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Central Virginia Community College
Professional Development Policy Committee
Minutes:  September 10, 2015
Attendance:  Loretta Marshall, Julie Dailey, Catherine Sanders, Jane Pearson, Cynthia Lafaso, Deborah Bauer, Lauren Calloway, Charles Poff, James Lemon, Linda Mallory
The meeting was called to order by Loretta Marshall, Chair of the Committee, and the minutes from the April 14, 2015 meeting were approved with one minor change regarding attendance at that meeting.
The goals for the upcoming year, which were developed by the committee members at the final meeting last year, include the following:
1.  Evaluate Teaching Squares for possible adoption at CVCC
2.  Explore and create campus-wide professional development opportunities
3.  Increase the effectiveness of communication between the committee and the college so that faculty and staff are aware of the professional development funding policies
Loretta Marshall asked that we table goal number one until David McGee could be present to address this program’s requirements. The committee members agreed to this proposal.
In a discussion of the remaining two goals for the upcoming year, Jim Lemons stated that while both goals two and three are critical, that he thought goal number two should take precedence, as goal number three was easier to achieve.  Committee members agreed with this suggestion.
Discussion Related to Goal Two:
Cynthia Lafaso informed the committee that she is a CVCC representative for the Regional Center for Teaching Excellence and is currently in planning meetings to develop three regional activities for professional development for the current semester.  One of those activities is to be held here at CVCC.  In addition, six regional activities will be planned for next semester. 
Julie Dailey suggested that we create a survey to find out relevant topics for faculty, staff, part-time staff, adjuncts, and administrators to find out which areas are of interest for this committee to pursue in addition to those offered by the Regional Center for Teaching Excellence. Loretta Marshall volunteered to create the survey to identify professional development needs in conjunction with a sub-committee to include Cynthia, Peter, Julie, Deborah, and David McGee.
Lauren asked what our budget for professional development was and Loretta explained that we have to find ways to provide professional development activities through grants, the VCCS, or other sources as we have no money allotted for these activities.  The money allotted through the budget is for individuals at the college to use their initial allotment amount, and then apply for additional professional development funding.
Discussion Related to Goal Three:
Linda wanted to know how to find the information for obtaining professional development funding. Last year this committee developed the policy and template to be used for Professional Development Funds for the current academic year.  That data is in the Faculty Handbook, and also on the web site for Human Resources.  However, a discussion followed that many were unaware of those developments and could not access the policy or template. Another sub-committee was created to develop an informational email to be sent to all personnel to advise them of the appropriate links for easy access and also the deadline dates for funding applications.  This sub-committee includes Jane, Dr. Lemons, Charles, Lauren, and Cathy.
Both sub-committees will present proposals at the next meeting.
Jim Lemons presented a proposal that he has already discussed with Dr. Christopher Lee, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for the VCCS.  Dr. Lemons’ idea is to expand free courses for professional development starting with reciprocal agreements among colleges in the VCCS for employees at respective VCCS colleges.  His intent is to expand that agreement to other state supported colleges and universities throughout the Commonwealth. as a way to provide additional professional development opportunities at no cost to the recipient.
Loretta announced that the next meeting is to be held on October 20th.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm
Julie Dailey, Recorder
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