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Minutes of the
President’s Cabinet Meeting
September 28, 2020
Minutes Approval:

Minutes of the September 14, 2020 meetings were approved. 

John Capps David Lightfoot Will Sandidge Cynthia Deutsch Raylene Cope
Dr. Mickles Chris Bryant Randall Franklin Elizabeth Narehood Sarah Jarrett
Lewis Bryant Kris Ogden Jeff Sydenstricker Jim Tuite Mary Zoccola
Name(s) marked out were absent.
Enrollment Report – September 28, 2020
                         Data as of Yesterday (9/28/2020)
  Fall 2019 Fall 2020 % Change
FTE 2,161.60 1,925.93 -10.90%
Headcount       3,726       3,254 -12.67%

Agenda Item:   Proposal for Budget Increase for Professional Development
 Lewis Bryant presented the Proposal for Budget Increase Professional Development 10300-164007 to the President’s Cabinet for approval
Lewis reported that due to uncertainty created by the August 2020 General Assembly Special Session and feared general fund budget reductions, as well as a slow increase in college enrollment for Fall 2020 to near normalcy, all created by the pandemic, the college was unable to allocate educational and general funds for professional develop in the initial budget that was adopted at the beginning of the September.  Instead CARES funds were allocated toward professional development related to the transition to remote instruction which is CARES eligible.
So far, this fiscal year, requests for travel and development have been very limited due to COVID policies and concerns as well as increased workloads.  The professional development that is occurring is online which seems to be much less expensive due to saving travel costs.  Employees are still taking coursework remotely.
Lewis stated that in working with Alison Moore, an allocation of $25,000 appears to be sufficient to meet the anticipated demand for 2020-21.  Funds are available to support this budget increase.  It has been consistently reported that we will be spared from general funds reductions.  Additionally, the college has slowly continued to build enrollment as shown below.  We are currently waiting for completion of dual enrollment student registration, however the current enrollment levels of -10% far exceed our enrollment decline earlier this month when our budget was adopted at -20%.
Proposal Summary – Increase 10300-164007 by $25,000 and request that the professional development committee implement changes to utilize these funds.  The college also continues to have CARES funds that can be used for any development that qualifies as ‘supporting the transition to remote instruction’ to supplement this E & G allocation.
Funding Source – Education and General Funds due to improving enrollment and more stable general fund
Dr. Capps called for a motion to approve the proposed budget increase of $25,000 to the professional development committee’s budget.  Jim Tuite made the motion to approve the proposal, Will Sandidge seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.
Dr. Capps asked the Cabinet to discuss what the most important innovative goals, practices, and processes are for us to pursue as we approach the spring semester?
Dr. Mickles stated the Equity Workgroup’s first task is to develop an onboarding process that is clear and understandable to a first-generation student, to an underserved student and to all students.  Our goal is to increase enrollment by increasing the number of students who successfully navigate through the onboarding process and enroll in classes. 
Dr. Mickles stated that communication and outreach to our students are essential responsibilities of everyone at CVCC.  As confirmed by the ALICE report, we know that many of our students face one or more obstacles that may halt their ability to attend college.  We must create a constant flow of communication with our students so that we know when they have hit a bump that may interfere with their educational goals. The Enrollment Management team reached out to each student that they personally enrolled in classes this semester just to check in and ask how their semester is going.  The response from students was very positive and encouraging to all our Counselors and Navigators.  Also, they called the many students who applied but did not enroll at CVCC this semester just to ask why and to offer assistance.  During the call they promoted the many second 8-week courses that are available.  Dr. Mickles reported that the Student Success team and many others have called students this semester to offer guidance and assistance.  Our students need to know we care, especially in this remote learning environment.
Jim Tuite reported some faculty members are new to online teaching and need to improve their content and skill set.  Jim shared some feedback from students regarding the difficulties they were having with their online classes.  Feedback included the need for more weekly reminders and updates, the need for more interaction with the instructor and a consistent turnaround time for responding to student questions and work submitted issues.
Jim added that our local school systems are beginning to use Canvas and next years CVCC students will be very familiar with the application.  It is crucial that our faculty members have exceptional knowledge and skills in this application.  Jim suggested that there needs to be an assessment of each instructor’s course content.  Perhaps by the Program Heads.
Dr. Capps agreed that there needs to be a way to assess online classes and to offer additional training to those who need to improve.  Why would we allow a faculty member not to teach a quality course?
Dr. Cynthia Deutsch agreed and suggested using peer review.  Cynthia stated that CVCC’s Canvas presence is critical.
Dr. Kris Ogden responded that CVCC’s Online Virginia Network grant still had money that can be used to offer additional online training to faculty.
Randall Franklin stated that we should not wait until the end of the semester to find out what is happening in our online courses.  Is there a way to solicit a response from students’ mid-semester?
Raylene Cope suggested phone call to students.
Sarah Jarrett suggested promoting a virtual – Stay Connected with CVCC suggestion box, phone calls and text messages.
Dr. Capps asked how do we reach those students who suffer in silence?
Kris Ogden added that we need a real college phone campaign. We need to call those students who were dropped from classes for non-attendance.  Why did the student not attend class?  Of course, we do not want to overwhelm students with phone calls.  Kris suggested the use of a calendar to organize various call campaigns throughout the semester.  We need to keep a record of each student’s responses to get a clear and accurate assessment of our online classes and our students concerns.
Muriel added that a student who has a concern should be advised first to contact the instructor, and then the AVP or Dean.  If we do not know about the problem, we cannot fix it.  The majority of our faculty are doing an outstanding job teaching online.
Will Sandidge stated that everyday a number of students come to campus to pay their tuition, either by check or with cash, to sign a document for A&R or Financial Aid.  How do we make these departments more accessible to those students?
Lewis responded that John Rocha and he thought about removing a window from one of the offices in the courtyard and replacing it with a teller type window.  This window could be manned by an employee who would help each person who comes to campus. 
Jeff Sydenstricker added that our signage is outdated and should be replaced.  All signs lead to the Counseling department door that is locked.  Very confusing for visitors.
Dr. Capps asked Will to address this concern with the reopening taskforce at the next meeting. 
Dr. Capps stated that there will be a Town Hall meeting in October. 
Randall reported that the VCCS only approved two of our seven requests for hiring.  A part-time admin for the President was not approved.
Lewis asked David Lightfoot about extending wi-fi to the parking lots. 
David stated that IT is working to get wi-fi installed in two parking lots, the one behind Bedford Hall and the other in the parking lot between Campbell Hall and Amherst Hall.  David stated that the equipment is on order, but it is not currently accessible.
Jim Tuite added that many libraries and churches are offering free wi-fi in their parking lots too.
Dr. Capps stated that at the next meeting and subsequent meeting we will continue to discuss our initiatives, peer review and CVCC being a pace setter.  We are driven to do whatever we can for our students.
With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:37 p.m.  The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2020.  
Submitted by Mary Zoccola
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