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Professional Development Committee 11/27/12
  1. Discussion items included:
    1. Focus on short term goals, i.e. disbursement of this year’s funds
    2. Focus on long –term goals after this year’s disbursement has been finalized.
    3. The need for more guidelines this year.
    4. Reimbursements above the initial $660/$440 levels.
  2. Division deans volunteered to head up guidelines for this year’s reallocation of funds
  3. Determining what constitutes professional development led to the following list of activities:
    1. Conferences
    2. Classes in discipline
    3. In-service/brown bag lunches
    4. Professional organizations
    5. Peer group meetings
    6. VCCS opportunities
    7. Webinars/MOOC
    8. Research in discipline
    9. Research and publication
    10. Training
    11. Service-related activities
    12. New course development
    13. Professional certification
  4. Also discussed were ways CVCC supports professional development. Thes included:
    1. Money
    2. Release time
    3. Information distribution
    4. Technical support and facilities
    5. Encouragement/incentives:
  5. The committee approved a proposal to divide into two groups with separate tasks.
    1. The Deans’ committee will focus on reallocation of unused funds
    2. A second committee will continue to define professional development and help formulate policies regarding professional development.
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