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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Zoom Meeting 
May 3, 2021
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the April 5, 2021, meeting was approved as written.

Attendees: John Capps, Muriel Mickles, David Lightfoot, Chris Bryant, Kris Ogden, William Wilkerson, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Will Sandidge, Cynthia Deutsch, Jim Tuite, Raylene Cope, Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
                                                         Data As Of Today (5/3/2021)
  Spring 2020 Spring 2021 % Change
FTE 1,902.73 1,733.33 -8.90%
Headcount 3,447 3,120 -9.49%
  Summer 2020 Summer 2021 % Change
FTE 318.07 429.87 +35.15%
Headcount 847 1,137 +34.24%
  Fall 2020 Fall 2021 % Change
FTE 80.73 264.27 +227.33%
Headcount 103 424 +311.65%
Consent Agenda Items:

Mobile Computers and Accessories Issued to Faculty and Staff Policy (E2IT)
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the policy as written.

Agenda Items: 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (LIGHTFOOT)
David reported at the last Cabinet meeting he mentioned enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as an information security mitigation strategy. He stated since the last meeting, the 2021 IT ARMICS has been received and reviewed. He stated one of the items requires the MFA to be enforced by October.  The requirement reads:
By October of this year all users accessing their college or faculty email using a web portal will be required to use multi-factor authentication in order to access their email. Legacy email client support (using POP, IMAP) must also be disabled by this same point in time.
David stated although he doubts anyone is using POP and IMAP, he stated he will communicate this by way of the Daily Bulletin and “everyone” email that these will be turned off before doing so.  He reported, given faculty contracts are ending, the proposed plan is to communicate this early in the fall semester, maybe during convocation, and turn these off in September. He stated the proposed MFA plan is to move staff and administration to MFA over the summer and faculty in the fall. He stated part of the reason he would like to do it in somewhat of a staged approach is his concern about the ability for the Help Desk to handle a lot of problems if they occurred at the same time.
David stated it is understood not everyone has or is willing to use their phone as a second factor authentication; therefore, work is being done to purchase YubiKey USB devices to use as a second factor. David reported the list price for these is $45. He stated if this purchase is approved, there are several questions that will need answers which include:
  • Will employees be charged for these if they lose or don’t return them? 
  • Is a college policy needed for this? If so, can he bring it here since the governance groups are inactive?
John stated the answer to all of David’s questions would be a “yes.” He asked David if he knew how many employees either do not have a cell phone or do not want to use it as an MFA. David stated he was unsure and thought 20 of the YubiKey USBs would be purchased at the beginning. Jim stated he knew some faculty were still using flip phones, but David stated one does not have to have a smart phone to receive the MFA code. David stated this will be similar to banking online as that usually requires MFA.
John stated since this is a VCCS requirement, it does not need the Cabinet’s approval.

Divisional Reports:  

