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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
March 21, 2022
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the February 21, 2022, meeting were approved as written.  
Attendees: John Capps, Lewis Bryant, David Lightfoot, Kris Ogden, Will Sandidge, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Cynthia Deutsch, David McGee, Jim Tuite, Raylene Cope, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
Data As of Today (3/21/2022)
  Spring 2021 Spring 2022 % Change
FTE 1,737.20 1,715.07 -1.27%
Headcount 3,112 3,129 +0.55%
Consent Agenda Items:
Agenda Items: 
Budget Calendar and Update (BRYANT)
Lewis distributed and discussed the state budget calendar for 2022-23 which is listed below. He stated the General Assembly did not come to agreement on the budget for the upcoming year. Lewis stated they will have to meet again in a special session (no date has been set) to decide the amount of state budget the colleges receive. Lewis stated the amount CVCC needs to operate for next year is known, and an extension was approved to carry over Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) funding. He reported the $1 million lost revenues built in for this year can be used for this upcoming year.
CVCC 2022-23 State Budget Calendar
  • Approval of budget calendar 3-21-2022.
  • Submit wage budget data to departments for input and recommended changes.   2-25-2022
  • Submit operating budgets to departments for input and recommended changes.  3-4-2022
  • Develop draft adjunct faculty budget and share with president’s cabinet for input.  3-7-2022
  • Discussion of enrollment forecast used to build budget with president’s cabinet 3-7-2022
  • Submit draft local accounts budget to budget owners. 3-31-22
  • Receive VCCS Preliminary Resource Distribution Model to providing revenue estimates.  Adjust fringe benefits and input funding estimates.  (Estimated within 30 days of completion of General Assembly Special Session 2022 – Budget and approved state budget)
  • Receive VCCS Validated Resource Distribution Model to validate revenue.  (Estimated within 30 days of VCCS Preliminary Resource Distribution).
  • Present Budget to Presidents Cabinet June 20, 2022
  • Approval of Budget by VCCS Governing Board Before July 30, 2022
David Lightfoot made a motion with Jim seconding to approve the CVCC 2022-23 State Budget Calendar as presented. The motion carried unanimously.
Lewis discussed the adjunct faculty budget and stated for this current year it is $2,436,000. He stated the estimated expense for this fiscal year based on the previous year is $2,352,000. Lewis reported for this year, he increased the estimate amount by 5% which resulted in $2,470,175. He stated the fall 2021 enrollment was about even compared to the previous year and for spring 2022, it looks like it will decrease about 1% compared to last year. He stated, for fall 2022, he predicts the enrollment will remain flat. Jim questioned the amount of demographic drop in enrollment. Lewis said the K12 enrollment has dropped for some time and feels that will continue. John reported CVCC has fared better than most of the VCCS colleges in enrollment. He said there are too many uncertainties and variables to predict what next year will be.
David McGee made a motion with David Lightfoot seconding to approve the adjunct faculty budget as presented. The motion carried unanimously.
Cougar Classifieds as a Channel within the Cougar Community Team (LIGHTFOOT)
David stated many years ago, CVCC created a Cougar Classifieds’ email address which was an opt-in distribution list where items were listed for sale, e.g. tickets to events. He stated that there had been no emails sent from this list in quite some time. There was also a discussion concerning state resources being prohibited for private gain usage.
David McGee made a motion with Lewis seconding to delete the Cougar Classifieds’ distribution list. The motion carried unanimously.
John reported the VCCS has a new chancellor, Russell A. Kavalhuna, current president of Henry Ford College in Michigan, who will take office July 1, 2022. John stated this has all taken place despite the request of Governor Youngkin for the board to appoint an interim and restart the hiring process.
John reported the second round of equity increases for 24 full-time staff has been completed at a total of $75,000.
John questioned if anyone had encountered any issues with the expiration of the mask mandate and was pleased that no one had.
