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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
August 3, 2020
Minutes Approval:
Minutes of the July 20, 2020 meetings were approved. 

John Capps David Lightfoot Will Sandidge Cynthia Deutsch Raylene Cope
Muriel Mickles Chris Bryant Randall Franklin Elizabeth Narehood Sarah Jarrett
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden Jeff Sydenstricker Jim Tuite Mary Zoccola
Name(s) marked out were absent.
Enrollment Report
Data as of Yesterday (8/3/2020)
  Fall 2019 Fall 2020 % Change
FTE 1,813.20 1,375.00 -24.17%
Headcount       2,640       2,123 -19.58%
CGC Consent Agenda Item:  Professional Development Policy Change, CARES Act Funding for Professional Development
Agenda Item:  Approved
Dr. Capps reported that the Tobacco Commission and Intel had donated computers to CVCC for students.  Dr. Capps stated that the News and Advance ran a story about the donation this morning. Dr. Capps added that it was a great story but even better is the reality of the difference these computers will make to our students.  Dr. Capps thanked Chris Bryant and Elizabeth Narehood for facilitating the transactions.  Also, Dr. Capps thanked David Lightfoot and the IT team for getting the donated computers ready for student use.  Chris Bryant stated that the next step is getting the computers over to Patti Saffioti and Mike Fein for distribution to the students.
Dr. Capps asked Chris Bryant if WSLS will be on campus.
Chris Bryant responded that he and Biff Johnson, Chair of the Foundation Board, had interviewed with WSLS earlier today and that the interview will air this afternoon and this evening. 
Dr. Capps stated that there is a temporary suspension of the Professional Development plan this year.  In the past we have agreed that unless there is a significant reason not to approve an item on the Consent Agenda, that we will approve it in mass.  Dr. Capps asked the Cabinet if there were any objections to approving the amendment to the Professional Development Plan.  The were no objections.  The amendment was approved.
Dr. Capps thanked Sarah Jarrett for her work on the Professional Development Plan amendment. Sarah stated that everyone understood the need to work within the budget of the college.
Dr. Capps advised that professional development events that relate to remote instruction or remote student services may receive funding through the CARES Act.
Dr. Capps stated that two items have dominated our discussions over the past number of weeks our enrollment and our budget.  Dr. Capps asked Dr. Mickles for a report on enrollment.
Dr. Muriel Mickles stated that enrollment continues to improve every day and we are edging toward a better position.  The Enrollment Management and Student Service teams continue to strategize and implement new ways to reach out to students.
Muriel reported that a few students still come to campus even though we have advertised that the campus is closed, and that we are operating all student services virtually.  Marc Zoccola, Michael Farris, and I are taking care of these students daily.  Most are new students, first time going to college.  They feel a little bit confused and need some help.  Sometimes they have documents to drop off.
Dr. Capps asked Dr. Mickles how the new Chat feature was working. Muriel responded that it is going well.  Muriel thanked Kris Ogden for helping man the Chat.
Dr. Capps asked Raylene Cope how the frontline was doing?
Raylene stated that students will call and ask to stop by, and she explains that she is working virtually, and that campus is closed.  Raylene added that students travel into Lynchburg for various reasons, and as a second thought drop by campus to handle some items.  Especially brand-new students, some have recently moved to the area.  Raylene stated that she continues to explain to students that everything will be completed through email and that Zoom meetings are available for a one on one session.
Raylene stated that Job Corps had reached out to her and that she may be enrolling a handful of those students.  Because many of these students will enroll in our technical programs that have in person class meetings, transportation will be a problem we need to address.
Raylene reported that they continue to reach out to students and remind them to complete their financial aid or pay their tuition, to enroll in classes and get their books. The number of interactions we are having with students is intensifying.
Dr. Capps stated that there may be an additional 17 Beacon of Hope students enrolling at CVCC this fall.  Originally, they had planned to go to four-year institutions. 
Dr. Kris Ogden reported that she had compared enrollment numbers to last year and looked at several factors.  Kris stated that she looked at a specific date like July 20th to compare enrollment and found we were down about one-third. 
Kris reported that enrollment was down because we were unable to recruit high school students during the spring due to school closings.  Much of the missing enrollment is from the high school graduating class of 2020.  Kris stated that we are now dependent on them to seek us out. 
Kris reported lower enrollment for the first time in college student and the returning students.  Kris stated that on the date used for comparison the Welding program had lower enrollment than expected but is now on track.
Kris stated that enrollment is increasing daily and will probably continue to increase at a steady pace.
Dr. Capps thanked Kris for the excellent analysis. Dr. Capps stated that CVCC moved from number eight to number seven on the performance-based funding model.  Dr. Capps stated that fall to fall retention is one of CVCC’s lowest area of performance-based funding.  We truly need to improve our retention rates.
Dr. Capps asked Lewis Bryant to report on the budget.
