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Professional Development Committee Meeting March 12, 2013
The Professional Development Committee met as scheduled on March 12th to discuss progress on the distribution of funds for this school year.
Of the $75,000 allocated for professional development this year, $7,418 in request for funds had been processed to date, and $44,303 in requests had been submitted, but not yet processed. That means that, as of the March 1st deadline, $23,283 of the funds had not been requested.  This would mean that all requests would be funded and the remaining funds would no longer be available.
The funds requested for the current year represent an increase over those requested for the previous year and may be taken as a sign that faculty and staff are becoming more familiar or comfortable with the request procedure. It was also felt that there was still work to do to make the procedure known to more of the faculty and staff.
A system is still required in the near future to prioritize funds over the basic $600 basic allotment. A suggestion was made to analyze current requests by category to determine allocation of future overages.
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