, partially opened, fully opened.  Each area will review, update and provide their input to Jason.
Will reported that the committee discussed and created our fall message to the public.  Will stated that accurate communications are vital to our enrollment.  Chris Bryant and David Lightfoot are coordinating their efforts to release the message on the CVCC website with the proper links, as needed.  Each area is developing standard scripts, so everyone receives a consistent message.  We are changing signs on all doors to accurately state where we are in this stage.
Will reported that Chris Bryant and Ed McGee are creating a video for our website explaining why students should take classes online at CVCC.  The video will include students telling why they enjoyed taking online classes at CVCC.
Will Sandidge stated that nothing will be released to the public until Dr. Capps reviews the information and approves it for release.
Will reported that the fall schedule will be ready by July 1st.
VP of Facilities and Finance
Lewis Bryant reported that this was the last week of our financial year.  Lewis reported his team has been working hard to close out this year. 
Lewis stated that he is waiting for a positive response from the VCCS before allocating CARES Act funds for professional development.
Dr. Capps reported the CARES Act has serious restrictions and guidance is slowly being released.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth Narehood reported that they continue to review ways to meet the needs of our students and how Title III funding can provide them the tools to be successful.  Elizabeth asked everyone to let her know if Title III can help with programs in their areas.
VP of Institutional Advancement
Chris Bryant reported that we are getting stronger.  We have had good traffic with Right Choice, Right Now.  He thanked Chrissy and Chuck for helping with Shared Services.  Analytics is showing we are getting the message to the students.  The CVCC website is constantly being update with the most current information.  Chris reported that 30,000 postcards will be mailed to residents on July 6th.
VP of Information Technology
No report.
Director of Human Resources
Dr. Capps reported that hate language will be discussed at the next ACOP meeting and invited Randall Franklin to attend.
Randall asked everyone to report any type of hate, racist and discriminatory language floating around social media to him.  We have a group at the Systems office working on this issue and what can be done to curb this type of speech by our students and/or employees.  Randall stated he will be forwarding anything reported to him to the taskforce.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Kris Ogden reported that she is working very closely with Will Sandidge to finish CVCC’s Reopening Plan report.  Kris stated that she needs to have the report to SCHEV by July 6th and will have the draft ready by the end of this week.  Kris stated that Lewis Bryant had some very helpful resources. 
Campus Police/Security
Jeff Sydenstricker reported that everything was going well.
Faculty Association
Cynthia Deutsch asked if the CARES Act funding can be used for the extra overload costs for full-time faculty.  Cynthia reported that the VCCS is offering flexibility with overloads for this summer, fall and next spring. 
Cynthia added that the system we currently use for paying faculty to teach online has a scale that ties increased student enrollment to increased credit workload.  An instructor teaching a seated class with 36 students is paid for teaching a 3-credit course.  The same course taught online with 36 students, will increase the instructor’s pay from 3 credits to 6 credits. 
Muriel stated that by moving most general education classes online we will incur a much larger payroll expense than previous years.  Muriel stated these extra costs raise a red flag of concern.  Muriel asked if the CARES Act funds will help with the additional costs.
Dr. Capps responded that the same is true for those teaching science and skill labs.  Social distancing requirements will dictate breaking one lab into several smaller labs meeting at different times.  This will cause those instructors to increase their hours.  Dr. Capps stated that these are unforeseen expenses brought on by the health and safety requirements and should meet the criteria for qualifying CARES Act expenses.
Elizabeth Narehood added that online tutoring takes longer than face to face and will increase tutoring hours and expenses too.
Classified Staff Association
Dr. Capps asked Raylene if she is seeing more students reaching out to CVCC.  Dr. Capps stated that Michael Farris reported that many more students are applying to the college, but fewer are enrolling.  Raylene reported that students are making more appointments through Navigate.  We are talking to students and parents.  Many families are looking at CVCC as a safer alternative than a four-year college.  However, they are concerned about the online option.  They are waiting to see what we are doing for the fall.
Raylene stated that many of our first-year students have never taken an online course and are reluctant to take their first college classes online.  I try to encourage those students to take two courses at one time.  Raylene added that students will do best with live online classes, but they like to see the instructor.
Raylene stated that she is concerned for the students with disabilities.  Online courses are very hard for them.  Many have limited support at home. 
Dr. Capps asked Muriel if the schedule will identify classes that are synchronous/asynchronous?  Muriel responded – absolutely.  We are using the phrase, Live online – synchronous or Fully online for asynchronous.
Dr. Capps asked Muriel if the divisions were making a concerted effort to bundle 8-week classes.  Muriel responded that historically, 1st 8-week classes did not do well, but 2nd 8-week classes do very well.  Muriel stated that she will advise the AVP’s to include bundled 8-week classes in the fall schedule.  Muriel will get with Chris Bryant to market this option.  Dr. Capps added that we should market CVCC’s advantage – Learn Safely, Learn Successfully, Learn with Us!
Cynthia stated that Corinne will include various online options that can be used in one class so a class would not need to be asynchronous or synchronous.  Corinne’s class will have sessions that can be attended at specific times, but the sessions are recorded and can be viewed by students at flexible times.   Cynthia added that we need to train our instructors how to use the newest technology so that our students can benefit and have a successful college experience, whether asynchronous or synchronous.  Muriel added that Ed McGee and his department can help train faculty to use various technology and online tools to meet our students learning needs.
Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah Jarrett reported that all was well. Sarah stated that her children attend the Lynchburg City Schools and that they had received a survey about transportation and asking parents to comment on what it would take for them to allow their children to return to the school.  Sarah added that LCS are still in the polling stage.
Dr. Capps announced that ACOP is allowing colleges to put up to 6% of their general fund into an institutional reserve that we can tap into as needed.  Lewis will be working toward this goal. 
Dr. Capps stated that the projected short fall is not as drastic as first thought, but still enough to make us quiver about possible budget cuts.
Dr. Capps announced that there will be an ACOP meeting tomorrow.
Dr. Capps asked the Cabinet if they would like to return to every other week meeting schedule?  Muriel responded that she would prefer a return to every other week.  The Cabinet agreed.  Dr. Capps asked everyone to still leave this time available on their weekly calendar in case we needed to meet quickly.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:20 p.m.  The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for July 6, 2020.
Mary Zoccola
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