John stated the first item he would like to discuss is the strategic plan that he had emailed earlier today. He stated the Chancellor has changed the way in which the presidential evaluations will take place this year. John reported what typically happened in the past is that he would meet with the Chancellor and review the completion of the goals that had been submitted the previous year. He stated this year what the Chancellor has asked for this time is a definition of at least five goals that the College plans to work on during the next year and two of those goals must relate to the promotion of diversity in the College’s employment processes. John stated he feels that Randall will confirm that the College has already taken significant steps toward completing those goals John stated the remaining three goals are those that he forwarded in this morning’s email. John stated ordinarily the entire college community would have been engaged to identify what goals that they wanted to concentrate on during the forthcoming year. He stated this was not possible since the Chancellor wanted those goals no later than May 18. John stated he along with Muriel, Kris, and Cynthia held an executive session and decided on actually four goals. John stated the fourth goal was to review the onboarding process but since adding that goal, he discovered the VCCS is also reviewing this process; therefore, he has decided to remove that goal for now. He stated the three goals below are the ones that he will submit to the Chancellor and those will become the primary goals that the College will work on as it defines and implements Opportunity 2027.
  1. Teaching and Learning Objectives:
  • Improve program cohesion through full implementation of guided pathways, including intentional redesign of the Student Development (SDV) courses; revision of transfer programs to include major pathway maps designed to make transfer seamless and efficient; and implementation of stackable credentials, work-based learning, and capstone courses to ensure students’ readiness to enter the workforce. Fully utilize Navigate to create program pathways that inform students of milestones in their progress.
  1. Student Support Objectives:
  • Provide students with connections to programs and community resources that address non-academic barriers to success by expanding the use of SingleStop.
  1. The Future of Work Objectives:
  • Build academic schedules to prioritize the needs of adult working students and expand access to underrepresented groups; fully utilize Ad Astra Platinum Analytics to build schedules that ensure students can get the courses they need when they need them.
John reported, however, these are not the only goals that the College will be working on. He stated Cynthia will be undertaking a comprehensive college-wide planning process that will engage the College community with the identification of additional goals that will add to the five that will be submitted to the Chancellor.
William asked is there somewhere within the strategic goals of the College where emergency management or public safety in general is defined as to what the College is looking for. John stated there will be, and he envisions, in the fall after everyone gets back together again, they will engage in an extensive planning charrette. He also stated there will probably be a survey to solicit ideas from the College community about what they believe the College should be concentrating on during the next six years. He stated he would hope that emergency planning would be one of the goals resulting from that process for it's certainly a crucial function that the College needs to carry out effectively. Kris stated to answer William’s question, the College also has a departmental planning process and within that process, each department will map out their goals and strategies to those overall College goals. John stated the College will be able to maintain the continuity and the momentum that it has gained through the past six years of strategic planning, and at the same time, it will place a new accent on the importance of equity and achieving students’ success.

John asked Jim and Raylene if they had heard any talk concerning the reopening of the College. Jim stated he had not, but thinks some faculty are hesitant but looking forward to getting back but just concerned about the logistics of how it's going to work. John reported he understands their concerns. He stated HealthWorks will visit CVCC and review everything that the College has done to create a safe environment for faculty, staff, and students. John stated he hopes this will inspire confidence in the College community. Will stated he along with Lewis, John, Kris, and John Rocha walked around Campus last week to review all the safety updates that had been made. Kris stated in order to maintain compliance with current safety guidelines, the College has to plan on six feet of social distancing in every interaction and that creates some challenges when trying to accommodate the number of people that is anticipated. She stated, hopefully, HealthWorks will provide feedback after their tour of the Campus.
John questioned William if he had made any progress with the event staff for the reopening. William stated he has spoken with the Admiral Security Services to have two individuals available to walk around the Campus, and he plans to have a training session with them. He stated he has submitted a document to Kris to create an informational card to include on one side about social distancing and the other side to include the importance of wearing a mask. He stated these cards could be given to anyone not wearing a mask or social distancing. William stated hopefully this would cut down on any possible confrontations. He stated he will put all of this in writing, but that would be the same thing if a professor, faculty, and staff are having trouble with a student these individuals will be the initial ones to respond and just make contact with them. He stated maybe they could explain to them the policies and the procedures and hand them a card. He stated if that individual continues to escalate, then call the police. William stated then the decision needs to be made whether or not the College wants to deal with them from an administrative point of view or have them arrested which will take the situation to a new level.

William reported he planned on having two people from Admiral Security Services on Campus from August 22-September 8. John suggested having them on Campus prior to classes beginning. John asked if William will be able to interview the Admiral Security personnel prior to their working here. William stated he will be speaking to Admiral Security and explain exactly what he is looking for and will also work with the two personnel a day before they actually start working.
Jim stated he feels there is a need to provide some criteria for faculty on how to handle problems such as how the students are supposed to behave, wear masks, or whatever, before escalating the situation in the classroom prior to Security’s arrival. Cynthia stated some language was created that was to be included in the faculty syllabi and maybe that should be revisited to include masks and mask compliance and what would be the outcome for students if they do not follow those directions. Jim stated he feels the initial guidance for that should come from Reopening Committee. John stated he thinks it's a good idea to reinforce the same statements on syllabi and in any other publication that is handed out. John stated he is not aware of any problems with the students who came to class on Campus during the summer. Kris stated every student currently attending in person has attested to a series of statements and that will also be done again for the fall. She stated everyone who's attending in person will be required to attest to whatever the statements are that will apply for fall so that will allow the College to hold them to that standard of student conduct. Kris stated anyone who didn't want to sign the statement was given an opportunity to learn virtually. Muriel reported they were very compliant this summer, and she is hoping that the fall will be the same.
Campus Police/Security:
William stated CVCC’s emergency notification system is being reviewed, and at some point, a text message will be sent asking to see who is active and if they want to renew and stay in the system. He stated the College has a license for 2,500 people, and there is a significant amount over that number that receive notification.
Vice President for Finance and Administration:

