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Central Virginia Community College
Professional Development Policy Committee
Minutes:  October 20, 2015
Attendance:  Loretta Marshall, Julie Dailey, Catherine Sanders, Jane Pearson, Mark Zaccola, Lauren Calloway, Rebecca Honeycutt, Charles Poff, James Lemon, David McGee, Gary Reynolds, Peter Dorman, and Linda Mallory
The meeting was called to order by Loretta Marshall, Chair of the Committee, and the minutes from the September 10, 2015 meeting were approved.
 In a review of the 2015-2016 Professional Development budget, Loretta Marshall said that she has not yet been given a firm dollar amount for Professional Development Funding for the current academic year and will report to the committee when the amounts are verified.
Discussion Related to Goal Three: Increase the effectiveness of communication between the committee and the college so that faculty and staff are aware of the professional development funding policies:
  • Jim Lemons reported that he has sent an email to Dr. Christopher Lee, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources for the VCCS, regarding professional development opportunities for employees of VCCS colleges to take courses offered at other VCCS colleges with no cost to the participant.  To date, Dr. Lee has not yet responded, but Dr. Lemons said that he will follow up on this email later this month when he meets with Dr. Lee.
  • Dr. Lemons and Jane Pearson provided a guide to finding links for the forms required to request professional development money and provided the committee members with a handout of how to find the links as developed by their subcommittee.  Currently, Professional Development funds and tuition reimbursement form requests are located under a link at the Human Resources page.  The form for Additional Professional Funding, that was approved last year, can be found in the Employee Manual.
    • Current link for Professional Development and tuition reimbursement funding: CVCC>Contact>Human Resources>Forms>Educational Assistance and Continuous Learning Request>Professional Development Request
    • Current link for Additional Professional Development at the CVCC web site: Professional Development Policies:  CVCC>Faculty and Staff>Resources>Employee Manual>Employment Policies and Information>Professional Development     
  • Committee members discussed the fact that many could not find the forms easily, if at all.
  • With that in mind, two suggestions were made to increase communication among employees of CVCC and provide everyone with information on professional development opportunities:
               1.  David McGee suggested that at Spring Convocation, the Professional Development Committee present a short program on current CVCC policies and the forms used to      request professional development money.  This suggestion was approved by the committee
               2.  Dr. Lemons suggested that he and Loretta Marshall meet and prepare a plan to insure that all three forms are located in one place at the CVCC web page. They will work           with the IT Department to facilitate the creation of this new link. Then, an email will be sent to all employees of the college explaining the professional development policies,    providing the link for the forms required to request this funding, and also include the due dates for submission.  The committee members approved this suggestion.
Discussion Related to Goal Two: Explore and create campus-wide professional development opportunities
Loretta Marshall presented a survey created by members of her subcommittee, to be given to all employees at CVCC.  The purpose of the survey is to find out if employees are aware of professional development opportunities at CVCC, in what areas they want to focus their training, and other issues or concerns they have related to the current professional development funding policies.  With much discussion, the committee decided to send their individual suggestions for revisions and input to Loretta via email where she will compile a new survey that meets these needs.  Loretta and Lauren Calloway will finalize the survey after all email edits/corrections/additions are presented by committee members.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm
Julie Dailey, Recorder
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