Lewis Bryant stated that from a monetary standpoint, that every 1% loss of enrollment equals about a $100,000 loss for CVCC. Lewis reported that he started looking at the budget when CVCC was at a 47% loss of enrollment, but then it moved to 30%, 20% and we may end around 10%.  Last fall CVCC increased enrollment by 2%.
Lewis stated that as of today, we are down 24%, so I rounded it to 20%. Also, we have an ETF reimbursement that will come in next year. The cash will be applied toward our budget. The state owed us a reimbursement for our Workforce ETF’s funds last year, but they were unable to pay us last year. That is extra money for us in the new year because we spent it in the old year.
Lewis reported that CVCC has carry over funds earmarked to offset the governor's reduction. The VCCS may cut funding by 10% - best estimate. The carry over money is about $982,000.  Also, we have the ability to carry over additional funds this year because of the hiring freeze and the freeze on discretionary spending will offset whatever the state takes from us.  Lewis reported that later in August a special session will meet and make final decision.
Lewis stated that the CARES Act funding is built into our budget.  It will cover some of our teaching faculty expenses, about $800,000.  This money will be used to offset our transition to remote instruction to pay for the faculty that used to teach face to face, and now teach online. This is new money and one-time only money and will help offset revenue losses.  This year’s one-time funding is around three million and is built into our budget.
Lewis reported that our expenses are consistent with other years, except the faculty expense is lower because of the CARES Act funding. 
Lewis stated that the operating budget for this year was reduced by $400,000.  For all intents and purposes, we have a balanced budget, or we may even have a little surplus.
Dr. Capps thanked Lewis Bryant for his outstanding work on the budget.
Dr. Capps stated that the divisions would need to keep the adjunct faculty budget expenses in line with enrollment.  The cost of instruction cannot exceed revenue.  The AVP’s need to be vigilant in managing the fall schedule.
Dr. Capps stated that he is reluctant to balance the budget with the one-time $3 million because if the pandemic lingers, next year will not be any better than this year.  A very serious look at furloughs to try to reduce our personnel costs may be needed so that we do not have to use $3 million of that funding.
Lewis stated that this budget can be amended as needed. 
Jeff Sydenstricker reported that the last two weeks have been very normal and that he had nothing to report.  Business as usual for the Campus Police.
Dr. Capps thanked Jeff for doing a terrific job as interim Chief of Campus Police
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch reported that the VCCS Taskforce moved forward and broke into the four subgroups.  Assignments were given to each subgroup last Friday.  Our presenter on Friday was John King, Jr., who was the Secretary of Education in the Obama Administration.  His presentation was very inspirational.
Cynthia reported that each subgroup will focus on one of these topics, student support, financial aid issues, workforce programs and reimagining teaching and learning.  Cynthia stated that she will be the leader of the reimagining teaching and learning subgroup. 
Cynthia stated that the VCCS Taskforce is looking for key representatives from each campus to work with the subgroups beginning in September.  Cynthia ask if anyone had any ideas on a few key CVCC representatives that would be willing to meet with a subgroup.  If you do, please contact me.
Dr. Capps stated that Cynthia’s role as President of the Faculty Association is ending, but she will remain as a member of the President’s Cabinet.  Cynthia will be part of the cabinet on an ad hoc basis because of her involvement in the Taskforce that is going to be creating the new six years strategic plan for the VCCS.  Her perspectives as an insider in that process are vital to us on the inside at CVCC.
Raylene Cope reported that the CSA has almost filled all their seats on the Governance Committees.
Sarah Jarrett reported that the same is true for the Part-time Association.  It is a little more challenging in the remote work environment to get volunteers.
Sarah reported that there will be an online Career Conference.  This is not with the Part-time Association, but with the high school career coaches. It is a weeklong conference beginning August 17-21st with mix of topics.  Student can do as may or as few sessions as they want.  Maybe it will help with recruitment.
Dr. Capps thanked Sarah Jarrett for organizing this event.
Dr. Muriel Mickles reported that we are working just as hard as we can with the reopening plan, enrollment, dual enrollment, training and so forth.  One new item we are working on is Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.  The Vice President’s Staff will read From Equity Talk to Equity Walk: Expanding Practitioner Knowledge for Racial Justice in Higher Education.  Of course, anyone can join the group.  We are hoping to identify topics that may be barriers for our underserved student.
Onboarding is our first topic.  The idea is to look at the topic through the eyes of an underserved student, jut to see how they see it.  Where do the problems lie and how can we help with that?
Muriel: And we will start working on our first topic and move forward from there, but I am excited about it. And I think that is going to be a good thing.
Everything else is business as usual. Lots of it but business as usual.
