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Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 1 p.m.
Professional Development Team Meeting
Attendance:  Susan Rush, David McGee, Paul Forrest, Deborah Bauer, Will Sandidge, Peter Dorman, Francie Dye, Tim Wilhelm
It was first and second, accepted and agreed that Paul Forrest would serve as program chair for one more year. All present voted yes to accept Paul Forrest as chairperson.
Deborah Bauer volunteered to be the secretary for the year. All present voted yes to accept Deborah Bauer the recorder.
It was first and second, that we would use the same plan as last year for divying out the funds for program development since we do not have the time to develop a new funding policy. There will be a 50%/50% split of the $75,000 between all fulltime faculty and staff. All present voted yes to accept this allocation.
Two subcommittees were created, one the Permanent Fund Development Policy committee headed by David McGee and the other a subcommittee on what funding amounts to use for professional Development headed by Susan Rush. Susan will pull together hourly rates for Masters and PhD programs at UVA, VA Tech, JMU, VCU, Radford, and ODU and have ready for the first subcommittee meeting. All present voted yes to accept these two chairpersons.
There will need to be someone to work with Irene Wheeler to develop what constitutes Professional Development for SACS.
Deborah Bauer
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