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Central Virginia Community College
Professional Development Policy Committee
Minutes: November 25, 2014
Attendance:  James Lemons, Catherine Sanders, Tim Wilhelm, Amir F. Arabi, Rebecca Honeycutt, and Deborah Bauer
The meeting of the Professional Development Policy Committee scheduled for November 25, 2014 did not have enough people to make a quorum therefore approval of minutes were deferred to the next meeting. There were a few corrections to the September 9, 2014 meeting minutes suggested and detailed below.
First discussion was the September 9, 2014 meeting minutes. Suggestions for changes were:
a.       Old Business item 4 a change to “This is to be a competitive process”
b.      Old Business item 4b change to “The funds will be given out” and reword the information in parenthesis as it does not make sense as stated
c.       Old Business item 4c change completely to “Additional funds would require approved shared benefits.”
The first question that came up before the meeting got started was made by Amir asking if the name of the committee is Professional Development Policy Committee or is it just Professional Development Committee without the word Policy in the name. James said he would look into this and find out and corrections would be made if necessary.
Announcements made:
·         Professional Development Policy & Handbook has been posted to the Employee Manual
·         Allocated funds for 2014-2015 was announced by Will Sandidge to be in the amount of $52,000
·         Jim Bell is working on the spreadsheet for fund allocations for this fiscal year
James Lemons then stated that the Goals for 2014-2015 were:
·         Define a policy used to determine the equitable allocation of “leftover” funds from the Professional Development Funds.
·         Allow funds for one or more larger conferences a year on a rotating basis so faculty or staff can attend. Make a separate parameter for the possibility of larger budge for Professional Development Requests about the original amount allocated.
New Business:
a.       Proposed policy for use of additional funds by the committee consisting of Julie Dailey and Tim Wilhelm as presented by Tim and discussion follows:
·         The questions was asked as to how the funds were allocated in the past. Jim explained that in the past everyone got an equal share of the allocated funds. Many people do not choose to use the funds therefore there was money left over. The committee was trying to find a way to reallocate those funds in a fair and equitable manner as last year one person got $8,000 and that was not deemed fair by the Professional Development Policy Committee. The sub-committee worked on a policy to reallocate the remaining funds in a fair and equitable manner.
Amir asked if the funds in the past were allocated on a first come first serve manner and James said yes, but one person wound up getting $8,000. James went on to say that the sub-committee consisting of Julie and Tim worked on a policy to reallocate those funds in a better manner. James stated that the committee was looking at a policy to allocate funds on a rotating basis for a conference or staff above the initial allotment and what the cap would be on those funds.
Tim made his presentation showing that we have funds of $52,000 this year giving $26,000 to faculty and $26,000 to staff. The faculty would split this by 71 employees giving $366.19 initial allotment and the staff would split their amount by 87 employees giving $298.85 initial allotment. By using an email from HR to determine how many employees would be utilizing these funds we could get better numbers for the initial allotments.
Tim then went over the new form to apply for the left over money stating that one form would be filled out for each request and on the form for one request items A through F would be checked off and filled out that applies for that particular request. Tim also noted that the people getting the funds would have to do some sort of shared benefits back to the college on the information they gained.
Rebecca requested that the wording of “funding for the prior fiscal year” be changed to “funding for prior fiscal years” as someone who has never requested funds should be given consideration over someone that had the monies the year before.
Rebecca asked for clarification that one form would be filled out per event that funds were being requested and that the items A-F would just apply to that one event. So if someone wanted to attend two different conferences they would fill out two forms.
Rebecca also asked for clarification that on the items A-F that as many of those items that applied to that event could be checked off but that the person would only have to give one presentation not a presentation per A-F items. The answer was yes, the person just gives one shared benefits presentation.
Tim noted that to help with the initial funding HR could send out a request to see how many people will use the initial funding so we know how many to divide the money by as in the 71 faculty and 85 staff. James said a survey would do this then we would have a better number for dividing the initial allotment.
Amir asked what happens to the money not used and James said it is all used but any money not used would be lost and not roll over to the next year’s Professional Development funding.
Amir asked how to insure someone is not asking for more money than they need and James stated that vouchers have to be turned in for all expenses including travel and lodging.
Amir asked if personal time spent working could be reimbursed and James said that personal time is not reimbursed.
Amir asked if the funds are paid in advance and James stated the funds are paid after vouchers are received after the event unless the college is paying the registration fees which can be paid to the vendor in advance.
Amir asked if research is reimbursed. James stated that only expenses for software or equipment, for example, are reimbursed if approved. James stated that as long as he has been at the college, time has never been reimbursed.
Amir asked if publication expenses are reimbursed if approved and Tim showed him on the form where publication expenses can be recorded.
Amir asked if you have to apply every year for these funds and the answer was yes that no requests carry forward.
b.      It was suggest by James and the committee that an email request to be sent out by HR asking who will participate in the initial allotment of Professional Development Funds so we can get the number of people to more accurately allocate the initial funding.
c.    James stated that discussion regarding whether to give funding to part time faculty or staff  
       would have to be tabled until we had a quorum but that there were so few funds this may not
       be possible at least this year. James suggested looking at other areas such as grants to get
       funding for part time people.
Submitted by: Deborah Bauer, Secretary
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