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Central Virginia Community College
Professional Development Policy Committee
Minutes: January 26, 2015
Attendance: Loretta Marshall, Julie Dailey, James Lemons, Tim Wilhelm, Jim Bell, Amir F. Arabi, David McGee, Catherine Sanders, Rebecca Honeycutt, Jane Pearson
The meeting was called to order by Jane Pearson, Chairman and the minutes of November 25, 2014 were approved as read.
Funds for professional development for 2014-2015 are in the amount of $52,000; $26, 000 allocated for faculty and $26,000 for staff. Jim Bell updated the spreadsheet for distribution of funds.
Julie Dailey and Tim Wilhelm presented the New Proposal – Additional Professional Development Funding. Much discussion ensued.
A suggestion was made by David McGee that one form be used for original money request as well as for addition fund request. Julie Dailey put forth the motion to vote on the use of one form for all Professional Development funding or to use the “old and proposed new form.”
Six (6) members voted to maintain 2 forms and three (3) members voted to combine the forms. Both forms will be used.
After much discussion it was decided that a subcommittee, David McGee and Rebecca Honeycutt, would develop an alternate proposal for distribution of funds to be considered at the next meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.
Jane Pearson, Recorder
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