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Minutes of the 
President’s Cabinet Meeting 
May 2, 2022
Minutes Approval: 
Minutes of the April 4, 2022, meeting were approved as written.  
Attendees: John Capps, Lewis Bryant, David Lightfoot, Kris Ogden, Randall Franklin, Elizabeth Narehood, Cynthia Deutsch, Jim Tuite, Sarah Jarrett, and Dianne Sykes

Enrollment Report: 
As of Today, May 5, 2022
                                Spring 2021               Spring 2022                          % Change
FTE 1,733.33 1,702.07              -1.80%
Headcount 3,120 3,101               -0.61%
                             Summer 2021               Summer 2022                     % Change
FTE 429.87 383.13               -11.10%
Headcount 1,137  975               -14.25%
Consent Agenda Items:
Notifying Students of Grades (Faculty Association)
It is the responsibility of all faculty to keep their students informed of their grades and class standing on a timely basis. This should be done through the college's course management system (at this time, Canvas). At a minimum, faculty must notify students of their current grade (can be estimated if needed) one week before the withdrawal date and one week before the first date of final exams.
Jim made a motion with David seconding to approve the request as stated.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the “Notifying Students of Grades” Policy.
Agenda Items: 
Approval of the Compressed Summer Schedule (FRANKLIN)
Randall stated he was seeking approval from the Cabinet to allow the College to work a compressed 4 ½ day summer schedule (four 9-hour days and ½ day on Friday) during the period of Friday, May 13, 2022, through Thursday, August 11, 2022. Employees are required to obtain approval from their supervisor and/or vice president/dean to work the summer schedule.
Randall made a motion with Cynthia seconding to approve the compressed summer schedule as presented.
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the compressed summer schedule as presented.
John reported there has been abuse discovered concerning some employees living close to CVCC taking advantage of the virtual workday and that was not the intent of the policy. (His email dated March 10, 2022, read “Unfortunately, the cost of gasoline has reached an all-time high, creating undue hardships for those of you who must commute long distances to the College. To respond to that dilemma and to help mitigate your fuel costs, we have decided to adopt a temporary work schedule that will afford employees with more flexibility in their schedules and allow them to reduce the number of days they must travel to work.”) John stated the College is trusting supervisors to make informed judgements that valuable work can be performed at home. Jim stated some jobs cannot be done from home such as security and grounds maintenance. John didn’t think one would assume the virtual day would always be the same day each week. He stated the supervisors need to step in and usurp their authority. Kris asked why not close the Campus on Friday. She stated she felt the virtual day has been well received. The Cabinet discussed if an employee needed to come to Campus on their virtual day, they will be required to do so. Kris stated she thought this needed to be conveyed to the Campus. David stated he told his group as long as there were students on Campus, they could not all take the same virtual day.
John requested that Lewis look once again at the possibility of a stipend for adjuncts who must drive to all campuses. Jim stated he will reach out to CFAC to see what the other 22 colleges to see what if anything they are doing to compensate their adjuncts. Lewis stated that when this was previously discussed, the adjuncts did not like the fact that travel reimbursements for gas must be handled through Shared Services.
The President’s Cabinet decided to continue with the virtual day in some form for the summer to see if the gas prices increase or decrease, and if they have decreased by fall semester, business would return as usual. It was also decided, if an employee needed to come to Campus on their usual virtual day, they will be required to do so.
Vice President of Finance and Facilities
Lewis stated he spoke with the Amherst/Campbell renovation architect and should be receiving the green light from the VCCS soon to begin moving forward. He stated he had some drawings that he will share with the Cabinet soon to see if there are any changes needed such as additional staff offices.
Lewis stated a carryover budget was approved in October which was to fund the new website, marketing, and machine shop equipment. He reported, at this time, most of this has been paid for.
Lewis reported there is no state budget approved at this time. He stated hopes are to have the similar state money and tuition money as last year.
Lewis discussed the new signage and said everything has been submitted that was needed. He hopes the project will be completed next fiscal year.
