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Agenda Approvals

President’s Cabinet Agenda Item Approvals
The President’s Cabinet Unanimously Approved:
CVCC’s Information Security Policy
Combining the retirement luncheon with the Social Committee’s Spring Luncheon, and designate funds for departmental retirement celebrations
The Outstanding Administrative Faculty, Outstanding Faculty, Outstanding Full-Time, Outstanding Part-time, and Learning Environment Awards presented by the Employee Recognition Committee be increased to $1,000 and the Employee of the Year Award to $1,250.
Guidelines for College Retirement Functions
Retirement practices are the responsibility of the department or division from which the employee retires. Division or department heads may make recommendations to the President if any commemoration is appropriate. Retirement receptions should be held on campus so that as many employees as possible will be able to attend. The college may provide funds up to but not exceeding $250 to defray the cost of the retirement reception.
​12-14-15 ​Inclement Weather Policy
​2-29-16  50th Anniversary Celebration (BRADFORD)
The President’s Cabinet discussed ideas as to how and when to celebrate CVCC’s 50th Anniversary. Mike will establish a committee to decide which direction to take the celebration.
Recommendations from the E2IT (LIGHTFOOT)
David read the following recommendations from the E2IT Committee:
Discontinue use of transparency projectors effective with the beginning of the fall ‘16 semester and replace the functionality of the transparency projectors with document cameras as required. 
a.      The decision will be communicated via email and in the daily bulletin during the spring ‘16 term.  The communication will inform the faculty members of the need to communicate the need for a document camera to IT before the end of the spring ‘16 term to allow time to procure the document cameras. 
Begin the discontinuance of VHS playback effective the beginning of the fall ‘16 term.  
a.      This discontinuance includes:
a.      Communicating this to faculty via email and in the Daily Bulletin during the spring ‘16 term. 
b.     Identifying the VHS titles in the library and determining which titles warrant replacement in digital form.  This should be completed during FY ‘16 and the new digital content purchased prior to the beginning of the fall ‘16 semester. 
c.      Since many of our classrooms have VHS/DVD players and we can’t afford to convert all the classrooms to digital next fiscal year, the recommendation includes leaving the VHS playback capability in the rooms until the units no longer function or the room is upgraded to digital.
d.     The communication to faculty should state that VHS playback is no longer a CVCC standard.  If the classroom has VHS playback, the faculty member is welcome to use it, but it is no longer a service that can be requested.
 The College currently licenses LastPass for all faculty and staff.  The recommendation is to reduce licenses to only those that desire to use it which will reduce licensing cost.
​4-11-16 IT Security Policy
The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the IT Security Policy as written.  
​5-23-16 Web Redesign (LIGHTFOOT)
David showed a preview of the College’s web redesign and asked for the Cabinet’s approval before presenting it to the College community.
The plan condenses the reports presented by the committees/ad hoc committees to be used in the College’s planning for improvements. This plan can be found on Communication Central.
​​7-18-16 CVCC’s Revised EOP (Emergency Operations Plan) (DOVE)
The EOP was approved.
​7-18-16 New Web/Email Address for CVCC
The President’s Staff unanimously approved to be the new web and email address.  
​8-29-16 Improving Students’ Experiences at CVCC
The President's Cabinet discussed ways to improve students' experiences at CVCC.
​10-24-16 Approval of the 2017 Holiday Calender
The President's Cabinet approved the 2017 Holiday Calendar presented by Randall Franklin. The calender will later be placed on the HR section of our website.
​11-07-16 Presentation of FY 2017 Budget
Lewis Bryant distributed a proposed budget of which the President's Cabinet approved.
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