Lewis reported the College is still waiting for direction from the VCCS in using the CRRSAA funds. He stated it is ironic that the funds can be requested but the College does not have the spending authority to use the money to benefit the College such as creating the HYFLEX classrooms.
Lewis stated the VCCS has released a memo concerning ARMICS and Christina Brannan is waiting on guidance of more specifics as there have been some significant changes. He stated one change is that he and John will have to certify some addition documentations.
Lewis reported the VCCS should have the budget ready in Mid-May, and they are asking what the estimated enrollment will be for next year, which is usually the last thing that they do before they publish the budget.
John discussed enrollment and stated what is being published in the Daily Bulletin for the summer enrollment is inflated. The Bulletin shows +35% but the VCCS shows about +21%. John stated fall enrolment usually follows the summer enrollment in numbers.

John stated that the College is also receiving $95,000 in additional funding for Equipment Trust Funds (ETF).

Project Director of Title III Grant:

Elizabeth stated the APR for the Title III was submitted on April 15. She thanked everyone that helped to get that report submitted either by providing data or serving as a reviewer. Elizabeth stated hopefully the College will hear good news soon.

Vice President of Information Technology:
David discussed the HYFLEX classrooms and stated the CRRSAA funds that were to be used on this project have not been appropriated as of yet. He stated some of the year-end funds are being repurposed to purchase some of the components needed. He stated hopes were to have some of the classrooms ready by the end of the spring term but that is not going to happen now. David stated last week he tried to log into the zoom admin portal to create a Zoom Room and realized he can't do it. He stated he submitted a ticket to the VCCS, but they can't fix it, and it seems that Zoom can’t fix it either. He stated this is the first step to creating a HYFLEX classroom. He stated he has a call with the VCCS tomorrow and hopefully they can create the Zoom Room for him. David stated some of the components will arrive soon and plans are to try them out this summer.
David stated the VCCS is creating a template design for the colleges. He stated he was on a Technology Leadership Council call last week, and this was discussed. The VCCS is meeting with some colleges to learn what they are doing, but the design is up to the college. He stated this is good for CVCC, because he hadn’t heard of this proposed template design until very recently, and IT had already begun procuring equipment based upon their design. He stated based upon what he heard yesterday, the VCCS is planning professional development for faculty teaching HYFLEX classes and believes this will take place in the fall.
David reported in addition to classrooms, some conference rooms will be made into Zoom Rooms.  He stated this will begin with the President’s Conference Room. He stated plans are to leverage existing components within the President’s Conference Room and attempts are being made to order a camera. This will allow the Zoom Room functionality to be tested.
David stated everything is being done to make HYFLEX classrooms a reality at CVCC but the obstacles “keep coming”.

Dean for Institutional Effectiveness & Planning

Kris reported Drew Stafford has been hired as the research analyst for the Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning office and is actually here on campus today getting all of his access set up.

Director of Human Resources:

Randall reported Tonda Bennett will begin working in the HR office on May 24.  He stated she is currently working with Campbell County Department Social Services, but she had 11 years in Human Resources with Centra.

John stated this is Muriel’s last Cabinet meeting for the next five-ten months. Muriel reported that quite a few people have reached out to her from the Danville Community already and also from the DCC. She stated she is looking forward to this opportunity but will miss everyone here at CVCC. John stated that Muriel is the best, best, best, person for what that college needs right now so she will make a profound difference. Muriel stated she appreciates his confidence and that she promised to do her absolute best.

The meeting ended at 1:15 with the next Cabinet meeting to be held on June 21, 2021.
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