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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Zoom Meeting 
June 14, 2021
Minutes Approval: 

Minutes of the May 3, 2021, meeting were approved as written.  

John Capps, Lewis Bryant, David Lightfoot, Chris Bryant, Kris Ogden, William Wilkerson, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Will Sandidge, Cynthia Deutsch, Jim Tuite, Raylene Copes, Sarah Jarrett, Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
                                 As of today, June 14, 2021
  Summer 2020 Summer 2021 % Change
FTE 436.67 497.07 +13.83%
Headcount 1,250 1,367 +9.36%
  Fall 2020 Fall 2021 % Change
FTE 636.20 651.93 +2.47%
Headcount 889 991 +11.47%

Consent Agenda Items: None  

Agenda Items: 

Proposed Addition to ID Badge and Building Access Policy (WILKERSON)
William proposed to add the following two paragraphs to the ID Badge and Building Access Policy.
The CVCC ID Badge or other identification for students who have not been issued a CVCC ID card must be produced upon request by any college official or police officer or by a faculty member in his/her classroom or other instructional setting. CVCC campus police shall be provided the means to confirm that an ID card is valid, i.e., that the holder is a current student, employee, or other eligible ID card holder.
Failure to comply with a request and directives of university officials acting within the scope of their authority, including but not limited to the following: failure of a student to present their university identification card.

The President’s Cabinet discussed this in detail and decided a separate policy should be created for the above.  Kris suggested a different wording of the policy and will forward it to William. The Cabinet asked that Patti Saffioti be consulted on this as it involves the library staff who process the student ID cards to see if she has any suggestions. The rewriting of the policy will be presented at the next Cabinet meeting for approval. 

Divisional Reports:

John stated he thinks the most important order of the day relates to the email that he sent out on CVCC’s Reopening Plan for the fall semester. He asked if Will and Kris would like to discuss this with the Cabinet. Will began by stating the College’s reopening plan was developed by the Reopening Taskforce Committee and has been reviewed by Centra’s HealthWorks. Will reported HealthWorks had favorable comments concerning the Plan. He stated the College is scheduled to reopen on July 6, and one major issue that will need to be addressed is the social distancing of six feet. Will stated Facilities has installed barriers throughout the College in an effort to protect the staff and also the students.

John stated he hoped all of the Cabinet members were able to participate in Dr. Duncan Hughes’ presentation last week. He stated Dr. Hughes from HealthWorks had visited CVCC’s Campus and shared his expertise and insights and answered questions at the end of his presentation. John stated Dr. Hughes gave his endorsement on CVCC’s plan and further endorsed the plan by sending his son to CVCC in the fall. John stated he feels this plan will ensure or, at least, promote the safety of all members of the College community. He stated the College owes their gratitude for all the hard work done by the Reopening Task Force.

John asked Jim, Raylene, and Sarah if they had received feedback from their constituency groups concerning returning to Campus on July 6. Jim began by saying he hasn’t heard anything from any faculty members as the plan was emailed out this morning. He reported he thinks most faculty are interested in getting back to normal, and he knows for certain he is ready to come back to Campus.

John reported he has heard from a couple of people who have expressed some serious reservations about returning to Campus but hopes that those are the exceptions, rather than the rule. He stated he doubts anyone would disagree some sense of community has been lost during the pandemic just because of working in isolation. He stated community is an important dimension of CVCC, and he is looking forward to everyone being back together again so that sense of loss community can be regained.
Cynthia stated she had questions about counselors and faculty remaining safe in their offices when hosting students. John stated faculty who feel comfortable doing that may certainly continue, but the College can provide larger spaces if necessary. He stated he still cannot imagine anyone not getting the vaccine but that doesn't mean concerns will not be addressed as they arise.

Jim stated, given the small size of the faculty offices, maybe they could be allowed to continue to have virtual office hours which would eliminate some of their concerns. Kris stated the flexibility of offering office hours based on schedules has been discussed and thinks Cindy and Jason have emailed the faculty about what is available which includes tabletop barriers. Kris stated some requests have been made for signage (such as “Welcome, please wait here” or “One student at a time.”) so people won’t randomly walk in their office. Kris stated the Reopening Taskforce wants to be able to provide what aligns with people's level of comfort.

