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Professional Development Committee 10/24/12
  1. Main discussion item was allocation of professional development funds for 2012-2103 school year.
  2. $75,000 has been provided for this year.
  3. Last year’s plan was fine, but allowed for unequal distributions
    1. There was no accounting of the fund dispersal
    2. Requests were granted above the $325 amount
  4. Committee agreed on the following:
    1. 50/50 split of funds between faculty and classified staff.
    2. This worked out to approximately $660 for faculty and $440 for classified staff.
    3. Funds must be requested by March 1, 2013, and used by June 15th
    4. After March 1st,  and before June 15th, funds will be allocated above the established levels on a case-by-case basis, with justification required.
    5. An annual allocation methodology will be established.
  5. The committee shelved plans for a committee to determine reallocation of leftover funds.
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