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Professional Development Committee
January 29, 2016
Present: Loretta Marshall, Peter Dorman, Rebecca Honeycutt, Linda Mallory, Cathy Sanders
Governance Council recommendations were discussed. The following were proposed:
1.       Build awareness of the Professional Development web page.
2.       Expand the professional development budget.
3.       Ask the administration to define the purpose of the professional development fund.
Is it to advance the mission of the college or is it a benefit? If two separate objectives, then have two funds. Also, allow funds to accumulate and be used every two or three years.
Loretta asked for suggestions to improve the professional development web page. Committee members will look at the page and give feedback.
It was suggested that as a committee we look at the professional development policy in the employee handbook. Some of the information is inaccurate and needs updating.
Meeting adjourned.
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