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Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 1 p.m.
Professional Development Team Meeting
Attendance:  David McGee, Paul Forrest, Deborah Bauer, Peter Dorman, Dennis Phillips, Kirk Gomes, Jeff Laub, Jane Pearson, Francie Dye, Jim Lemons, Will Sandidge
Paul Forrest presented the group with a final of the Central Virginia Community College Professional Development Policy & Handbook for review for additions and corrections.  Dr. Jim Lemons asked if on page 5 under Professional Development Activities whether New Course Development could also include the purchase of software and hardware (iPad, etc.) for a class. The consensus was that this would not be defined and the division heads would make the call when to include those purchases and see if the President approves the purchase.
It was moved by David McGee that the Policy be accepted as written and second by Peter Dorman. All those at the meeting approved the policy.
It was discussed that Linda Daye would send out the policy to all classified staff and Peter Dorman would send it out to all faculty with the same date for either approval or disapproval for the policy so that all votes come back at the same time. Linda and Peter will forward any comments for changes to Paul Forrest as the comments come back from the voting. This policy then would go before the Governance Council for approval. Once approved by the Governance Council Paul Forest will get with John Poole to have this document and all linking documents posted to the Employee Manual web area and the Human Resources forms area so the document can be easily found. Paul Forrest will make sure the links in the document to the current monies being awarded is linked in the document and on the web site as well.
Paul Forrest asked if there was any old business – none
Any new business – none
The meeting was adjourned.
Deborah Bauer
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