Director of the Title III Grant
Elizabeth reported an express registration was held this week in the Student Center to help with summer registration. She stated several reasons summer enrollment is lagging is that some students are excited to be able to take vacations again and some are waiting to see what their spring grades are before moving forward. Elizabeth stated she had heard a lot of the offerings this summer are virtual, and students prefer to be in the classroom. (Kris stated she was not aware of students not enrolling because of offerings being mostly virtual.)
Elizabeth stated Chris is doing a great job with the MALL seeing a 50% increase in students served. She reported Chris has even been traveling to the dual enrollment sites to help with tutoring.  
Elizabeth reported Nadine did a great job in pulling together all the community partners for the Vibe Fest.  
Elizabeth reported she has been doing some work on the fund-raising component of Title III partnering with the Education Foundation where a dollar-for-dollar match can be done. She stated she has been working with Will, Catherine, and Jack on this.  
Elizabeth stated she and Beth Shelton will be serving as co-chairs on the QEP steering committee and reported they have had their first meeting.
Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Kris reported Patti Saffioti’s retirement party will be held on May 10. Kris stated Patti’s job duties have been reassigned. She reported Ed McGee, along with Distance Education, will also be the coordinator of instructional technology, tutoring and media services, testing center, and the library. She stated the MALL and Writing Center will report to Cindy Wallin and the career coaches, navigators, Veteran Services, and Mickey Paige will report to Michael Farris. Kris stated Sarah Jarrett will be under Jason Ferguson so she can work more closely with Workforce and partnerships.
Kris reported both open houses were huge successes and well attended.
John reported Muriel has her interviews today for the DCC president’s position.
Campus Police
William reported both part-time dispatchers have retired/transferred, and he is hoping to replace them with a full-time dispatcher.
William stated, during COVID, tabletop exercises could not take place. He stated he emailed those on the Incident Management Team (IMT) to inform them of the training that they are required to take. He stated he would like for this to be completed by May 31, 2022.
William reported he hopes to hire a full-time police officer which would eliminate two part-time positions.
Director of Human Resources
Randall reported open enrollment begins May 2-16, 2022. (John stated you can complete the health awareness test and receive a discount.) He discussed the fitness policy and training which touches on alcohol and drug abuse, but also mental health issues and stressors will begin in the next few months. 
Randall stated, since last mid-summer when the hiring freeze was lifted, 130 employees have been hired which included 10 full-time faculty, 24 full-time staff, 42 adjunct faculty, 55 part-time staff and work studies, and several more hirings are in progress. He stated all of this was accomplished because of the great team here at CVCC.
CFAC Representative
Jim reported a safety and chemical hygiene working draft that consists of a 126-page document is complete. He stated since he is retiring, he added Lewis as the first author, Randall as the second author, Matt Swensen (lab coordinator) and police department. He stated he worked with Piedmont Community College as their plan seemed to match what he was trying to create here at CVCC. Jim stated he has worked with Matt to create training quizzes in Canvas.  
John thanked Jim for all his hard work on this as it was not part of his job description.
Jim stated his retirement date is May 16.
Vice President of Information Technology
David reported work continues on the new website and completion date is planned for June 13. David stated he is working with facilities on the new room scheduler (Aster Scheduler) as School Dude will no longer be used as of July 11.
President of Part-time Staff Association
Sarah reported the part-time staff will hold its meeting in-person for the first time in a couple of years.
Sarah reported on the recent online Career Fair and stated she had 67 candidates attending with 42 employers. She stated the in-person March Madness Career Fair had 66 employers. 
Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Cynthia discussed reaffirmation and stated the working group has been meeting regularly and just had their third meeting. She stated she has been providing examples of standards to committee members to support the group work.  
Cynthia reported she along with four others will be traveling to Orlando in July to attend the Summer Institute.
Cynthia reported, Michelle VanVliet, is the new Research and Assessment Specialist. 
Cynthia reported lots of surveys have closed which included the 360, graduate, CCSSE, and several more. She stated about 25% of the students completed the CCSSE survey.
Cynthia reported she is working on the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) report and has been working closely with the VCCS to resolve the validation errors. She stated this will be of great help to the other VCCS colleges.
President of Classified Staff Association
Raylene was absent.
President of Faculty Association
David was absent.
Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Will was absent.
The meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m. with the next meeting scheduled on Monday, June 6, 2022.
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