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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
January 24, 2022
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the December 13, 2021, meeting were approved as written.  

Attendees: John Capps, Lewis Bryant, Chris Bryant, Kris Ogden, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Cynthia Deutsch, David McGee, Jim Tuite, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
As of 1/24/22 Spring 2021 Spring 2022 % Change
FTE 1,682.40 1,707.80 +1.51%
Headcount 2,778 2,968 +6.84%

Consent Agenda Items: None

Agenda Items: None

CFAC Representative
Jim reported he had several Campbell County Early College students who refused to wear a mask in his class that was taught at the Vo Tech Center. (Campbell County Public Schools announced on Friday that the district would be following Gov. Youngkin’s executive order and allow parents to decide whether their children will wear masks in school.) Lewis stated CVCC’s lease with Campbell County states that all Early College students will abide by the procedures and policies of CVCC. Kris stated the students have signed a ‘CVCC Student Health Agreement’ which requires them to wear a mask. Jim stated he had discussed this with Cindy Wallin, and she was going to talk with Clay Stanley, Assistant Superintendent. John stated the faculty could move all their classes to virtual if necessary.
John stated the speed bumps have been removed and will be replaced by rubber ones. William stated there has been no decision concerning lowering the speed limit to from 25 to 15 mph.
Jim reported a chemical hygiene plan has been written but before he brings it to the President’s Cabinet, he needs to review it.  
Jim also stated there are problems with purchasing the necessary technology needed for the Hi-Flex Classrooms. He stated the E2IT Committee will meet tomorrow to discuss this issue about what can be done to get the maximum output to the students. Lewis stated grant-funded items must be received for purchase before 90 days from now. He reported, in February, a year’s extension can be applied for and if granted, will provide the time to purchase what is needed.     
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia distributed the outcomes of the QEP Topic survey and stated there were 32 participants. She stated unfortunately no definitive topic resulted. Cynthia stated she will be reviewing the Performance-Based Funding to see if that will help to define the topic.
Cynthia also distributed the timeline of the Reaffirmation that she discussed at Convocation. She reported that she has been accepted as an observer to an off-site visit to a college in North Carolina. 
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported on the rebranding and the College’s website overhaul. He stated everyone wants this to be a good representation of how CVCC serves current and prospective students. Chris stated hopes are to have the rebranding complete by May as this is graduation time and the beginning of fall and summer enrollment periods.
John stated the survey that asked for preferences of the proposed logos revealed that the four choices each received about 25% of the votes.
President of Faculty Association
David had nothing new to report.
Vice President of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported the budget holders received a memo that all M&O funds must be spent by March 4. He stated originally the eVA conversion was to take place from October 29 through Christmas but was changed to March 4 through the end of the year. Lewis stated with all the extra funding and projects CVCC has going on, this didn’t leave much time to complete the orders. Lewis stated there was some flexibility with local funds, professional development reimbursements, and this did not affect travel. He stated the eVA orders need to be submitted prior to March 4.
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kris reported summer enrollment will begin March 1, and fall enrollment will begin April 1. She stated Workforce and Fast-Forward programs will publish their fall enrollment by April 1.
Kris discussed an issue with the T-Mobile hot spots used by students that were deactivated but hope that has been resolved.  
President of Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff social on December 16 was a success. She stated Raylene had spoken with her on planning another social in March.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported the weekly mandatory COVID testing is no longer required. He stated HealthWorks will continue to provide employees with testing if they feel ill or possibly exposed.
Randall reported political science, engineering, and a classified staff position have been posted.
Project Director of Title III Grant
Elizabeth reported Debra Crews has been hired whose primary focus will be supporting the EAB Navigate application.
Elizabeth reported the Steering Committee met in December to discuss an intake survey that was implemented in the Navigate system for all new students to take. She stated information was gathered as to preferences for course delivering mode, how many students are working, and what their needs are. Elizabeth stated about 75% of the students are working which shows many are juggling several responsibilities.
Elizabeth reported Nadine Greene-Hicks, Community Connections Coordinator, has been very busy working with the students.
Campus Police/Security
William stated he had nothing new to report.
John stated he had nothing new to report.
President of Classified Staff Association
Raylene was absent.
Vice President of Information Technology
David was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, February 7, 2021.
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