Sarah reported, as a whole, she thinks the part-time staff are looking forward to getting back to a more normal routine and appreciates all of the efforts made to keep everybody safe.

Raylene reported she feels some classified staff are skeptical and then some are ready to come back to Campus. She stated she (and several of the counselors) have been coming back on Campus trying to get reacclimated to their offices. Raylene stated she appreciates the option to use classrooms to meet with students.

John stated, at this time, the six feet social distancing is still required but hopes soon it will be decreased to three feet.
Lewis reported there is an initiative right now within the VCCS to provide incentives using the CRRSAA funds for students to get vaccinated. (He stated DHRM states no incentive can be given to employees.) He stated basically students can show their vaccination record, and at this time, the VCCS recommends a Follett Bookstore gift card. John reported the VCCS has opted not to require students or employees to be vaccinated but an incentive can be offered to students to encourage vaccinations. John stated the College is contemplating a $100 gift card to the Bookstore or an alternative gift card for food in the Student Center. He reported he is trying to bring a vaccination clinic to the Campus in conjunction with this initiative to encourage more students to get vaccinated.

David stated if anyone needs help on setting up their computers/surfaces, he advises them to come into their office prior to July 6 to ensure the Help Desk is available to help. John asked David to send out an email to encourage people to do that.

Cynthia stated, beyond the actual policy, can faculty encourage students to stay home if they are sick? She suggested this be communicated during Convocation, through the AVPs, maybe including some information in syllabi. John asked Jim his thoughts on this. John stated there is a form that all students will be required to sign, attesting to the fact that they won't come to Campus if they're sick or display any symptoms which is a very personal individualized nudge to remind students. But maybe some sort of generic nudge in a syllabus would add to that and complement that individual form. Jim stated he feels another syllabi attachment or adding to the syllabus will receive a pushback from faculty as there are four or five different required syllabi statements already. John stated he can certainly mention this at Convocation. Jim stated he talked face-to-face with his students last year concerning the ethical responsibility of not bringing the virus home, not transmitted it to family or grandparents who are at high risk and to other people who might be at high risk. He stated he felt it did a pretty good job of ensuring that the students felt the responsibility.
John stated he wanted to discuss enrollment and reported CVCC is surging at 12% increase for the summer and has the highest increase among any college in the VCCS right now. He stated admittedly that is partly due to the precipitous decline that was experienced last summer but the enrollment this summer is still way ahead even of the 2019 summer. John stated this is a positive sign, and all the more so, since the fall enrollment usually follows the summer enrollment. Raylene reported she has met with students who are saying they are excited to be back in class. She stated the first thing many are asking is if their classes are in-person.  John stated it will be interesting to see how in-person compares with virtual classes.

David reported Ed McGee does not recommend the Zoom classroom software that he had planned on using. He stated Sheri Prupos says the Zoom Room software can’t be used, and he doesn’t know if the basic Zoom software will work. David also stated, in addition to the software challenges, many of the components are backordered especially the 86” interactive displays. He stated he hopes it all works out but right now it's a little challenging. John asked how will this work in terms of the schedule and in terms of actually offering the courses in that format. David stated, as of now, Cindy has two different sections that was combine into one class but either the student is in- person or synchronous.

Elizabeth stated she wanted to add to the enrollment discussion. She stated she had asked Kimberly French at their Title III staff meeting what she thought could be contributing to the increase in summer enrollment. Elizabeth stated Kimberly felt because of CVCC having so many virtual offerings, a lot of students from four-year institutions are taking a class to get caught up before the fall semester. She stated it seems the College’s market has expanded which is something that could be revisited next year by offering some additional virtual opportunities in the summer. Elisabeth stated this might help with enrollment in the future as well. She stated she just wanted to add her thanks, this is the time of year with Title III, where all data is gathered and sent over to the external evaluator. She stated Cynthia has learned SAS and was able to pull all the administrative data that was needed for the Title III.

John stated this meeting should not end without talking about Muriel. He stated, there was no doubt she was earning her salary here at CVCC but she is really earning her salary at DCC. He stated Muriel is facing some challenges, but she is exactly what DCC needs now.

The meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, June 28, 2021.
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