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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
November 1, 2021
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the October 4, 2021, meeting were approved as written.  

Attendees: Lewis Bryant, Kris Ogden, Chris Bryant, Randall Franklin, William Wilkerson, Elizabeth Narehood, David McGee, Jim Tuite, Raylene Cope, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
As of 11/01/2021 Fall 2020 Fall 2021 % Change
FTE 1,950.07 1,906.40 -2.29%
Headcount 3,367     3,472 +3.12%

Consent Agenda Items:                          
Public Relations and Marketing Proposal
A committee proposal was made to add the Coordinator of Business Partnerships for the CTE Academy as a permanent member, since this person is responsible for marketing this program.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved this request.
Agenda Items: 
Academic Calendars for 2022-23 and 2023-24 (OGDEN)
Kris presented the proposed academic calendars for 2022-23 and 2023-24 for approval.
David McGee made a motion to approve the calendars as presented with Jim seconding.
The motion carried unanimously.   
Revision to the Scale for Administrative Evaluations (FRANKLIN)
Randall requested to revise the scale for administrative evaluations to show a five-point scale which is strongly agree-5, agree-4, neutral-3, disagree-2, and strongly disagree-2. Also used is excellent-5, good-4, average-3, fair-2, and poor-1. Kris stated the original six-point scale (excellent, very good, good, fair, unsatisfactory, and n/a), came from the VCCS model.
William made a motion to revise the scale as presented with David McGee seconding.
The motion carried unanimously.   
Speed Limit Request (WILKERSON)
William reported he would like to change the speed limit from 25 mph to 15 mph on the road that is in front of the Appomattox Building. However, he stated he had received conflicting information as to who owns the road. The President’s Cabinet decided to table this request until he has a definitive answer on the ownership. There were several suggestions to install flashing lights and additional signage on the crosswalks to make sure drivers are aware and slow down when students are crossing.  
Interim Vice President for Student and Academic Affairs
Kris reported this is November 1 and is the first day of spring 2022 enrollment. She also reported that Lisa Pannell has been hired as the Dual Enrollment Outreach Specialist and Nadine Greene-Hicks has begun working today as CVCC’s new Community Connections. Kris stated the student activities coordinator and a navigator to support the G3 students are in the process of being hired.  
Kris gave a “shout out” to Raylene for all the October Fall Fridays.
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Lewis reported in finance there was a deadline on October 29 with Shared Services as they are converting the eVA (Virginia's online, electronic procurement system). He stated this was happening very quickly and with the projects (discussed at the last Cabinet meeting) several items have been pushed through such as a table for the anatomy program, digital dissection table, machine shop for eight lathes (saving $25,000 a year for maintaining the old lathes), and order with Gropen (a company in Charlottesville) for the College’s exterior signage.
Lewis stated John Rocha and his team have been repairing several sidewalks, steps going to Lot 1, and adding the speed bumps.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported the Foundation has been busy with a new year of fund-raising. He stated there were numerous grants that had been applied for and are now waiting to see the results.
Chris stated the Foundation Board meets quarterly with November being the next scheduled meeting. He also stated a retreat has been planned for the Foundation in November. He stated with a lot of talk about making community college free, the Foundation will discuss new avenues to help students. He stated scholarships are their primary way to support students with instructional equipment being the secondary. Chris stated the retreat will include what would be the Foundation’s new priority list.   
Chris reported on marketing and stated plans are for a new website and rebranding of the College. He stated the College has a contract with a Roanoke company called Access who will lead this process.
Campus Police/Security
William reported a police patch has been added to the Police Department’s door, new patches will be added to the police uniforms, and new stripes have been added to the police cars. He stated he felt the branding of the Police Department needed updating. He stated the parking signs will be replaced in the future.
William also reported the current weapons will be upgraded to 9 MM weapons in the few months.  He stated the purchase of body worn cameras is still in progress and is thankful the level of communication from Shared Services has recently improved. He stated, with the help of Lewis, four AEDs (automated external defibrillator) have been purchased.
Raylene recommended a doorbell be installed on the outside of the police doors to be used when there are no dispatchers on duty. William stated he will look into this.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported November 10 is the go-live date for Avature which is the new onboarding software. (This will replace SilkRoad.) He stated there will be training for hiring managers next week. Randall reported the hiring managers will have more involvement in the new hires with this new software.
Randall stated a flu shot clinic here at CVCC is being scheduled for Friday, November 5.
Randall reported his office is busy with hiring employees such as Clare Jones and Tim Anthony for IT. He stated the Applications Support Engineer and the part-time IT help desk (evening) positions have been reposted. Randall stated the English faculty position closed this past Friday, HR position is closing today, and getting ready to post an IT faculty position.
Project Director of Title III Grant
Elizabeth began her report by stating she is excited to have Nadine Greene-Hicks as CVCC’s new Community Connections and looking forward to the Applications Support Engineer position being filled. She stated, until that position is filled, any Navigate questions should be address to Evan Abatecola.
Elizabeth stated her office conducted a Navigate Branding Campaign for the first time this fall in partnership with EAB. She stated they have great marketing materials which highlighted some of the services in Navigate for students to access. Elizabeth reported they received a good response from the students who stated they liked the “study buddy” tool. She stated one area that she is concentrating on is the MALL and working with faculty and Student Services to get students referred to the MALL and to get the students to actually go to the MALL.
Elizabeth reported she is conducting a MALL survey for the external survey and is trying to visit as many math classes as possible to promote the Mall and get student feedback to improve the MALL services.
Elizabeth gave a shoutout to the Navigators as they are doing extra work this semester with Outreach.
CFAC Representative    
Jim reported CFAC is working on a new office hour policy. He stated the old policy requires a minimum of 10 hours, but the new policy removed the word “minimum” and just reads 10 hours with flexible modes of delivery. This will go to ASAC for approval.  
Jim reported he is working on the Chemical Hygiene Plan with Jeff Sydenstricker working on the SOBs for the police department. (He stated a new lab coordinator has been hired.)
Jim reported that a lot of chemicals and equipment has been marked for disposal (will be inventoried prior to disposal) and plans are to purchase a new acid cabinet.
Jim stated it is being discussed to have CPR training available for all lab faculty.  
President of the Faculty Association
David stated the faculty have been talking with Kris about the different lengths of classes this semester such as 8-week, 10-week, etc. to try and get flexibility for different groups of students.
David discussed faculty advising stating it has been discussed for many years and then it seems to be forgotten. He stated this will be a topic for the next faculty meeting.
President of the Classified Association  
Raylene reported October was busy month with the five Fall/Halloween Decoration Fridays. She stated Sarah was wonderful in all the support she provided. Raylene stated plans are to do another one for the upcoming holidays.
Raylene stated she will be contacting the Salvation Army to ask about filling Christmas stockings for them. She stated another fundraising idea was to provide Holiday-grams that people could send to each other on Campus.
Raylene reported recently about 1,200 crayon t-shirts were ordered and distributed to everyone on Campus.
President of the Part-Time Association
Sarah reported she wanted to thank everyone who participated in the decoration contest and stated she had presented the prizes to the winners this morning. She stated she will list the winners in the Daily Bulletin. 
Sarah reported Lee Tookes wanted to do a food drive in conjunction with the Lynchburg Daily Bread during the month of November. She stated donations made be taken to the library or counseling until November 20.            
The meeting adjourned at 1:49 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, November 15, 2021.
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