Dr. Capps stated that this initiative began with the Title III Steering Committee.  It was suggested that a closer look at equity issues was needed.  This pandemic exposed and magnified the inequities that exist among our student in our community.  It was decided that a subcommittee from the Title III Steering Committee and some additional members would try to bore in on this issue of equity to go to greater lengths to make sure that the needs of our underserved students are being met.  The ALICE report stated that 67% of the households in Lynchburg are ALICE households, Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed, the working poor.  Even more horrifying is that 83% of the 67% are African American households in Lynchburg.
Dr. Capps stated that if anyone is going to do something about this horrible situation it is us, CVCC.  We can make the difference.  Nobody has the expansiveness of scope that we possess to provide the community and individuals with relief and resolution.  This is an important initiative that we will carry out over the course of the coming year.
Dr. Capps thanked Muriel for all that she and her staff are doing for CVCC.
Will Sandidge reported that Kris Ogden sent out an updated reopening information packet and that it was very well received.
Kris stated that she had received emails asking for clarification on certain items in the Fall 2020 Reopening Plan.  Everyone has been very positive and complimentary. Kris stated that they would continue to work on effectively communicating the element of the plan.
Dr. Capps thank Will and Kris and their team for their exemplary work on the Fall 2020 Reopening Plan.
Dr. Capps asked Mary Zoccola about Florence Cole’s Habitat for Humanity home.
Mary stated that Florence Coles and her family are expected to move into the house in October and that we are all invited to the Open House, date to be determined. 
David Lightfoot reported that IT is working on laptops and computers donated to CVCC. We have 150 to get ready for distribution to students.  David stated that the old office phone will be removed in the next few weeks.  IT is offering faculty and staff training during the week of Convocation.
Elizabeth Narehood stated that Title III is looking at several different items. One of them is the onboarding process at CVCC.  Taking a look at the process with new eyes to truly understand the process.  Another item is the Steering Committees budget needs to finish for this year.  We start with a new budget in October.
Elizabeth reported that she is working on finishing this year’s budget. Funds were able to be reallocated to help with professional development areas as well as some equipment needs.
Elizabeth stated that she sent a request out for laptop donation for students and was surprised by Intel’s donation.
Elizabeth reported that she worked with Chris Bryant, Jason Ferguson, and Jack Freeman on the GO Virginia grant to expand our CTE programs.  Which aligns with the Title III project to expand our dual enrollment. Kevin Riley and I are pulling data from this past year and looking through it. Kevin and I gave a presentation on early alerts.
Elizabeth Narehood stated that Title III is involved with many different things going on at CVCC and trying to support what we can moving forward in this new world.
Dr. Capps stated that CVCC continues to appreciate the outstanding work you do.
Randall Franklin reported that there is nothing we can do about negative distasteful hate speech on social media postings according to the VCCS legal team. They are protected by the First Amendment, unless threats are made to a person or group.  If you see something that is threatening, please let me know and we can move forward from there.
Randall stated that HR is receiving Position Request forms for the fall.  Unless these positions are grant funded, we will need to apply for an exception to the hiring freeze. And just as an FYI, the system office is not submitting any exceptions to the Secretary's office until September 9th.
Dr. Capps I thought during that two and a half hours go. Virginia meeting that I attended last week that we might need to expand the scope of our goal Virginia proposal beyond just asking for funding for two positions.
John: That we can talk about that think maybe we need something that is a little bit more comprehensive in nature rather than just a request for personnel funding.
Chris Bryant reported that the Marketing team sends out weekly marketing emails to let everyone at CVCC know where we are employing our efforts. We are going to need more help as we move ahead. One of the items that have been of chief concern is our homepage and our website. David Lightfoot and I are working with Will Perez to pull together the group of Content Owners or Page Managers. This step is to ensure that our website is relevant and always up to date and accurate.
Chris Bryant reported that the next Foundation Board meeting will be on August 11th, then November 10th and December 10th.  Biff Johnson is our Board Chair and we meet often.  Chris thanked Muriel and Alison for asking the Foundation to be involved in Convocation.
Dr. Capps thanked Chris for the work that he, David, and Will Perez are redoing on the website and the work he is doing to strengthen our marketing and fundraising capacities.  Dr. Capps added that Chris Bryant’s weekly email had a very impressive list of marketing activities.
Chris Bryant stated that the Lynchburg Business Magazine featured Philmika Reid as an Up and Coming Star to watch. CVCC won the Number 1 spot for Best Place to Work in Lynchburg, and Twila and Francie had a full-page ad in the back of the magazine.
Dr. Capps asked Muriel to plan a robust second eight-week schedule to capture those students who go away to four-year school are forced to come back home and rethink their educational path.  Dr. Capps added that CVCC needs to be poised to have those classes, ready to go for students who fall into that category. So, you might work with the AVP’s to develop some general education classes in that arena.
Muriel responded that she would direct the AVP’s to create a robust second eight-week schedule for this fall semester.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.  The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2020.   
Submitted by Mary Zoccola
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