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Tuesday, October 22, 2013, 1 p.m.
Professional Development Team Meeting
Attendance:  Susan Rush, David McGee, Paul Forrest, Deborah Bauer, Will Sandidge, Peter Dorman, Francie Dye, Tim Wilhelm, Dennis Phillips, Cynthia Lofaso, Teresa Ranson, Kirk Gomes, Jeff Laub, Kimberly French
Irene Wheeler is working on SACs and needs the Professional Development component complete. Looked at two drafts, one presented by Irene Wheeler & one presented by Paul Forrest.
From the discussion, it was concluded that there needs to be in place some kind of record keeping in order to prove to SACS this Professional Development work occurred. For now, we will use the online paper forms we have been using in the past. Will is going to ask Cat and Vickie to look at their documentation to see what training has been paid for this last year. A survey will be created by Will and Cynthia to send out to all faculty to accumulate what Professional Development training has occurred for SACs documentation.  This form will be emailed to Paul to send to all committee members for corrections and approval then an email will be sent to all fulltime faculty to document what has been attended. After this year’s information is collected, a Kim will talk to Will Perez in IT about creating an online form to put information into a database so that the information is available immediately online for anyone to see especially SACS.
Will brought up that we need to document what funds the Adjunct faculty get and what training they take. Paul will look at the 1996 documentation to see what was specified in the past. The committee will have to decide if the Adjunct fill out the same form as the FT faculty.
The funding per credit was discussed and it was decided we would use the same credit per hour as Virginia Tech. Credit hours would be reimbursed but not fees. There is to be a 5% of total funds cap put on reimbursing funds for classes. Susan Rush moved that we accept these changes, it was seconded and unanimously the vote was passed.
The committee will work this year on rewriting the Professional Development funding policy to take effect next year.
Deborah Bauer
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