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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
February 21, 2022
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the January 24, 2022, meeting were approved as written.  
Attendees: John Capps, Lewis Bryant, Chris Bryant, Will Sandidge, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Cynthia Deutsch, David McGee, Jim Tuite, Raylene Cope, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
Data As Of Yesterday (2/21/2022)
  Spring 2021 Spring 2022 % Change
FTE 1,729.67 1,709.53 -1.16%
Headcount 3,050 3,094 +1.44%
Consent Agenda Items: None
Agenda Items: None
John began by discussing news from the General Assembly and stated one proposed item from the VCCS is funding for the nursing program, which CVCC does not have. He stated there was a proposal for additional funding for navigators.
John stated one item of interest is the proposed salary increases. He stated former governor Northam proposed a 5% increase but that has been modified by both the House and Senate.
  • House proposed 4% increase with a 1% bonus
  • Senate has retained the 5% with a $1,000 bonus
John reported lab schools have attracted a lot of interest in the General Assembly and around the state.  He stated details are vague at this time, but it seems there may be a possibility to transfer the Early College and the CTE Academy into a lab school which would have a lot of state support for student tuition. John reported a lab school is closely related to charter schools and are associated with a college or university. 
John reported Lewis met briefly last week with the architects, and the College is right on track with the renovations.
John stated Chris has accepted a position at Tidewater Community College, and Will Sandidge will be serving as interim until the position is filled.
Vice President of Facilities and Finance
Lewis reported, each week on Teams, Kingsley Chukwu posts “The Open Encumbrances Vendor” report. He stated this is a good tool for all budget managers to review the report to see their account balances. Lewis stated the Budget MO report for the periods ended January 31, 2022, was posted earlier in February, and the December 31, 2021, report was posted earlier in January.  He stated Kingsley posted these to the Microsoft Teams Channel monthly for budget managers to use in managing their budgets.
Lewis reported on the Amherst/Campbell renovations and stated there is just enough budget to complete the detail planning which will allow the College to move to the next phase. He stated the goal is to complete the detail planning phase by August 2022. Lewis stated since the original meeting in 2019, six offices (that were originally classrooms) have been added. John stated this is the result of the redistribution of the student population that shows more students are taking classes online.
Lewis reported projects for this year include updating the master plan and updating the GLTC contract. He also reported the ionization air purifiers have been ordered and should arrive next week. He stated the fabric on the entrance wall in Merritt Hall is in the process of being replaced by drywall.
Lewis stated a letter will be mailed tomorrow requesting a one year no-cost extension until May 11, 2023, of the funds received by the American Rescue Plan Act.
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia distributed the outcomes of the QEP Topic survey and stated there were 32 participants. She stated unfortunately no definitive topic resulted. Cynthia stated she will be reviewing the Performance-Based Funding to see if that will help to define the topic.
Cynthia also distributed the timeline of the Reaffirmation that she discussed at Convocation. She reported that she has been accepted as an observer to an off-site visit to a college in North Carolina. 
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chris reported on the rebranding and the College’s website overhaul. He stated everyone wants this to be a good representation of how CVCC serves current and prospective students. Chris stated hopes are to have the rebranding complete by May as this is graduation time and the beginning of fall and summer enrollment periods.
John stated the survey that asked for preferences of the proposed logos revealed that the four choices each received about 25% of the votes.
President of Classified Staff Association
Raylene reported the Classified Staff met last Tuesday and stated several staff are retiring or have retired this year-Marc and Mary Zoccola, Barbara Thurston, and Vickie Banks.
Raylene reported planned for the first week of April is more fun days named the “Last Fling of Spring.” She stated more of the crayon t-shirts will be distributed and faculty and staff will be asked to wear them on Friday of that week. She stated the second week of April will be a tie dye week, and hopefully everyone will have a chance to dye their own shirts. Raylene reported the third week will be neon week which will include an egg hunt for students and one for faculty/staff. She stated the last week will be beach or luau week and everyone should wear Hawaiian style shirts or dress.
Raylene stated the Classified will be partnering with the Part-Time Staff during the spring break for a board brush.
Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Chris began by stating it has been his honor to serve here at CVCC and looking forward to this next opportunity.
Chris reported on the logo rebranding and a new website which is to be completed by May 2022. He stated it was wonderful to have the funding for this project and will take a team effort to complete.
Chris reported on the Foundation Board growth and stated three new members have been added which include Amy Ray, Emily Robinson, and Treney Tweedy, and there are three more potential members. He stated a quarterly Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday.
Will stated he appreciated the opportunity to be the interim for Chris’ position and looked forward to working with everyone. 

President of Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah discussed the board brush activity that is scheduled during spring break with the Classified Staff.
Sarah reported, for the remainder meetings this year, the focus will be on community building and possibly include a potluck.  
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported on March 1, 2022, students logging on to “my CVCC” will be required to use Multi-factored Authentication (MFA). He stated, to get the message out to all students, Michael Farris has created videos and sent emails. David reported if students do not have cell phones, they can receive the code from their personal email. He stated dual enrollment students will have a graphic image to use.
President of Faculty Association
David stated recently the Association approved the new Distance Education policy manual. He also reported the association will begin to work on a policy regarding faculty posting student averages on a consistent basis. He stated some faculty post the average when they post the final grade.
Campus Police/Security
William stated several investigations are going on of which he has informed John.
He reported lots of training is scheduled for this week. 
Project Director of Title III Grant
 Elizabeth stated progress reports are coming out today to inform faculty about the more streamline alerts which have been added to try and improve communication between faculty and students. She stated there will still be a full-stream of ad hoc alerts available.
She stated the food pantry is now available, and 19 students have already used it. She stated the pantry now has a swipe card purchased with Title III funding that shows how many students are using it and what they are taking which will help with the restocking. She stated Nadine coordinated a food drive last week and volunteers packed over 200 bags to be given away to the Jubilee Center, Martin Luther King, Jr. walk, satellite centers, and still some in the food pantry.
Elizabeth thanked the Education Foundation for a grant for the MALL to purchase punch cards with rewards as an incentive for students to receive tutoring.
Elizabeth reported she is working on the annual report that must be submitted by mid-March
Dean for Institutional Effectiveness & Planning 
Cynthia reported an introduction and overview meeting of the schedule for the College’s SACSCOC reaffirmation will be held on Thursday. She stated this will be for establishing the general organization of the standards of accreditation and the process of delegating areas of responsibility for writing the compliance report. 
Cynthia stated for the QEP work continues to identify the topic. She stated two topics that are being reviewed are math success in gateway courses and advising.
Cynthia reported the strategic plan has been updated, finalized, and was presented at the Board meeting last week. She stated the plan has been posted on the Institutional Effectiveness SharePoint site.
Cynthia stated she sent out the budget item prioritization request forms to the department managers. She stated the lists are due back to her on March 18.
Cynthia stated she is still in the progress of hiring a staff member for her office. She also stated, on March 22, for four weeks, students will be encouraged to participate in the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). She stated it is important to hear from the students as to their experience here, and it is also important for the College’s reaffirmation. Cynthia reported there will be lots of emails, through Canvas, and through texting to encourage students to complete the survey.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported on the Search Advocate training and stated now there are 15 who have completed the training with 4 more having signed up.
Randall stated he will be submitting the list (around 25 staff) of equity increases to John this week which will be effective retro to January 10 of this year if approved.
Randall stated HR remains busy with job postings and screening process. He stated now the jobs must be posted in two separate online locations.
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kris was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 1:57 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, March 7, 2022.
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