Raylene asked what the survey results were concerning the choices of logos. John reported there was no clear consensus on the new logo survey. He stated he asked ACCESS (the company CVCC is using for marketing, graphic design, and creating the new website) to make the recommendation for the new logo. He stated CVCC went with their recommendation. 
Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia reported the SACSCOC onsite visit is schedule for October 16-19, 2023. She stated the 2023 fall break will be rescheduled as it coincides with the onsite visit. 
Cynthia stated the QEP is part of the reaffirmation process, and “Student Success in Math Gateway Courses” has been selected as the topic of the QEP. She reported a meeting was held last week with the math department to discuss the topic. Cynthia stated the two QEP co-chairs are Elizabeth Narehood and Beth Shelton.
Cynthia stated she is in the process of creating the Steering Committee along with trying to project some of the sub-committees by looking back at the last QEP. She stated she will meet with Kris and John, and then send out invitations for anyone who would like to be a participant on the steering/sub-committees. She stated the goal is to have one or two meetings with the steering committee before the end of the academic year.
Cynthia discussed the budget requests and stated they were due on Friday, and she will then begin working on the budget prioritization.
Cynthia discussed the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) Survey and stated that will begin tomorrow. She stated she has been working with Ed McGee to create a Canvas shell as well as through Navigate to promote the survey. She stated incentive packages of gift cards and bookstore items have been purchased or were donated to encourage students to participate in the survey. Cynthia stated a three-credit class give-away for either summer or fall was donated by the Foundation.  
CFAC Representative
Jim reported a quote was received from BioRAFT (chemical inventory) for setup and ongoing subscriptions for software which he passed on to Lewis. He stated various offices have been identified to be responsible for different functions. Jim reported this allows the College to begin to craft a plan. He stated a draft has been created but now responsibilities and recommended training can be added. Jim stated in the Professional Development Committee meeting, there were discussions about recommending for some positions to have first aid and CPR training which can be done here at the College.
Jim stated they are trying to identify free training resources for chemical and biological safety. He stated he will be contacting VaTech as they have a very robust program to see if CVCC can have access to their training resources.
Jim stated plans are to have a solid working draft of chemical safety and hygiene to be completed by April.
Project Director of Title III Grant
Elizabeth stated the annual report for the Title III was submitted on Monday.
Elizabeth reported Nadine Green-Hicks has planned a CVCC Vibe Fest on April 23 from 12 p.m. – 4 p.m. which is focused on mental health and is looking for students and staff to participate in the poet or spoken word. Raylene reported Horizon Health will be there, and coloring tables, rock painting, pound fitness, and yoga will be available,   
President of Part-Time Staff Association
Sarah thanked Raylene for coordinating the “Board and Brush” event. She stated everyone had fun and plans are to schedule another one in the summer.
Sarah reported March Madness with Career Services is going on this week and next week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the Student Center. She stated there will be about 56 employers here at CVCC over those four days.  
President of Classified Staff Association
Raylene reported April is Spirit Month at CVCC with the first week being CVCC week, second will be tie dye week, third will be neon week, and fourth will be luau week.  
Vice President of Finance and Facilities
Lewis reported a request for a parking fee increase of $.50 per credit hour will be made to the local Board on April 27. He stated the increase will be used to fund parking lot repairs and paving.
Lewis stated to offset the increase in parking fees, the student activity fee will be decreased by $.50.
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kris reported she agreed with Lewis’ estimate of enrollment being flat but moving towards fall the goal is to beat that projection. She stated some of the projects that hopefully will increase enrollment include an Open House on Campus in conjunction with the Vibe Fest, and Machine/Tool and Quality is hosting an event with BWXT. She stated a new non-credit class such as Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) will begin in Lot 3 on Monday.
Kris reported an Excel Training for Professionals class that will be taught here on Campus was open to 10 employees who quickly took advantage of this opportunity.
Kris thanked David L. as the transfer to student MFA went smoothly.
Vice President of Information Technology
David stated CVCC’s website will now feature students without masks.

The meeting adjourned at 2:11 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, April 4, 2022.
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