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Tuesday, September 9, 2014, 1 p.m.
Professional Development Policy Committee Meeting
Jane Pearson, Peter Dorman, Jim Lemons, Will Sandidge, Tim Wilhelm, Cathy Sanders, David McGee, Loretta Marshall, Julie Daily, Rebecca Honeycutt, Deborah Bauer, Jim Bell (Guest)
Old Business
1.      Jim Bell explained the function of the spreadsheet that was developed for the purpose of tracking the distribution of professional development funds for faculty and staff.
2.      Remove the word will in front of the above on second page out of the April 2014 minutes; minutes approved as corrected. Deborah will fix this on Communication Central.
3.      The Professional Development Policy & Handbook is to be posted to the Employee Manual per March 2014 minutes – Will Sandidge will see that this is done.
4.      Goals for 2014-2015 for Professional Development (April 2014 minutes)
·         Define a policy used to determine the equitable allocation of “leftover” funds from the Professional Development Funds.
·         Allow funds for one or more larger conferences a year on a rotating basis so faculty or staff can attend. Make a separate parameter for the possibility of larger budget for Professional Development Requests above the original allocated amount.         
a.      This be a competitive process for requesting the funds.
b.      The funds be given out on a rotating basis (given to faculty or staff member would not be eligible on an annual basis).
c.       Shared benefits requirement of approval.
·         Identifying other potential sources of Professional Development funds.
New Business
1.      Discussion regarding equitable distribution of funds included:
·         The possibility of there being a competitive process for requesting the funds.
·         Funds be distributed on a rotating basis (faculty or staff member would not be eligible on an annual basis).
·         Shared benefits be a requirement of approval – how this benefits the professor, the students, and CVCC.
·         Faculty/Staff must make presentation at CVCC regarding this conference.
·         A department using funds beyond professional development funds ( i.e. departmental budgets)
Jim Lemons stated that the Professional Development Policy (1987) had provisions for allocation of funds. He will see if he can locate that policy.
A subcommittee (Julie Dailey, Tim Wilhelm, Jane Pearson) was asked to present a recommendation regarding this to the next scheduled meeting.
2.      David McGee stated that Mike Bradford had about $10,000 for Professional Development funds that were not used last year. Applications for these funds have to be submitted directly to Mike.
3.      Jim Lemons suggested HR send out a request for a Yes/No answer as to whether faculty or staff will be requesting Professional Development funds so we get a realistic number of those who plan to use the allocated funds.
4.      Rates for reimbursement of tuition funds are based on VA Tech rates for both faculty and staff. There is a limit to the amount of funds and the number of credit hours per year.
5.      Will Sandidge announced that the allocation of funds for 2014-2015 will be about $72,000.
6.      Jane Pearson suggested we take down the Professional Development Blackboard site and just have the Communication Central site. This was agreed to by all.
7.      Will Sandidge asked that committee members email Jane for suggestions of how to improve the process of disseminating information about the Professional Development funds.
8.      David McGee is attending the VCCS Professional Development meeting and asked for questions for the committee. Jim Lemons asked that faculty be allowed to take up to 6 credits for free at any VCCS school and not just their home school.
9.      Next meeting is Tuesday, October 21.
The meeting was adjourned.
Deborah Bauer
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