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Professional Development Meeting 1/29/13
The main purpose of the meeting was to work on the two main issues facing the committee:
  1.  Methods of disbursing left over funds after the initial sum (approximately $660) has been allocated. There is a March 1st deadline to petition for these funds.
  2. Formulating a permanent plan/template for disbursing professional development funds at CVCC. Ideas discussed by this subcommittee were:
    1. Division of funds into 2 pots.
                    i.      First would be a fixed amount annually. It was felt that a fixed amount rather than a percent of the total amount available would give the recipients a more concrete idea of the amount they could expect, and plan on, each year.
  1. A second pot of the remaining funds would be for distribution on a case-by-case basis for those professional development opportunities  above the fixed amount disbursement.
              i.      A method fro distribution needs to be established.
              ii.      It was felt that this should include feedback to the college in some form. This could be very subject specific, or of interest to the whole college.
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