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Tuesday, April 15, 2014, 1 p.m.
Professional Development Team Meeting
Attendance:  Paul Forrest, Peter Dorman, Kirk Gomes, Jeff Laub, Jane Pearson, Francie Dye, Jim Lemons, Will Sandidge, Cynthia Lofaso, Tim Wilhelm, Ro Putz, Deborah Bauer
Paul Forrest reported that the new Professional Development Policy went before the College Governance Committee (CGC) two weeks ago this Thursday and was accepted. Will Sandidge reported that the President’s staff also approved the policy.
New Course Development was stricken from Professional Development Activities per request of the Professional Development Committee. The CGC (College Governance Committee) and the President’s staff accepted this change as well.
Annual Assessment of Individual Professional Development Goals – a faculty person asked about the APPDO being approved in time for the March 1 deadline for request of Professional Development funds. It has been accepted that the policy will be changed to reflect that “deans will meet with faculty to discuss approval of the APPDO by January 31”. The faculty has to submit to their respective deans by Dec 31 and with the deans approving by January 31 this gives plenty of time for the March 1 deadline. Will Sandidge said for Paul Forrest to send this change to him and the change would be approved and that this change did not need to go before the CGC or President’s staff.
At the CGC, the part time staff and adjuncts are requesting funds for Professional Development. Will said there was no room in the budget for the 2013-2014 year and this would need to be discussed further for next year. Ro Putz will take it back to the part time staff that the adjunct faculty needs to be included in their request for funds.
Jim Lemons asked if a grant or grants could be found to fund the part time staff and adjunct faculty Professional Development funds.
It was next decided that the group would state goals for next year’s Professional Development Committee and pick a President and Secretary as well.
After much discussion, the following was decided:
Goals for 2014-2015 for Professional Development:
1.    Define a policy used to determine the equitable allocation of “leftover” funds from the Professional Development Funds.
2.    Allow funds for one or more larger conferences a year on a rotating basis so faculty or staff can attend. Make a separate parameter for the possibility of larger budget for Professional Development Requests will above the original allocated amount. (e.g. $4,000 request for a conference)
a.      This be a competitive process for requesting the funds.
b.      The funds be given out on a rotating basis (given to faculty or staff member would not be eligible on an annual basis).
c.       Shared benefits requirement of approval.
3.      Identifying other potential sources of Professional Development funds.
Jane Pearson was elected President for next year and Deborah Bauer will continue on as Secretary.
The meeting was adjourned.
Deborah Bauer
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