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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
December 13, 2021
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the November 1, 2021, meeting were approved as written.  

Attendees: John Capps, Lewis Bryant, David Lightfoot, Chris Bryant, Kris Ogden, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Cynthia Deutsch, David McGee, Jim Tuite, Raylene Cope, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
As of 12/13/2021 Fall 2020 Fall 2021 % Change
FTE 1,948.00 1,899.67 -2.48%
Headcount 3,371 3,494 +2.76%
  Spring 2021 Spring 2022 % Change
FTE 1,107.40 1,191.27 +7.57%
Headcount 1,680 1,760 +4.76%

Consent Agenda Items:
Mobile Faculty and Staff IT Equipment Policy:
This is a policy to address what kind of computers faculty and staff who are authorized to receive computers receive to do their work. They are recommending that all computers should be a mobile computer, Windows-based. Use of a Mac can be requested as an exception for instructional faculty who require a Mac for instruction needs only. (However currently there are no instructional faculty who require a Mac). They are also recommending using virtual materials vs. paper copies to reduce our carbon footprint for meetings.
The rest of the policy outlines the equipment that will be received, and it is standard for all users. (This was taken from the minutes of that meeting.)
Recommendation for VCCS E-Signature Guidelines:
The Systems Office is requiring us to have a local policy on E-Signatures. VCCS has provided a template for us to implement, and it has already gone through Legal for approval. This came through the E2IT Committee as a procedural process to get it before the College Governance Council. (This was taken from the minutes of that meeting.)
Jim made a motion with Cynthia seconding to approve these two proposals as requested.
The motion carried unanimously.
John asked for David to give an update on the multi-factor authentication (MFA) requirement. David reported due to the increase in security insurance premiums, the VCCS wants MFA to be required for students prior to March 2022 before the insurance is due again. He stated this is more of a challenge as some students do not have a smart phone and a YubiKey would have to be issued as another way to receive the one-time access code. David stated there were lots of discussion on how to issue these and who would pay for them if the key was lost. He reported the VCCS is wanting a system-wide policy on this.
Agenda Items: 
2020-2021 Carryover Funds Budget (BRYANT)
Lewis distributed and discussed the 2020-21 Carryover Funds’ proposed budget. The list had one-time expenditures as to how that money could be spent. Lewis reported the total amount of the budget is $1,539,833 with hopefully a $701,563 (undesignated) carryover for next year. 
David made a motion with Sarah seconding to approve the budget as presented.
The motion carried unanimously.   
Speed Bumps
Members of the Cabinet stated they had received complaints on the new speed bumps. John reported two of the speed bumps will be removed today to see if that can be done without disturbing the pavement below. He stated all may be replaced with rubber speed bumps but there were pros and cons to this. John stated raised sidewalks should be considered for the future. Sarah suggested a sensor to alert drivers of someone approaching the top of the steps. Lewis stated there may be a need for more broader participation on the Safety and Security Committee in the future to discuss items such as this.
CFAC Representative
Jim reported the College is moving forward on a chemical hygiene plan with a draft document being created as to whom is responsible for what. He stated, Matt Swanson the new lab coordinator, is working on this.
President of Classified Staff Association
Raylene reported the College successfully participated in the Lynchburg Christmas parade. She stated the gingerbread house that was used in the parade has been relocated to the Student Center. 
President of Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff have a holiday social planned for this week. She stated this will be a “bring your own lunch” event.
John reported it was decided the annual holiday social would be canceled for this year. He stated instead a “grab-and-go” lunch has been planned for Monday, December 20.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported a small grant from the VCCS will provide a “grab and go” food box distribution which is planned for students on Thursday, December 16.  He stated the boxes will be assembled during the morning on Thursday. He stated a second event (for students and community) will take place on January 17, 2022, which is Martin Luther King Day.
Project Director of Title III Grant
Elizabeth reported work continues on trying to increase student MALL participation for this semester. She also stated an intake survey was implemented in the Navigate system for all new students to take. She stated information was gathered as to preference for course delivering mode, how many students are working, and what their needs are. She reported the data will be shared with the steering committee this week.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia reported the draft of the Strategic Plan has been updated and she will meet with a group across Campus on Friday for their suggestions. She stated the results of the QEP survey will also be discussed. She reported she had attended a four-day SACSCOC conference and stated it was one of the best she had attended.
Cynthia also reported the research analyst position will close soon.
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kris reported she is looking toward spring semester and stated for in-person classes, rooms are scheduled at capacity minus two to allow for correct distancing. She stated if overloads are requested more sections will be added.
Kris reported that Spring Convocation will be in the same format as fall with in-person and virtual sessions.  
Kris reported associate instructors (can teach up to 18 hours) will be hired this spring. She stated two English, one political science, one IT, one childcare, and one math faculty will be hired.  (John stated hopes are these positions will become permanent in the future.) Kris also reported a new navigator has been hired.
Kris stated Mary Zoccola will be retiring March 1, 2022.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported those (about 30 people) receiving a service award this year will be given an extra $100 in this week’s paycheck. Randall reported Dr. Mickles will celebrate her 50th anniversary this year.
Randall reported CVCC has been notified of several past employees that have passed away recently-Bob Seward and Peter Hamner.
The meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, January 10, 2021.
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